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  1. Just wanted to update this with the fix that was required to be able to update the CDN URL. My IPB license had expired, and a ton of files disappeared off the server that were required to be able to perform this function. Paying for license renewal and uploading the new files allowed me to update the CDN URL.
  2. Hi, I have been using a cdn for so long that I cannot remember how to turn the CDN off. Due to coronavirus pandemic, I cannot afford the CDN and the payment has lapsed. My website is trying to call the the stylesheet from the CDN URL, even though I have turned off using a custom URL in System>Overview>Files>Storage Settings>Configuration. Is there another setting that the CDN is being called from? Thank you for your time.
  3. Thank you Mark. I’ve been using IPB for a long time and it’s changed so much it’s hard to know where everything is anymore lol
  4. Hi, Is there a setting to prevent guests and users from viewing the online user list? Thank you
  5. yes, i found this yesterday. unfortunately I am not skilled enough to make sense of this. My server has been up for several years, and just has an old OS. I will just have to get a new server deployed with a newer OS that is more widely supported. Fun stuff Thanks again for your help, and for this great application. I will write back with what OS I chose and how well rocket chat works with it in the case anyone else runs into this problem. The application works fantastically though. I just wish I was able to pull avatars from the board. I understand that has nothing to do with the app though.
  6. Your application works very well! Thank you for making this and sharing it with us for free! Only problem I have is my server runs centos6 and rocket chat does not provide documentation on getting rocket chat to boot automatically in centos6 :/ Thanks again!
  7. I'm really upset that IPS killed chat. I hope that these replacements are suitable.
  8. Excellent, thank you! A lot has changed in IPB4 and I haven't had time to catch up completely. Thanks for showing me that.
  9. Hi, I am just wondering if there is still an option to disable private messenger per user group? I know there used to be a way to do this with one click in IPB 3.x series, but in the latest version I cannot find how to disable the private messenger for a whole user group, other than setting limits to zero for per messages sent. Thanks
  10. you were correct! kind of... There was an old db backup still in the user account from more than 2 years ago that just started giving problems. Oh well gone now, and backup is complete. thanks!
  11. Hello, I get this message when I try to backup my IPB install mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show create table `profile_portal_views`': Can't find file: 'profile_portal_views' (errno: 2) (1017) anyone have any idea why this might be happening, and how to fix this so I can back up my install and migrate to a new server? thank you!
  12. The acp is not the focus. That has been renamed. Even though they aren't bruteforcing the acp, the system locks the account from logging in anywhere. I wonder why they removed that function for a different display name than login. Anyway thanks guys.
  13. I don't see it though. Could you post a screenshot so I can search for it, please?
  14. In ipb3 series there was an option to have a different login than the display name. Is this function available in ipb4 series? My admin accounts are under constant brute force attempts and I can't even login to the admin cp because my account is locked
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