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  1. No, its already cleared from that section too
  2. We have had many albums in gallery with heavy videos. Recently we have deleted many but still server space isn't being recovered. Is there any places more we need to delete these files manually? Is there any cron job setup that delete the actual files after couple of days?
    Amazing app, which should be part of core in today's day and age where email help establish lot of communication issue. Drip email is a top-end funnel for marketers and essential communication tool for active communities. Well done @rebraf for taking the lead and delivering this awesome app with good support.
  3. Also how do we stop those new products to appear in /discover - latest activity page?
  4. Thanks @CoffeeCake We would have done that, but still we don't want all our members or members who follow the store want them to get any notifications, simply because its not related to their interest.
  5. We plan to introduce new product and spend some time to setup and perfect the copy, graphics and offer. During this testing phase we don't anyone of our existing member getting a notification that we posted a new product. How do we stop that?
  6. How to either show or not to show production description under pricing text? Prefer not to, so this jittery confuse behavior saves 1-5 sec of bad impression. It's even worse on mobile devices with slower browser or internet. Please help, thanks in advance. Never knew I need to raise a "FEATURE" suggestion for this ILLOGICAL, BEHAVIOUR, BUG. WhatsApp Video 2021-06-07 at 6.24.07 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2021-06-07 at 6.24.07 PM.mp4
  7. Any update or help is highly appreciated, please. Thanks in advance.
  8. We recently activated featured product tab to show the products in store, but random loading of product is quite disturbing. How can we load products in the same sequence as they are in the backend? With every page load, they jump left to right.....! Thanks in advance.
  9. How to either show or not to show production description under pricing text? Prefer not to, so this jittery confuse behaviour saves 1 sec of bad impression. Please help, thanks in advance. VID-20210607-WA0006.mp4
  10. Any help here is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. We have 15-20 events every week, we create drive topic in the forum and add a link to the calendar for RSVP. We use drive topic purely for discussion related to that event, manage waitlist etc. If we use Calendar comment section to replace the drive topic in forum, will it overload the calendar system in terms of slowing the nodes or db or from any other resource handling angle....? Each drive topic receives about 200 replies in a week time. So each calendar event having 200 comments x 80 events/Month = 16,000 comments per month. Is it too much or nothing for calendar system....? Is it OK if we scale these numbers by double or triple in the future? Our server is pretty stable to handle loads but we aren't sure about calendar system at the backend. Appreciate any feedback on this scenario, please. Thanks in advance.
  12. How to have such pop up on scroll up only in mobile devices?
  13. Thanks @Thomas P much appreciate your advises, and that's what I was looking to experiment to find what works best in our case. We have recently moved to a new server that does handle previously spiking load very well so far and always loading pages under 2 sec with data storage setup. But I need to spend time and research and test various settings to be ready for the future. Can you please explain what do you mean by "smaller database". How can we control that size?
  14. Appreciate to hear those multitude of factors so that I can invest time to understand what works best in our case.
  15. Does anyone else suggest redis too or mysql? Please help.
  16. Thanks, I figured that dimension and uploaded the same size and its still seems fuzzy or smudgy
  17. So you suspect, its because of scaling? I have tried couple of options but it was all the same. Any clue what's the max logo size, so I can try exact dimensions.
  18. I tried image setting to 100 quality in Jpeg and 10 in PNG but still when I upload the logo it appears smudgy on the site. Can some please help how to upload 100% crisp quality logo in IPS backend? Thanks in advance.
  19. That's a cpanel view of mod security options
  20. We have been using filesystem for sometime and just updated to 4.5 and wondering with new description under data storage tab, which one is more advisable for faster, yet stable performance. Filesystem MySQL Redis We are on 64 gb dedicated server for single site with regular peak traffic during certain hours of the day.
  21. Last week we shifted to new cpanel server and were unable to post or edit any topic. Support helped us to identify that we need to switch off mod_security to post again. Wondering to know what is the actual requirement of IPS than switching off mod_security completely. Appreciate if someone knows the right config to add/edit in mod security so we can switch it on safely please? Thanks in advance.
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