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  1. bradl

    Auto-Role by Club

    I have a similar use case where there are membermap custom markers and pages databases that are group based by family, as well as clubs that are family based. Connecting the two is manual at the moment and requires admin intervention. Group assignment via Club membership would streamline this nicely.
  2. bradl

    Advanced Profile Edit

    This is working for me so no complaint. It did take me a while to discover why it was working on one of my sites but not on the other. Just mentioning in case someone else bumps into this. On the site where I was having trouble I am the administrator but my admin account also has a secondary group applied. That secondary group is not an admin group and does not have edit profile permissions. In this case, the lesser permissions of the secondary group seems to prevent access to the application and I could not see the Edit Full Profile button. Once I removed the secondary group from my account I could see the button as expected.
  3. bradl

    Pages SuperDocs

    I really like this plugin/template set. I'd been struggling with what to do with a bunch of club policies and procedures and SuperDocs allowed me to put them together in a sensible and much more usable way.
  4. bradl

    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Oops. *hangs head*
  5. bradl

    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Trying this out. I get a missing template error at the comment section of record display (sample) That's a capture after running the support tool and letting it disable everything and revert to a default template. Setting the database to use SuperHelp record display does not appear to call that particular template. I'm on 4.2.8.
  6. bradl

    Group Mention

    Well that was easy! Thanks for that pointer
  7. bradl

    Group Mention

    Revisiting in case there is any advance on the ability to style group mentions. Ideally, having them use the theme default or even a unique class that could be styled by custom.css?
  8. bradl

    Pages SuperQuote (Support Topic)

    Chrome & Safari on MacOS and IOS. This is "teko" on an iphone:
  9. bradl

    Pages SuperQuote (Support Topic)

    Same issue. Inspecting the page … I'm using a custom theme but tested using default with same result. For some reason while the template writes the correct choice the css import select does not seem to be effective. For now I just manually inserted a link rel to the google font in my global template head.
  10. bradl

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Loving this app. This is just feedback For myself, I’d prefer there NOT be a send sticky note link under every post (not sure what the UI name is for those bits under each post ... like Quote, Report, etc). I like having it on the create menu and on profiles etc., but don’t feel it’s necessary to be that prominent. I see stickies as different purpose than PMs. I fear that stickies might get over-used where PMs would be more appropriate. Others may disagree!
  11. bradl

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    I've never blocked anybody (yet ) so I haven't tested or anything but I'd think most users would think blocking means everything humanly possible. If there's a way to hook into the user's ignore list that would be great.
  12. bradl

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    I'm seeing zombie attachments in global stickys. I made a sticky, decided to use a different attachment, now I can't get rid of either of the attachments. If deleted from editor they reappear after save. I'm using a different numbered attachment for now, but might someday like to re-edit #1 Support clear-cache run, no change.
  13. bradl

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    All good with patch. Thanks!
  14. bradl

    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    If you PM me the patch I can also forward it to the theme designer, in case there is something that can be done for a future update.