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  1. hi @InvisionHQ, the user menu does not show "my adverts", any idea?
  2. Hey @InvisionHQ , I've unlocked the advert but the status doesn't change...There should be an option that let Administrators change the status of the advert.
  3. Hi @InvisionHQ , what if a member for error set the advert as 'COMPLETED'? How can I change the status?
  4. Ehm I've renewed it 1 hour ago... that's why I'm contacting you..
  5. I'm having the following problem: It's showing a grey background. Help me please! Thanks in advance.
  6. I've renewed the plugin but cannot download the new version for 4.3.x Help please!
  7. Great plugin! I'm looking for setting the no index attribute to the notice banner, can u help me?
  8. Hi @opentype , Can I do a pagination system inside of a page with your style? I don't want to put all the content in 1 view but I want to do a pagination system. For Example: And when i click on "Pag.2" I go to another page with the same style. What I want is a page that is accessible only from click on "Pag.2" with the supergrid style.
  9. Happy new year @Adriano Faria Two ideas: geo-maps view of adverts and photo watermark.
  10. I asked you if the plugin had the ability to apply tags & prefix to threads filtered with a search. You answered yes. For example: create tag "sport" -> search "swimming" in the title -> apply the tag if you find it. This process is not effective because the plugin extends search to the whole discussion even if it is set search only on the title, as also @eGullet says. So there are too many false positives, like discussion with title "Today it rains a lot" which contains a post "it's raining so much that I'll go to the office by swimming". I hope I was clear.
  11. hi @Ryan H. still no news about? Unfortunately, this application is definitely useless for me because it just fails in the functions that I asked you before buying.
    well done! A "Mark all Viewed" button will be fine. :-)
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