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  1. I would love to see IPS make an official dark theme.
  2. Since @Davyc was giving credit where it's due I figure I'll post my site. It is a gaming crew (guild) site for my Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption crew, so being that it is a highly niche site, non crew members really aren't active posters though they are welcome to join but we are not bothered either way. https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com IPS Staff has been hugely helpful over the past few years with dumb stuff I ask them and it uses theme and add ons from @TAMAN, many many resources from @Adriano Faria along with @onlyME, @batarjal, @All Astronauts and @InvisionHQ. Why is it called Domestic Battery Gaming? I've caught alot of flak for the name over the years, the name derives from me and my gaming wife beating each other with golf clubs and ball bats in Grand Theft Auto Online, never in real life cuz she would cut me in my sleep.
    Great add on for any gaming community with superb support that I have always had with @TAMAN
  3. @TAMAN. I seem to be having this issue as well, I am on 4.3.6 and just downloaded it off the marketplace a few hours ago. Was you able to find a fix for this?
  4. Nevermind. I not sure why or how but seems to be ok now
  5. I seem to be getting some sort of a double post of this. In the pic this is below my signature on my site. Everything above my signature appears correct as on the demo site. This is on the IPS theme and the credits are stacked on top of each other
    great add on to make your community feel more custom when you can match the notification sound with the boards central purpose
  6. If you havent made any alterations to the theme you cant easily redo, delete it, run support tool, re install the theme and run the tool again. I've had theme issues here and there (not specific to this theme) and that seemed to correct the problem. If that doesnt do it then I will stop acting like I know anything and say good day to you.
  7. Running the Support Tool will usually fix that
  8. I use the IPS Cloud for 2 communities and even though @bfarber answered these I will add my 2cents on a couple things How is site wide email handled in cloud solution? Can I use Google Suite Email? - I've only ever used the emaill that IPS has setup on the cloud which is easily accessed and used in the ACP. I works great IMO, I don't see why the need for a different solution is needed but to each their own, you can use html in it to make look however you want for the most part. How difficult is to setup a front page with Pages? Is there a comprehensive documentation, examples or video tutorial about Pages? - With the page builder feature it is pretty easy to setup a front page, but for the most part it is a fairly basic front page in terms to what you can build if you have some coding knowledge which if you have the knowledge you'll find Pages pretty sweet in it's capabilities. I haven't looked real hard for tutorials on here but I think there is a few but don't quote me on it. Fortunately experimenting with Pages to figure stuff out is easy, if you mess up beyond hope just delete the page you were working on and start over.
  9. It's sorted, sorry to post when for some reason I was having issue. When I posted the above the info was accurate. I unistalled, cleared cache, reinstalled version 1.0.0 and it worked fine. Updated to 1.0.1 and it saved the permissions and showed on IPS theme and 1 of my 2 custom themes (even though they are identical themes). I reinstalled the theme and it working, so I dunno, weird stuff
  10. @Adriano Faria, I updated to the new version and now in the permissions it won't save the permission of who to show it to, I had it set to ALL but it has unchecked all usergroups, I tired a couple times to save it, ran support tool, unstalled and reinstalled. None of which fixed it.
    Added this a little bit ago, seems to work well on 4.3.6 Looks good and I like the ability to just change the color and text on the default badge. Even though it is built to work on IPS theme (as is most everything in the marketplace), I am using Gradient by @TAMAN and badge works just fine with it
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