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Simplified theme to be used when community embedded by iframe

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I'll be working on a project in a few weeks which would require parts of the community to be embeddable on an external site. They should be able to do basic actions such as registering, logging in, reading topics and replying to topics all within the iframe on the external site. The height reserved for the iframe on the external site should be dynamic and change whenever the height of the embedded page changes. 

My idea thus far is to solve this by asking them to include an iframe on the external page. I'll obviously be adding a Content Security Policy so the community can't be included everywhere. 

My initial thought on the approach to do this would be to create a separate page or pages on the community where I add the required elements one by one/create the templates/CSS/javascript etc. from "scratch". So for example the URL for the iframe would be:


However, I'm starting to think that a better apporach might be to solve this by creating a very simplified and stripped down theme optimized for iframe-embedding. That theme would then be used automatically when the community is embedded in an iframe and/or when a certain URL-parameter is added to the URL, for example: invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458426-critical-resource-updates/?display=iframe

Which approach would you recommend, and do you have any other tips or things I should be aware of?

I'm just sort of in the phase of thinking a bit about it in the back of my mind, so any pointers and hints on the best ways to approach and develop this, and the tools to use, would be appreciated! 


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