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  1. I just renewed my license where I can get 4.5 myself, so there's a start. lol. If I remember correctly, there is barely anything I need to change, so maybe I can submit it here next week. if my stupid pinched nerve would stop bugging me it would always be quicker...
  2. it's really the same issue as when I first update to 4.x, my shoulder and neck probs so keep taking breaks. I think I will try to get it submitted for approval here within the next maybe 10 days and just finish the brackets feature some other time.
  3. Maybe I should just get it ready with the features it already had, to get it working with 4.5 sooner, then, since you don't need the upcoming features anyway. I already put most of the code in, so I will just have to comment some out and then the changes for 4.5 should be very minor in this app, so I will try to get it ready and approved very soon, (I am not sure how quickly IPS has been able to approve them lately, so I can't say for sure the date it will be on here, but it won't take many days from now for me to get it ready, at least. I mostly just took 2020 off after sporting events kept b
  4. Sorry, I hadn't been on in here in a while. I don't have a definite time frame on it yet, although could try to get it done by a certain date if someone is really wanting it for certain events. i was thinking you already had the 4.4 version, but apparently you hadn't purchased it before. I am going to try to update this fairly soon, though.
  5. Hi. Thanks! Yes, I just had taken a long time off form working on apps this year, but am about ready to update it and there really isn't a ton to do, although they are more strict on approving for 4.5. The only thing is I had been adding an ncaa tournament (and other sports bracket types) contest type and I got "almost" done when the virus hit and canceled the tourney. So I have to finish and test that before updating this for 4.5, just to be sure I didn't create any bugs.
  6. This is so confusing... I see some games apparently scheduled for ncaa football within the next week? But many others say ppd. So it's a mess knowing if the season is happening and when. I haven't tested on 4.5 or submitted it for approval for 4.5. If anyone does want to use it starting with whatever those games are next week, you should have this installed while using 4.4. I was planning to release the new version within the next few weeks, but I had already been finishing up new features in it a while back and so I have to finish that too. If anyone plans to sue it any time during
  7. I think confirmedDelete() does too, right? I added in the csrf check a lot of places last year, only to then go through IPB files and figure out it is actually already done most places I change a state in.
  8. Eh, I never planned to update this, but I a about tempted, in case I want it for something myself. I had some pretty unique stat ideas in it.... main problem was bloating and from a code standpoint repeating the same type of code rather than reusing. I haven't done any programming whatsoever since the ncaa tournament got canceled. lol. Deciding whether to fool with this, do my version of tournaments app again, finish a feature in my pickems app, or do a custom app next.
  9. I wonder if it's a bug. I thought the software was set up where it would change the color based on whether or not multiple usernames had the same first letter on the same page? Maybe not, but I thought that was how it worked.
  10. Here we go again with an outbreak here and them hiding where it happened. People at an assisted living home got it and the first cases of it there were weeks ago and still some people haven't been notified AND county officials refuse to name which facility it is. If people really cared about health first, they'd be releasing info like that.
  11. Luckily my whole life has been not much above a self quarantine, anyway, so I am doing nothing different than usual. Watching movies (have watched almost 1,000 in the past few years that I hadn't seen before), being online, talking on the phone.... I have so many video games I bought in the past few years and never get around to even playing them. Somehow I can't ever get in the mood to play. I'm so bored, though, I may have to get back to finishing an app feature I was almost done with and think of some new apps to make, just to pass time... Oh and I did a lot of fantasy baseba
  12. I just saw Washington curves based on best and worst case scenarios and even the worst case one shows cases dropping to almost none barely after June 1st. That would be nice. I highly doubt there will be 100,000 deaths in the country. I guess if there's not people will say "well there would have been, but quarantining worked!", even though most people aren't following quarantining recommendations. In my area they had to close some parks starting to day and they are mad because so many people kept gathering in parks. lol. Seriously they are legit mad in their wording about people going to
  13. Someone was telling me earlier she saw that this virus is basically a mutation of SARS and that really a lot of blame for the current situation goes to countries not being prepared for it, even though the previous outbreak was like 15 years ago, ie they have had that long to prepare in case something like this happened. Also some think sloppy handling of test cultures by the Chinese caused the seriousness of the situation. edit: yep… it's called SARS-COV-2. covid-19 is more to describe the outbreak itself and media conveniently not usually mentioning it's just another outbreak of SARS, th
  14. I didn't read the whole article thoroughly or know what the law was, so I can't say for sure. I'm guessing, though, they probably cherry picked and didn't go after others. Also, like a commenter said, if they were going to arrest him, they probably should have charged everyone there. Then again, maybe the law is more towards organizing big events rather than attending them. Not sure.
  15. Please show us where any of them said religion should give them preferential treatment. This topic is about the corona virus, not blanket statements about the religious. 🙂
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