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  1. @Morgin and @Jordan Invision believe it or not people are still using this topic to setup home test sites. A few of these unfortunately, are looking for a quicker response and are still driving me nuts via email.
  2. I never did like the back to top with sliders so I created my own with no slide much easier on my old eyes.
  3. 1 year 13 days.

  4. Bottom line IE any version has come to EOL. END OF LIFE.
  5. Exactly, this is a test output to any current updated browser as in If you are testing with any updated browser version you will see the particular message
  6. Follow the example update buttons and it will come to a yellow and orange striped box Read the comment inside. Remember at this point you are just testing the script.
  7. If the idiot insists on using IE11 here is a script to try. <script> var $buoop = {required:{e:-4,f:-3,o:-3,s:-1,c:-3},insecure:true,api:2020.09 }; function $buo_f(){ var e = document.createElement("script"); e.src = "//browser-update.org/update.min.js"; document.body.appendChild(e); }; try {document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", $buo_f,false)} catch(e){window.attachEvent("onload", $buo_f)} </script> Found here. https://browser-update.org/#install
  8. It sucks to be me because the only way that even worked for me was edit each one manually.... I think my beard grew 4 inches that (Long For Ever) day
  9. @Paul E. and @Nathan Explosion Thanks for your replies. I am very familiar with Windows Task Manager and Task Scheduler and how they operate and looking at my original post I seem to have left these out. So thanks anyway... Again one of my favorite go to sites... I will have to dig into this link and see where it takes me I am quite surprised I have not seen this one in particular...
  10. Since the birth of 4.0 there has been this maintenance error plaguing IPS test boards on a localhost in Wamp I have searched high and low with Invision as all the internet since I first received this message tested every possibility with no luck. The phrase that still has my concern is "This will cause significant damage to your community if not resolved." Still looking for an answer or a real lead to fixing this issue.
  11. Hmmmmm, From where I am sitting this new theme looks one hell of a lot like this.
  12. I have managed and upgraded quite a few other boards in my time. This article Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated) was not written for the faint at heart or those with a lack of experience. For those of you that feel a bit squeamish you have some pretty good options. You can contact IPS Support or contact a 3rd party support member as @DawPi.
  13. The move from Ripon to Saukville was and still is a total disaster.... If I ever need to move again I will hire the 3 blind mice and Dr. Dolittle.

  14. Hello Brian, As for installing your IPS Suite on to another domain as a test site yes this is possible. The only catch is it cannot be active to the public. In other words you as the administrator and those experts you referred to may have access to this domain/test board. Another avenue you may consider would be to submit a ticket and have support do the upgrade for you. As for a local host environment it is quite simple. To start with... Here is a condensed set of directions (1) Go t o your cPanel and backup a complete copy of your database to your pc. (2) If you haven't already, download Wamp or Xampp to your computer and install it. (3) Go to phpmyadmin and create and install a copy of your database backup. (4) Come back here (IPS) to your Client Area and download the latest version of the suite and install it on your local host. To do this create a test site directory to install to. For Wamp you will put it in the WWW directory. For Xampp you will put it in the htdocs directory. (5) Go to your newly installed suite and start your upgrade. Good luck and have fun! OH By the way.... Where it comes to your license key, make sure you add -TESTINSTALL after it.
  15. Spent more Ca-Ching on this move than was planed. Lost even more on what was left behind.

  16. Unless I am wrong, from reading on this product it appears that it is for education purposes only
  17. Are you able to get your complete 3.x board working properly in a local enviornment like Wamp or Xampp?
  18. If you are getting a database error for a non-existing unknown table I would submit a ticket.
  19. No you need ACP access as an administrator in order to perform an upgrade. You also need to provide your IPS client information as well to access the Client Area for an upgrade download if needed.
  20. Well here we are. A total turn around from friends to followers. Yea @Lindy and a few others are going to attack this but when it comes down to it people quit looking up profile because who wants to be a follower in the first place. People like making friends and yes some like adversaries as well. But who truly wants to be known as a follower or worse yet a statistic. Profiles were meant to be a mini members introduction and information page. One member could look into another's profile and see what information they were interested in. A choice could be made at that point whether or not a collaborator like friendship could be made. Then comes the GDPR and California which totally tore into profiles of what can and cannot be displayed in European or California forums.... What a Joke. What forum software has to appease Social media especially Facebook gets away with After all truth be known there is not anything I can't find out about another on Facebook with a little digging and following right down to idiotic political views. You want a working usable profile and forum try making friends. @breatheheavy This really should part of the suite operation and not so much a plugin.
  21. This would be an interesting as a needed fix to say the least. I have seen this time and time again where a customer can install a customized theme make a few edits - decide these edits are unacceptable hit the revert button. Rather than a template reverting back to its custom settings of the custom theme it will normally revert back to the IPB default. In the worse case scenario a customer not thinking will attempt editing on a live board rather than setting up a test board.
  22. Sorry I don't have the time in any one given day to take the time to waste getting back and forth through a topic. Even now I get sent back to the beginning of this topic just to look at the last post on the last page....
  23. I can agree here if I am just getting into a topic from the beginning or if I am on a 2nd page out of 20. After this I feel readers will walk away if they have to start over or get thrown into a post no where near where you left off...
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