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  1. Recently updated to 4.5 and installed latest update via marketplace etc. For some reason the All Competitions page (/index.php?app=competition) is not showing the images as it used to do. Tried default theme, couple of browsers (safari, brave, firefox — desktop and IOS) all no-go. Ran support tool, no-go. Display of entries fine; voting works, etc.. Pointer to what I've overlooked welcome 😛
  2. If available already I missed it. I would like the option to upgrade CiC storage space without necessarily increasing users. My forum is small but has some longevity so the disk storage slowly creeps up even as the active users stays fairly low and constant (not counting rogue bots) over time. I believe the last time I hit my storage limit all access to my site stopped, with no proactive warning. I am very close to my limit again and will need to increase my spend $120 more per year to get 4Gb additional media storage. I suspect my coffeemaker probably has more than 4GB memory. I am
  3. Random note: last time I deleted a photo for someone at their maximum for that competition it seemed like the count did not reset to allow a replacement photo.
  4. Possible Feature Request: Move entry. Whenever I have two contests running at the same time (for example, one monthly, one year-long) one or more folks inevitably upload their entry to the wrong contest and then ask if I can move it. Moving an entry would be a handy mod action.
  5. If I attempt to modify or even create a block based on the widget, the countdown disappears.
  6. This is probably me misunderstanding how IPS works. Sorry if this is basic IPS stuff. Often I can take a plugin widget, use it as a base for a new block, then do some formatting of the block (for example reformat text, hide the excerpt, move the comment bubble, etc.). I do that by using the base widget as a starting point and then editing the cloned code. I would like to make use of the event countdown and RSVP enhancements 👍 with some minor custom adjustments to the widget layout. I can't seem to modify the widget though. In IPS's block creator when I start the process using the
  7. Great news that the suggestion is possibly percolating. Our needs as an organization are indeed for events associated with local activities in physical spaces. Hence much love for the Venue feature, too 🙂 Totally understand the online meetup scenarios, though.
  8. Not *exactly* sure what the center permission setting control but whatever it is the setting does not appear to be reliably sticky. If I uncheck a group for the center permission and save, reopening the permissions shows it checked again. Doing a similar check/save for a different permission, say Comment for Admin, the setting sticks as expected. Fantastic app 👍
  9. New one works perfectly (tested on two groups, two browsers). Thank you!
  10. Hmm, after confirming the terms page doesn't load (blank page). https://www.mysite.com/terms/?do=emailconfirmationUpdateMember&mid=78&csrfKey=long_numberic_string&wasConfirmed=1 Refreshing the page loads the following: The confirmations are logged in the ACP as expected 👍 and the block is cleared from the source page on the front end as expected 👍 4.4.3 on both Chrome and Safari.
  11. And indeed it does :) Thank you!
  12. Any chance the attachment bug from 2.2.3 is back? I recently upgraded both forum and plugin to latest versions and lost a signature attachment like I used to before 2.2.3.
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