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    Fishing, Outdoor life, hunting. Not because I am a sportsman, but the peacefulness and relaxation that comes with it.

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About Me

Hello Folks I am AjGilbertson otherwise most commonly known as The Woodsman.
I take pride in my work for being a designer with a theme of a different style.
By this I am referring to my fixed background skins with a scrolling foreground.

Many years ago I ran into a website with a similar approach and when I asked how it was done
the Webmaster told me to "Figure it out your own damn self."
Well... With all his arrogance this foolish webmaster probably never figured on me doing so,
but I do have to admit if it was not for his behavior I most likely would have put it aside to
never think another second of it. I had to go outside of the proverbial box.
So as far back as version 2.1.x I started my mission with a theme called "The Forest" Sub titled "My Obsession"

This is where KettleMoraineGraphics originated from, leaving the comforts of the norm and daring to go outside of the box.

As for the arrogant Webmaster and his forgotten website I never did have the chance to give him credit or thank him for that bit of unforgotten arrogant advice...

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