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Hump Day: our new theme service is alive!

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Hey team, happy Hump Day! I'm super excited about our new theme service and wanted to share the news with you. 

I come in peace! With that said, I want to be transparent with you that this theme service is for those on one of our standard plans. If you've been contemplating moving from self-hosted to our hosting, give me a shout and I'll personally help you get set up. 😇 

I wrote a blog post about the importance of branding, so just want to put that on your radar.

I can personally attest to the power of awesome branding (if I do say so myself). I run a community, and members tell me all the time how much they love the theme / branding. It was created by our very own @Ehren, who will be working with you and me to dream up something you love for your community. 

I know this may be coming off a bit salesy, but I really do love this new theme service, think it offers a lot of value and I hope you'll consider it. 

If you'd like a little more information, check out our new theme service page. If you have any questions, drop me a line here and I'll respond!



As always, here's a list of updates/fixes made by our developers in the last week:

- Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.14.0.
- Removed stripe.js from non Commerce related pages.
- Fixed broken "reveal author" buttons when an anonymous user is deleted.
- Fixed an issue where moderator logs may show untranslated content types.
- Fixed few issues in archived QA Topics.
- Fixed an issue where expanding nodes in the advanced search form node selector element could be slow or time out.
- Fixed an issue where achievement ranks and badges were not exporting using the correct language.
- Fixed the breadcrumb navigation inside Clubs.
- Added support for IndexNow.
- Bing Sitemap Support was removed because they deprecated the service.
- Fixed the insert existing attachment page jump form not working in bulk mail.

Looking forward to hearing what you think. 😊 

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