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  1. Jordan, you wrote yourself that this was fixed in 4.6. Why are you not using the latest version of IPS Community Suite as befits a member of the IPS team?
  2. Useful suggestion. I'm for it. 😏
  3. I think it can be done quite easily. Edit the postContainer template. Find "<article" on the same line add after "data-Background =" {$ comment-> author () -> member_group_id}" <article data-Background="{$comment->author()->member_group_id}" [.....] Now in custom.css add: /* Background for the group with ID 4. */ article[data-background="4"].cPost { background: #62c4aa; } /* Background for the group with ID 3. */ article[data-background="3"].cPost { background: #62a0c4; } Change the group ID to your own and customize the background. Previews:
  4. This doesn't look good on a mobile device, especially as someone doesn't have rounded avatars. What do you think?
  5. You can hide the "Quote" button for all posts using CSS: .cPost li[data-ipsquote-editor="topic_comment"]{display:none;}
  6. Hi. I propose to consider adding an additional option in the group settings that will allow adding attachments to the PM but only with certain extensions. For example, I would like to allow adding attachments to the PM for the "X" group, but only with the jpg, png, bmp extensions.
  7. What do you mean by that? How does it not work?
  8. We have already discussed about this in several topics.
  9. My bad. You're right 🙂 I forgot how this plugin works and I had to look at the settings 😄 I can't edit the post anymore, but I confirm it is possible!
  10. I have purchased this plugin from Adriano. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to set different profile field for different member group.
  11. Hi Adriano. The plugin does not seem to work properly on PHP 8. Please see: Cannot use "parent". Enhanced User Info Panel. Invision Community
  12. +1. There was already a similar suggestion:
  13. Hi. Are you talking about a mobile look or not? I don't know your resolution but for me they are not small. The default icons are clearly visible. I would say they are even too big on the Desktop look. You can, of course, enlarge them through CSS. Topic view .cAuthorPane_badge { font-size: 30px; }
  14. no! there is no place for them, It's time to move forward, not backward.
  15. I reported this bug about 2 weeks ago through the Client Area. And the answer was this: No comment....
  16. You're right, I didn't think of it 🤔 Maybe I will find some other solution.
  17. I am not able to hide the scroll bar using CSS (need JS) but I did it this way: /* Fixed Dialog Window */ .ipsDialog { position: fixed; top:0!important; }
  18. It always annoyed me that you can scroll the page with the modal window open wideo-12345.mp4
  19. Hi. To avoid 404 errors, I suggest adding a redirect after merging accounts. This function is already built in, but only works with topics.
  20. I think that this is not a bug, icon just blends into the background.
  21. This will be fixed in an upcoming update 👍
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