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Hump Day: what features would you like to add to the Alerts System?

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Happy Hump Day! 🌈 

In case you missed it, we've officially rolled out 4.7.0 Beta 5. It includes our new Alerts System (which has been a big hit)! 

Read more about the Alerts System at the blog post below 👇 

There have been some pretty great ideas regarding how to use the Alerts System in the comments on that blog post. 👆 

I'd love to take the opportunity to chat with you and hear your ideas on ways we could better improve this for all. 

What are some features / ideas you have to better the Alerts System?

@Randy Calvert mentioned these in the comments on the blog post:

  • Integrate this into the warning system UI.  (Warn User, Flag As Spammer, Message, ALERT)
  • Integrate this into the forums.  For example, being able to send an alert to those who participated in a topic.  (The use case might be to notify users of something important happening when they might not be following that thread OR if a thread is getting out of hand issuing a gentle nudge to get them back in line.)
  • Allow sending anonymous messages that a member can reply to which would show in the alert section that any moderator could respond to.  (The use case might be part of the warning system of letting a member have a chance to respond to a warning, or giving a member a chance to ask questions with the moderator team.)



    @Dean_ mentioned this:


    It would be great if a button showed when you're moving a topic, so the user can press it to be directly taken to the new location of the topic.


    By the way, here is a list of updates and fixes made to the platform in the last 7 days. Nicely done, team! 👏😎

    - Changed 'member download' to output comma-separated values instead of tab-separated values to be consistent with member import.
    - Fixed some UX issues when revoking an OAuth access token.
    - Added alerts functionality.
    - Fixed an issue with 'solved' push notifications linking to a non-existent page.
    - Fixed a missing language string in member history when spam defense system applies moderation to a new member.
    - Fixed an issue where non-image attachments inserted via the editor may not download.
    - Fixed an issue where creating a downloads category with the "Keep previous versions?" Setting being disabled would result in a DB error.


    Thoughts on how to improve the Alerts System feature? Drop us a line in the comments!

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    2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

    here is a list of updates and fixes made to the platform in the last 7 days

    @Jordan MillerCould you please be a little more specific in regard to these lists. The above list seems to indicate a list of identified issues that the developers have acknowledged as being a verifiable issue warranting a fix. What is up for debate is when one could expect each of the above fixes to appear in a release.  Is it the next beta, 4.7, or in some future 4.7.x release yet to be determined? Knowing "approximate" release times helps an admin better manage issues such as workarounds or managing customer expectations.

    An issue that will be fixed next week requires an entirely different management approach than that of an issue that could take several months before being resolved.  This would also assist in the beta testing process, knowing when a reported problem is supposedly resolved the beta testers could test the fix one more time to ensure that it is fixed under a variety of different testbeds. This would really be helpful now that we have a near monthly release schedule.

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    It can depend on which part of the development process we're in when these items are posted (they're extracted directly from the change log that we post with each release).

    In a normal minor release (4.x.X) when we release the first beta, the version becomes 'locked'. From that point on we'll only include either really important fixes or fixes for issues that may have been introduced by the beta release.

    In short, if we're in the beta process, the list included in these types of topics would largely (but not exclusively) be for the following months update. If it's listed here, it's something that has been fixed and will be in a near future release.

    You should watch the release notes however for the definite list of what's included in each update.


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    • Email when you get alerted
    • Ability to view your previous alerts (and respond to them where appropriate)
    • Ability to respond to send the response pm to multiple people (though have to be careful about exposing the content of the alert to other members accidentally)

    It would also be nice if you could eg automatically (based on a checkbox or something) send an alert to the author when a topic is moved, so they are reminded to post in the right place without clogging the forum up with move links or posting in the topic.

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    22 hours ago, sound said:

    commerce alert

    monitor the invoices table so that any member with an invoice that is still pending (not paid)  after say 24/48/72 hrs  (settable option) period  gets sent an alert suggesting that they should finish the sale

    Cool idea 💡 There's a lot of ideas when viewing through the commerce lens 

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    I would like to see:

    • variables/placeholders in the content. Like the URL of the last topic of the user or the number of days since they joined. 
    • filter on the users like in bulk mail, e. g. users that have registered in the last 7 days and did not make any post
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