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  1. body[data-pageController='streams']{ your code }; or body[data-pagemodule="discover"]{ code }
  2. If someone untrusted has access to the source in the editor he can replace CSS or inject malicious JS code. There are many possibilities. For example, one of the moderators, having access to the source code, hid some elements through CSS using a signature. The problem is that he hid these elements for all users.
  3. Yes this is something I wanted to suggest a long time ago but forgot about it. +1
  4. app still working on 4.5, but you can change api version to v8 public $apiDomain = 'https://discordapp.com/api/v6'; to public $apiDomain = 'https://discord.com/api/v8'; More: API Reference
  5. IPS staff should use SVG for all icons and there would be no problem with jagged or fuzzy icons. Wake up it's 2021...
  6. Okay, I checked. This is because of the class .cAuthorPane_badge and more precisely "font-size" property.
  7. I also have blurry icons and Win 10. Maybe it's the browser fault?
  8. Hi. I don't know about you, but I didn't like the "look" of the badge in the topic. In my opinion, the badge is too big. What do you think about this look? Example 1 Example 2
  9. @Thomas P Thomas have you tested too: do=GetNewComment do=GetLastComment ? I am asking because Google also indexes the same topic several times with these query strings. Also this query string is already excluded by the Meta Robots Tag so it doesn't need to be added to robots.txt.
  10. Great, but I was expecting plugin only with SVG and WebP support without any unnecessary stuff. A plugin that will add the ability to upload icons and logos in new extensions. Your plugin only replaces the logo code.
  11. Ping: SVG for logos and icons and WebP for images.
  12. I would also see this possibility in the future.
  13. I already reported this bug 2 days ago. But what do I see in my hidden test topic? I noticed it too. After adding two more posts still no refreshing
  14. Bump. Will profiles ever have standard basic meta tags?
    IPS 4.6 and the profiles still have no basic meta tags. :/
  15. Yes https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/461468-so-no-big-deal-but-achievements-is-officially-live/?do=findComment&comment=2852744
  16. 6:00 PM (CEST) in Poland. Too soon for sleep :D
    It would be nice to control it. Because 1 minute is not enough. If the user has solved the Q&A then 99% is not a bot. If someone has a forum open to guests, it is burdensome to fill out Q&A every minute. I corrected it for 1 day (PT1M to P1D) and the guests have peace now.
  17. Font Awesome 6 Alpha is here.
  18. Guys, create contact form here https://freshdesk.com/ and link into forum.
  19. Okay, I'll remember that. I haven't used the support for a long time. Now I can see that it is much more convenient than before. 👍
  20. @Morrigan You Right, but this is not a bug on my forum but a general bug with IC. Anyway, I reported via ticket.
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