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Urgent help - WSIWYG editor showing infinite scroll

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In one of the most visited page, I added a google review snippet from a known provider which resulted in an infinite scroll, and I can't delete that block (maybe) faulty code. please help urgently.


However codes are working fine for the guest user, but when I log in page stretches to an endless horizontal scroll.

Can any of admins here delete the wsyisg code for the second last segment?

Or where does these custom pages stores, so I can manually remove those codes thru FTP and save back the page.

Please help, urgently.

Thanks in advance.

Could contain: Page, Text, White Board, File


Look on the left down, horizontal scroll is never-ending. I kept dragging for minutes.

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4 minutes ago, Gauravk said:

May I know how did you do that, through DB or file access? In case I encounter it again, I can fix such issues.

In this case, I just put a hard width on the element in browser tools and the normal Block Manager tools became available since it wasn't an infinite horizontal scroll

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