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  1. OH . . . somehow I thought it was a plugin, as in, within the ACP, System > Site Features > Plugins. So it's actually that same area, but Applications? And then once I go there, as that area of the ACP says "Select the .tar application distribution you would like to install," I would just select the entire downloaded .tar file, not anything that was extracted? (If you could go ahead and confirm that, as I'm a bit of a scaredycat when it comes to installing things, that'd be great, thanks!)
  2. Hi there. I feel like a total dork for having to ask this, but I just purchased your plugin. Where are the installation instructions? I've looked through the downloaded package and the download page in Marketplace, and I'm not seeing anything. I guess I could just try to figure it out, but as that might involve installing the wrong thing, I'm really loathe to do that, seems risky. So basically, plugin purchased and downloaded . . . now what? Help? Please?
  3. Hi there. I recently purchased your Easy Pages, the newer version for IPS 4.x. I attempted to follow your instructions, including looking at the examples provided on the purchase page, but those were apparently insufficient for me. I'm not seeing any additional instructions included with the package itself? But meanwhile, why I purchased it, I would very much like to create a copy of each member's profile, on a new page (an easy page), then allow them access to that when logged in. I could go into lengthy detail as to why, but I don't imagine that's interesting to anyone else, so I won't. Just briefly, I want to display some additional fields I'm going to add to the profiles but on an additional page, this does have a legitimate use for me. HOWEVER, whenever I attempt that, the format renders (I did select place within theme), but all the text is just the php code itself, as if it were typed as text. OR, if I had the settings various other ways, the URL doesn't load anything at all, blank page. I guess you could call that an error. I've experimented with the settings, I obviously could still be getting those wrong, but I either get the thing I just described (the php code renders just as text, doesn't execute anything) or nothing happens, blank page. Could you just explain to me the way I would go about this? I have a feeling I'm just trying to go about this in some wrongheaded way, and if you provided an at least brief explanation of how I'd go about this, I imagine I could get this done about 5000% more quickly. Thanks!
  4. And I'm apparently past my editing time limit, so now I'm posting again. I've since discovered a setting in the ACP, ACP > Settings > Posting . . . that explains the whole thing with the URLs, I just didn't know that was in there. (Maybe my posts here will be useful for someone else also using your plugin with some links in their header? I hope?) But other than that possibility, my entire last post can be ignored except, "This is super helpful! Thanks!" And thanks again.
  5. Hi there. This is super helpful. Thanks! I did have one question. I've employed your plugin, and edited my message both in source code and using the regular editor. I inserted 2 links to content elsewhere in the same site in my header message itself, and it seems to insist on opening those links in a new tab. The source code also features "rel="external nofollow"" inside the link code . . . which is unnecessary for me, as links actually are on the same site. Definitely not a dealbreaker, I'm going to keep using this anyway, but might there be a way for the links to not open a new tab or feature "no follow" in the code? Thanks! edited to add: OK, upon additional experimentation, if I add a link in the header message that is also within my same IPB installation, it allows me to do that without opening a new tab and adding "no follow" to the code. But if I add a link that's actually still on the same domain, but NOT within the IPB installation (a page outside the IPB install), it insists on new tab, "no follow." I edited in source and removed the "rel="external nofollow" but it just sticks it back in when I save the header message inside the plugin. (I don't guess there's a way to tell it to stop doing that? ☺ )
  6. Hi there. I've already purchased Rules, the full version, and I'm trying to do something that seems like it should be simple, but it's just not working. I could go into what I tried that didn't work, but I think it would be faster just to describe what I'd like to do and have you tell me how, hopefully? After users register for my board and validate their email address, they're in one group that requires content approval. After one item of content is approved, they are moved to another Approved group that gets more privileges. That's all working just fine, but I did that via the Groups settings. I'd just like to send another email telling the user they are now in the Approved group after that happens. And, it's not a problem with sending email in general, other emails are going out, but not that one. I tried with a few different email addresses, registration emails coming through, but nothing after that. Help?
  7. I'm still bummed there's no app from you that will do this! But I hear what you're saying, and thanks again for your reply.
  8. Wow, so disappointed! I thought somehow this would be possible with one of your products. You don't happen to have any hints or tips for me as to how something like this could actually be accomplished, do you? I mean, a little bit more specifically than just "custom programming." Is there any other way to do this other than Rules that wouldn't be massively difficult? Any other Marketplace anything or just . . . point me in the general direction, maybe?
  9. Hi there, Kevin. I've read in here that you have a number of different applications with different expansion packs, which I'd be more than happy to purchase, if I could get them to do something I'd like to do with my board. (I'm imagining this one, Rules, is more likely than Groups, but I really don't know for sure.) And I IMAGINE that's possible, because they seem to have so many features and possibilities happening. But perhaps because that's the case, I'm not yet able to imagine exactly HOW I'd get them to do what I'd like to do. I think I'd need a fairly close example or more detailed instructions. Not just to decide whether or not to purchase, but to be able to figure out how to get it working at all. Basically, I want to do some sort of member profile sort or filter that would be like what you'd imagine for a personals site. A sort, of sorts, but more complicated than just something like sort by date joined, that's the only criteria, etc. Like, some custom fields in each member's profile could be compared to those of other members, such that only a smaller subset of the entire list of members would be displayed for each member that was logged in, only their "matching" members. And then some way to display that new thing/sort/filter that was created, like a URL or a tab or . . . something. Something that could be linked to for them to click upon. I don't know if it could be something with the actual Member List in IPB (along with one or more of your apps), or . . . something else? But if it were the Member List, something that would be different for each member, only containing a smaller subset of all the members, just for them, based on their criteria/custom fields in their profile. And there would need to be multiple criteria used for the sort. Or again, if not the Member List itself, than just any other way of accomplishing something very similar, basically. Possible? Help? Suggestions?
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