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  1. Robert Angle's post in How to view old plans features was marked as the answer   
    Use Web Archive....
  2. Robert Angle's post in Adding number to each post in a thread? was marked as the answer   
    You have to use the plugin "Post Numbers" or something like that.
    It took a long time to wean some of my users off that, but I'm glad I finally did. The one hiccup with it is that the number you see as a Staff member and the number regular members see will differ if there are Hidden posts in that thread. Then it can get very confusing if people are referencing post numbers. It's better to have them use the Quote/MultiQuote feature instead.
  3. Robert Angle's post in Upgrade Error - Incorrect String Value was marked as the answer   
    We're back online!
    I'm sharing this so that others can use it for reference.
    @Marc Stridgen said in the email support ticket:
    For mysterious reasons, I was unable to change 2 tables from MYISAM to INNODB. So my VPS host created a backup of the database, made the change to the dump file and imported it. We reran the upgrade utility and everything finished successfully.
    The solution was to change all tables from MYISAM to INNODB.
  4. Robert Angle's post in Error: Call to undefined method DateTime was marked as the answer   
    Turns out the problem was an old 3rd party plugin "Go to top" or "To the top" or something like that, which would put a little up arrow in the bottom corner of the screen which would send you back up to the top of the page when you clicked on it. It's gone, and now I just get to wait and see how long it takes for someone to complain about it missing, lol.
  5. Robert Angle's post in After update many members seeing site win no CSS was marked as the answer   
    You might try going to the Support section of your AdminCP and under "Tools & Diagnostics" click the button that says "Clear System Caches".  
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