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  1. @aXenDev, where in the css can I change the color of the Manage Blocks tab on the light version of this, it blends with the background and you can only find it by hovering it, or is this something you can darken a hair in an update?
    I had no doubts this would work and look great since @Adriano Faria made it. 5 stars
  2. This block is pretty sweet, I think it should have the addition to be able to reorder the images for the slide show, right now to change order requires deleting and re adding them. Also, for the URL option, say I have image A and C to add a link to but not B, there is not option to leave a blank in between images
  3. Personally I like the new setup overall, makes checking for updates much quicker and installing said updates. If I need to add something custom not on the marketplace I am able to do so as well. I'm past the point of having time to tinker with the code, I just need it to work! (thanks @Adriano Faria for having all yur stuff work, it's appreciated)
  4. I meant to post this sometime back, to bad it didn't make it into 4.5 Maybe 4.6? 5.0?
  5. I'm all for choice but can you imagine how daunting the settings in the ACP would be if IPS offered a choice on everything? I'll fairly certain the software isn't 100% perfect for most of us right out of the box, hence the marketplace.. and if this particular mod wouldn't be allowed in the marketplace you do have the choice to have one of the devs make a custom plug in for you (or make it yourself). That's your choice.
  6. @TAMAN, I just got up to 4.5, been using this theme for quite some time. The color changer I find confusing, you have a moon and sun as option but when clicked it only really selects 2 different dark option unless you pick and save a light option. Then if you do that and click the moon it goes back to dark. Should it not be moon = dark, sun = light (white) with option to pick a different palette if you want? And is there a way to turn off the moon/sun entirely if I choose to do that from an admin aspect?
  7. @Andy Millne, I have been eyeing this for a bit, decided to get it and when trying to install I get this error Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 8126. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs
  8. @InvisionHQ, would it possible to setup permissions for converted forums, say if I wanted club admins to see a forum but not moderators or members, can that be added to this?
  9. Hey @Mike John, I have used this and it works great, I merged websites and didn't think I would no longer need it. Before I renew, will is add topics from a club calendar to a club forum?
  10. I have been on the CiC for many years, wanting to merge a couple sites meant going self hosted and while I already had a license I never really used it @Rhett has been great support and has helped me thru what was probably simple questions for those with server experiance without showing up at my door and smacking me in the head, thanks Rhett. All IPS staff has always been great to work with over the years. @Adriano Faria was also a huge part in helping me with getting this done, one of the best 3rd party devs on the marketplace.
  11. When using the converter to merge 2 IP 4.4.10 boards, it is asking for the Database Table Prefix, as far as I can tell I have no prefix. How do I add one to make this work?
  12. I just reinstalled this after sometime using the other, I can't create a container cuz it is requiring a facebook ID on live streams. Even in clubs with live stream ticked off it won't allow creation without a livestream.
  13. Sent you a PM, I noticed it is not saving permissions
  14. I upgraded my forum to and the plug in with this update and it no longer shows on the forum, I have ran the support tool and checked the default theme, uninstalled and reinstalled, all a no go
  15. I use the enhancement plug in
  16. I would guess @TAMAN hasn't renewed his license. He likely will though
  17. Maybe this is already possible and I am just not in the know of how to do it. But the widget containers above and below the forums should have the option to be 2 or 3 containers as well as 1. I would like to have a few widgets side by side rather than stacked on top of each other. While it wouldn't make a heap of difference on mobiles, for PC it would look better in some cases to do this. It could be selectable in the ACP which option you would want to go with, perhaps in theme settings
  18. Not sure if this is a bug or if it can be corrected. I have tired with your blocks and others but in the sidebar size widget container if I do not use the title/link of the page builder I do not get a separation between the blocks like I do on the other widget containers.
  19. I still can not get the images to pull from forums. I have deleted and re added the templates a couple times, waited to drag and drop as well. It is pulling the club image but not images from forums
  20. Images from posts do not seem to be showing up. I think they were before the update. I added the update earlier, and then began messing with the default image and notice that posts with images were not replacing the default image, I deleted the default image to see if then post images would show and they do not.
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