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  1. Great news that the suggestion is possibly percolating. Our needs as an organization are indeed for events associated with local activities in physical spaces. Hence much love for the Venue feature, too 🙂 Totally understand the online meetup scenarios, though.
  2. Not *exactly* sure what the center permission setting control but whatever it is the setting does not appear to be reliably sticky. If I uncheck a group for the center permission and save, reopening the permissions shows it checked again. Doing a similar check/save for a different permission, say Comment for Admin, the setting sticks as expected. Fantastic app 👍
  3. New one works perfectly (tested on two groups, two browsers). Thank you!
  4. Hmm, after confirming the terms page doesn't load (blank page). https://www.mysite.com/terms/?do=emailconfirmationUpdateMember&mid=78&csrfKey=long_numberic_string&wasConfirmed=1 Refreshing the page loads the following: The confirmations are logged in the ACP as expected 👍 and the block is cleared from the source page on the front end as expected 👍 4.4.3 on both Chrome and Safari.
  5. Mutt of the Month is brilliant.
  6. Any chance the attachment bug from 2.2.3 is back? I recently upgraded both forum and plugin to latest versions and lost a signature attachment like I used to before 2.2.3.
  7. I just upgraded to 4.3.6 (from 4.2). License PM sent. Tx.
  8. I have similar condition. I manually ran the location sync task and it ran once and processed 94 pins. I have since tried to rerun the sync manually with no further pins (I had maybe a thousand previously) and no log errors for the task. The task says "Not currently needed."
  9. I have a similar use case where there are membermap custom markers and pages databases that are group based by family, as well as clubs that are family based. Connecting the two is manual at the moment and requires admin intervention. Group assignment via Club membership would streamline this nicely.
  10. This is working for me so no complaint. It did take me a while to discover why it was working on one of my sites but not on the other. Just mentioning in case someone else bumps into this. On the site where I was having trouble I am the administrator but my admin account also has a secondary group applied. That secondary group is not an admin group and does not have edit profile permissions. In this case, the lesser permissions of the secondary group seems to prevent access to the application and I could not see the Edit Full Profile button. Once I removed the secondary group from my account I could see the button as expected.
    I really like this plugin/template set. I'd been struggling with what to do with a bunch of club policies and procedures and SuperDocs allowed me to put them together in a sensible and much more usable way.
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