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  1. Below may help Reactions per Forum Disabled 2.0.1 Marketplace By Adriano Faria
  2. sound


    @HeadStand does the below setting ultimately control all of the app newsletter sends? if( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->allow_admin_mails ) if it does then should there not be some 'warning/notice' given to a member who has signed up for a newsletter from this app but does not allow admin mails ?
  3. sound

    Mark Topic

    a possible bug when viewing a topic started by a former member now deleted guests can see the 'topic marker' button - leading to lots of error logged when spiders follow
  4. thanks but don't have permission to see the link/topic it's been empty for a fair few years now yep?
  5. am I right in saying the post_key column in the posts database table is no longer used for anything? is it ok to empty this column to reduce the size of the table?
  6. just can't find the template to edit anyone out there assist?
  7. hi all trying to tailor the 'packing note' to fit in with our store/site better have tried editing both the default and the site theme packingsheet template but any changes just don't seem to show is it possible to edit?
  8. when try to un-ignore a topic by using the 'stop ignoring' link on /settings/ignoredtopics/ page the page redirects to settings/ignoredtopics/%26page=1/ and gives a 404 and the topic remains still 'ignored' any advice to fix?
  9. Interested and looking at this as a possible purchase Though currently using the Simplemail Aws service via invision SMTP delivery Could you let me know the benefits of using your app over that method thanks
  10. as someone has already posted is it possible to get this app upgraded asp or at the very least a hack to get manually unblocking working as due to the recent google gmail issue have had to switch this app off till can unblock all the blocked gmail members thanks
  11. the reported recent gmail problems seems to be causing the app to block members accounts with gmail addresses any other way to manually unblock ?
  12. just tried it on one of my sites and doesn't appear to be showing either anyone else having this problem?
  13. think it's a block only feature add to the sidebar ?
  14. a work around is to use 'print' then 'save as pdf ' when viewing the invoice far from ideal but a work around
  15. works the same as it does for say a calendar item when the owner adds an item/product , your template app adds to the 'product description' form the custom field set up for size which once added then displays on the item/product page either above or below the product description does that help? edit added: pm'd you an example of what trying to achieve
  16. but that's not what I am asking for, am after a simple custom fields added to the product the same way as they can be added to a calendar item using your template field off the top of my head, some uses providing uniform structured fields - product types, size, country of origin, condition, etc audio files, - upload fields, once there can display/play both on the item display and the listings categories/tags/genres to me your app would open the use of nexus for ecommerce right up
  17. as far as am aware the 'custom fields' built in to nexus is for use by the customers to select types of products guess its used for admins to offer different sizes or colours etc not as a normal 'custom' type field/feature your template app does actually pick up nexus ips/nexus/package/group is an option for container type but it just doesn't seem to show up on the products Store Display form
  18. thanks for looking into this, I don't really get why the rgb function is being used if the actual variables are stored as hex would the conversion have some performance hit? , and maybe there be no errors in the validation, if it wasn't but as am a bit out my depth here I will leave this here thanks again for the effort/time in replying
  19. thanks for the reply though I may be missing something here as all the theme variables in my core_theme_settings_values table are actually stored as hex not rgb var(--theme-widget_title_font) so doesn't this call always return the same result - a hex one in my case as said apologies if missing something obvious
  20. custom fields on nexus is more to do with 'collecting data' rather than displaying fields on projects would it be a major task to get this to work with nexus?
  21. Jigsaw css validation reports 400+ errors in this nvision very own sites CSS https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=https%3A%2F%2Finvisioncommunity.com%2Fforums%2F&profile=css3svg&usermedium=all&warning=1&vextwarning=&lang=en The majority of them are 'RGB function error's eg .ipsWidget_title Value Error : color Invalid RGB function ) what is the cause of these errors? is it because invision is using hex values as the variable in a rgb function? eg color:rgb( var(--theme-widget_title_font) ); as in should the above code be color: var(--theme-widget_title_font) ; rather than rgb? It does seem that in custom.css if you use the non-rgb version the error goes away
  22. had the below email recently Mapbox is shutting down Mapbox Studio Classic Styles and Legacy Static API on November 1st, 2020. I take it that this will have no effect on invisions integration of mapbox services?
  23. runnin latest invision and version 2.1.1 of this plugin When i try to 'split' posts off a topic I get a 500 error and the system logs report Error: Call to a member function getNrTopicsForumData() on null (0) #0 /html/system/Content/Controller.php(3689): IPS\forums\hook2179::formElements(Object(IPS\forums\Topic)) #1 /html/applications/forums/modules/front/forums/topic.php(1143): IPS\Content\_Controller->_splitForm(Object(IPS\forums\Topic)) #2 /html/system/Content/Controller.php(3293): IPS\forums\modules\front\forums\_topic->_splitForm(Object(IPS\forums\Topic)).... when I disable the plugin the split post from topic works ok looking like the hook for this plugin is the cause?
  24. yep the 'follow' button is a concern for me but only on certain pages it does fit in well on topics and provides useful info/function imo on these but on the forum indexes its value I would say is limited myself make it members only on such pages and move it down
  25. Ok, understand if it was a workable choice, but what if you feel it's a flawed choice? or maybe feel it's a backward step? After all we are talking about carrying out forum admin tasks by manually quoting lengthy numbers, rather than using modern purpose built in features As said, do feel it's better suited for a plug in... imo.
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