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  1. Thank you. The patch seems to be working. It replaces the topic titles/links they don't have permission to view with the words "content deleted". It would be nicer if it just skipped it altogether, but this is definitely better than it was.
  2. Security Issue! I have 2 groups that are part of my staff, the Moderators and the Administrators. Both these groups have permission to see who read topics and to see the corresponding tab on a users profile. However, the list of viewed topics on an persons profile isn't filtered by who can view a certain forum. For example, I have a private forum for Administrators that Moderators cannot see, read, or even see the topic listing. Most of them don't even know it exists. However, when a moderator looks at the "Recently Viewed" tab on an Administrators profile, they can see the titles of topics recently visited that are in the Admin-ONLY forum. Now, of course, they don't have permission to read the topic, but they now know the private admin only forum exists and can see the topic title. This could be particularly embarrassing if we had a thread titled "Moderator Ed and Moderator Suzy are crazy and should be fired". The normal function of Invision software is to only display links to topics that a person has permission to read. When you visit a profile and see a list of someone's activity, what they reacted to or what they replied to, you are only seeing reactions and replies to what you yourself can read. Your application does not filter in the same way that the Invision Power Suite does by default. This is a major problem, imo. My fix for now is to exempt Administrators from having their viewed topics logged. But if a moderator notices that admins don't have anything listed in their Recently Viewed tab on their profile page, it might look like we're hiding something and sow some discord among the staff. I hope I explained this clear enough. When a group who has permission to see the tab on profiles looks at that tab, they should only see the topic titles of topics from forums they can access, just like the default behaviour of Invision software.
  3. Yeah, I'm just referring to the text at the top of the page in the masthead. I don't want to switch to a logo, but might end up doing so. Perfect! The article you link to is very helpful. I can display one DIV with the a title in the masthead for PC, and another DIV with a shortened title in the masthead on mobile. It looks like the very examples in the article are the very code I need to implement.
  4. In the template, is there a way that I can have a different site title display based on whether it's being viewed on a PC or on a mobile device? My site title is really long, and on a mobile device, it bleeds over the menu and navigation bars as a result. I would like to manually edit the templates to reflect logic sort of like this.... {IF SCREENSIZE=mobile} Amazing Community {ELSE} The Wonderfully Amazing Community For Various Discussions {ENDIF} Seems like this was more straightforward in 4.4 but deciphering the templates in 4.5 is a little trickier... so far.
  5. Let me refine my complaint with the following scenario... MemberJohn visits a news site on the web, selects a paragraph from the article, copies it, and then pastes it into my forums CK Editor, and submits it as a post. If the CSS for the news site had set the text to black, then the 'paste as rich text' feature will paste it as black. When a member using a dark template views it, he cannot see the black text over the black background. I know the user could highlight the text and change it to default, but none of them care to. I would love for there to be a way to automatically change all text to default while retaining the other rich text capabilities. So far, it seems my only option would be to set paste behaviour to 'paste as plain text', but then the other group of members get mad. Catch 22
  6. Many members compose their comments in Microsoft Word or some other editor and customize it to their delight, and then paste it into the Editor on the forum. But if "paste as plain text" is enable, all that effort is lost. I created a "night mode" template which some members are using, but when someone copy and pastes from the web and the text is designated as "black" then they cannot see it against the black background, and they usually yell at one another, which gets annoying. I'm half tempted to remove the "dark mode" template altogether.
  7. So we have this problem in our community where we developed a "dark mode" template for members who just prefer things that way, whether it is easy on the eyes or to save battery on their mobile devices. However, we've run into this conundrum and cannot seem to fix it.... We have "Paste behavior" set to Rich Text with giving the members the option to paste as Plan Text instead. If a member copies text that was originally designated as black and pastes it into the his post, the black text color attribute carries over into the post as part of that Rich Text. Members who use our dark mode template, in which the content area is black, will not see any quoted text, because it matches the background. Obviously, we could change "Past as Rich Text" always to "Paste as Plain Text" always, and we did that, then got a fair amount of complaints, so we switched it back. It's now an issue of a small amount of dark theme lovers vs the small amount of paste-as-rich-text lovers. If we could retain the Rich Text but strip away the text color attribute that would be perfect. We just need all text to be "default" so that it shows up dark on the white background and as light on the dark background. It there a way to make this happen by modifying something in the Invision code or the CK Editor code?
  8. It would be nice if any custom fields you create and place under "Personal Information" would also show up in the About Me tab
  9. Is there any way to make it so that my members can choose between Public or Registered Members Only? By allowing the Administrators only option, my regular members cannot respond to status updates because these take you to the profile page.
  10. Apparently @Fosters had abandoned this project.
  11. Our site is jwtalk.net but the 4 blocks containing the feeds (topics, articles, files, and gallery [25 images]) are not displaying - as I've changed the permissions so that no membergroup at all can see them. When they are enabled, the site is crazy slow. When I disable them, it goes back to being fast loading. No. Okay, that's interesting. Do you get a lot of traffic? Are the feeds created on the fly on each page load? Do you have a large database? My database is large and I get significant traffic. What I didn't do was try to isolate which of the 4 blocks were causing the problem. I can play with that this weekend and report back. @TAMAN
  12. So I purchased this app and took a great deal of time designing my footer and was really impressed with it's visual appeal, however, upon making it visible to everyone my site become unbearably slow, sLoW, SLOW! I actually contacted my host because it seemed like a connection problem (connection timed out) and we tweaked a few things, blocked all bots besides Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo, etc, and nothing would improve the sudden sluggishness of the site. I finally isolated it to the Advance Footer. Row 1 had 3 blocks, a topic feed, a files feed, and an articles feed. Row 2 was a gallery feed with 25 images, and then rows 3 and 4 were just textual information and quick links. I removed all the feeds, and now my site is lightning fast in comparison. I'm assuming with each page view, the footer would have to check and see if all the feeds were up to date, and maybe even load the full size images and scale them down (probably not working with the new lazy-loading feature of IPS 4.4 either). Would it be possible to just have the footer refresh that information, say once an hour, and then cache it? The feeds gave my footer some meat. Now it's just text that I could have handcoded myself instead of paying $20 for the app.
  13. This is interesting. I too think it would be beneficial to have push notifications. I would think that a simple app that could display push notifications and then open links in a browser would be fairly easy to accomplish. However, I have never got my feet wet with Android or iOS.
  14. If you are making these edits on a PC, make sure that you are shrinking the window size as narrow as you can, so that it automatically emulates what it will look like on mobile. Also, that will only increase the size of the members comments. All other text remains the same.
  15. The default font size on mobile is 13px. You can add the following in your custom.css file.... @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .ipsComment [data-role="commentContent"] { margin-bottom: 10px; font-size: 13px; } } Simply change 13px to whatever size you want.
  16. I'm having trouble understanding that. Is that in IPS Commerce? I have the complete IPS software suit except for Commerce. But 2 things did come to mind, check these.... 1) AdminCP -> Dashboard -> Advanced Configuration -> Data Storage and check the "Directory" IF you are using the file system for your storage method. It should look something like "/home/username/public_html/YourIPSdirectory/datastore" 2) AdminCP -> Dashboard -> Advanced Configuration -> Server Environment and check the "Template disk cache path". It should look something like "/home/username/public_html/YourIPSdirectory/uploads"
  17. This is already something you can do natively within IPS. Go to AdminCP -> Site Features -> Applications -> System -> Profiles.... click the lock icon, and uncheck the group that should not be able to see profiles (like "Guests" for instance). In the meantime, I should be able to accomplish this with a template edit, right? I want a member to be able to select between "All" and "Members Only" but leave off the "Admin only" option.
  18. After moving your community to the new folder and updating the location in the config file, try going to AdminCP -> Dashboard -> Site Promotion -> Search Engine Optimization and the Rewrite URLs option is probably toggled ON. There is a link to download an .htaccess file and upload it to your IPS directory. Do it, because your directory changed.
  19. Sweet! Thank you. I'll update my plugin later today and check it out.
  20. That would be up to you. However, for reference, the ones I created for my community are 149px wide 🙂
  21. After some more investigating, coupled with your answer, there is a conflict between your plugin and the new 'Post before registering' feature of IPS 4.4 I've been having a problem with Guests being able to post, even though Guest posting is disabled on all my forums. The 'Post before registering' field asks for a Display Name instead of an email address, like so.... (I originally filed a support ticket with Invision and provided them with this image) SO.... I just disabled all customizations, plugins, and applications and re-enabled them one by one and found that "Dead Topic Protection" is indeed where the bug is. Dead Topic Protection is allowing guests to post without registering at all, bypassing the new "Post before registering" feature. (Your plugin changes "Enter an email address" into "Enter a Display Name" instead) Dead Topic Protection prevents logged in members from resurrecting old topics, but guests, who shouldn't be able to post anyway, can reply to old topics that should be locked (apparently because Guest hasn't been an option since 3.2, but now with 4.4 maybe it should be). I don't know if adding Guest as an option would be the easy solution, or if they would still see the 'Join the conversation and post now' message but see no editor, lol. I hope this was clear enough. Sincerely, - Bob
  22. This seems to be either incompatible with the new "Post before registering" feature of IPS 4.4, OR there is a glaring oversight in that you cannot choose the Guest membergroup in the plugin's settings.
  23. Tapatalk is compatible with our forums. I have several members who use it. In reality, all we need out of an Android or iOS app is something that would sync notifications. Clicking on the notification would open up the browser for all I care.
  24. Ah I get it. And I should have paid better attention to the screencap he provided as well. Yes, it would be practical for quotes to go to the posting being edited while editing is enabled. That would save time over copy and pasting things manually.
  25. You can edit the quote once it appears in the Editor (i.e. "reply field").
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