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  1. Are you on this train? I read the hotels/motels and camp grounds in the area are booked for the raid day.... I figure this is where @Lindy @Charles and @Matt are holed up and secretly working on IPS5 with the rest of staff.....and the aliens of course.
  2. I would guess @TAMAN hasn't renewed his license. He likely will though
  3. Maybe this is already possible and I am just not in the know of how to do it. But the widget containers above and below the forums should have the option to be 2 or 3 containers as well as 1. I would like to have a few widgets side by side rather than stacked on top of each other. While it wouldn't make a heap of difference on mobiles, for PC it would look better in some cases to do this. It could be selectable in the ACP which option you would want to go with, perhaps in theme settings
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or if it can be corrected. I have tired with your blocks and others but in the sidebar size widget container if I do not use the title/link of the page builder I do not get a separation between the blocks like I do on the other widget containers.
  5. I still can not get the images to pull from forums. I have deleted and re added the templates a couple times, waited to drag and drop as well. It is pulling the club image but not images from forums
  6. Images from posts do not seem to be showing up. I think they were before the update. I added the update earlier, and then began messing with the default image and notice that posts with images were not replacing the default image, I deleted the default image to see if then post images would show and they do not.
  7. @shahed, I bought this, I've only done some preliminary work to figure it all out. SO far it look very well done Feature request. On the page builder, the title, could the plug in have color edits added to it? I'm sure it can be changed in the CSS of the plug in, i haven't had time to do it yet but it might be handy for future sales if this was an easy edit (or I'm currently not seeing it) Also, if you are going to add 3rd party compatibility as mentioned by @Fierce God then I request Videobox
  8. Defy the law... I'll do that much leg work when the pry the gun from my cold dead hands.. (or they notify my host which is IPS and IPS shuts me down 😛 )
  9. On my gaming sites I do not require it but really don't care if anyone does. If they want to put them selves out there like that then it is up to them. On a 3rd site it is very local and very niche and most use their names but there it still isn't required.
    A excellent chat app, works great. Highly recommend.
  10. Could this have added to it to show featured club but also show them randomly. Meaning if I feature 4 clubs but only want 2 shown on the forum index it will randomly load 2 on page refresh?
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