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Sub-admin group unable to edit profile

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I have a MemberGroup for the other administrators in one community. This group has limited AdminCP access. For some reason, however, they are not able to edit their own profiles, and I am at a loss to where to look to fix this. Under Groups, the "Can edit own profile" is turned on. Under the AdminCP access, I don't see a setting that would override this.  

Any ideas?

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8 hours ago, Jim M said:

Could you please provide an example user who cannot and we can take a look?


7 hours ago, igniteyourfeelings said:

Check over their group ACP restriction if they have this 4 checked on :

PW9ssik.png JBkY5hJ.png

Since they are considered as being "admins", they need the permission to edit admin accounts for the profile picture + other informations.

@igniteyourfeelings - Thank you for this. This pointed me in the right direction.

Ironically, the account I use regularly is has this Sub-Admin membergroup as my Primary Group and regular Administrator as my Secondary Group. Since my account was attached to the Sub-Admin membergroup, it was not allowing me to make any Edits to this membergroup. I had to remove myself from the group in order to get the option to Edit that groups AdminCP privileges.

I'm used to Secondary groups permissions overriding the Primary groups restrictions. I just learned that when is comes to AdminCP permissions and restrictions, it works in reverse.

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