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  1. Perfect, works. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Morning all. I run a small mental health charity website and something we have found over the years is that when our community post and get a lot of topic views, but no or very few replies they take it personally. So we have always hidden the number of topic views from the forum index page in the 15 years we have used Invision. We only just updated to v4.5.4.2 and in the new version/theme I can no longer find the relevant piece of code I used to modify to remove the views. IPS support won't help or even point me in the right direction so I am throwing myself at your mercy in the hope someone can give me the heads up. I used to do it by simply removing that bit of code, but I now realise a much easier way to do it might be to modify the CSS to display none, but I can't find the actual relevant CSS class to display none to. Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Hi, I purchased and installed this earlier, but it doesn't actually process any of the roles, deleting users or moving them no matter what information I entered. I am on 4.3.3 Can you please check (or refund). Thanks.
  4. I added 4.3.3 yesterday and enabled the Twitter emoji (when did smilies become emoji??? - I digress)โ€ฆ Work fine on the desktop, but on mobiles I find scrolling through them is sluggish and stutter making them unusable so had to revert to my original custom ones which are fine. Couple of users have reported the same when using the Twitter ones. Anybody else finding?
  5. Thanks Daniel, I was trying that, but it always shows no results, so not sure if I was doing something wrong.
  6. I am not sure if I am imaging this, but years ago I thought I was able to mass delete users that had not logged in since a set date, but I don't seem able to find that functionality in 4.3.3. Is that something you can do by default within the ACP? In short, because of GDPR I want to mass delete all users who have not logged in for at least two years.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but does anybody know how to remove this annoying people tagging feature?
  8. I am told by support that the new @ username tag feature can not be removed. The problem with this is it is allowing people to be constantly harassed on a forum, even in a nice way with people begging them for replies to their posts. Please donโ€™t try and be social media, please try and stay what you excel at, a forum. This is a step backwards if this is mandatory and not an optional ACP feature. Ashley.
  9. Hello, in the new update where do we change the new custom date formatting for the forum?
  10. In v3 when searching for a member you could type their username or email addy in the search field and it would bring their details up, nice and easy to use and fast for multiple sewarching. But in v4.1.12 of the Members tab of ACP, the only searchable field for members is the username, so to search for email address involves having to click the gear icon and then using the email addy field within that. Is it possible to change the default members field search from 'username' to 'username and email address' like before?
  11. Thank you so much Adriano. After 10+ years of using IPB forum software that's the first time anything like this happened, and the fact people could see our hidden mods forum is a major issue for me. But this link you provided does explain it and in my case the patch seems to have resolved.
  12. Good evening all. Hopefully this is not going to affect anyone else, but this evening I was making a group permissions edit and the software 4.1.12 reset all permissions for all groups to enable everything. Which meant for about five minutes until I noticed banned users, guests etc could view everything, including hidden moderator forums. I assume this is a problem with my database rather than the software, but until I hear back I wanted to suggest all users double check their settings if they have tinkered in the group permissions today.
  13. The mobile theme for v4 is brilliant, since upgrading last week my users have found browsing on the mobile devices much easier now. One question posed and one that I have found to be valid is that on the mobile theme when looking at the forum/topic lists the last poster name does not show. Now that is fine if the last poster is a regular user with a unique profile pic, but many of our users are guests with a default profile image, so other than clicking the post we don't know who made the last post. So my question is, can this addition be added at all? I appreciate the space is limited on that right hand side of the mobile view, but what about adding a text line under the replies number with something like 'Last post by XYZ'. Is this a major rewrite or can this be easily done by editing the theme? (I don't know how, so I am hoping someone did it, and would be willing to share the code change). Thanks, Ashley.
  14. Just to add to this, I have also had the same problem when trying to edit my menu (v4.1.12). Seems to be a bug.
  15. Does anyone know where this configuration is in the ACP I am unable to find it.
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