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  1. Midnight Modding


    Do some of them have an indicator, where you know how soon you better go ahead and shut down? I would assume they would. I'm surprised my pc still holds up. I have had to hold down the power button and force it to shut down countless times because either quick power outages put it in a state where it was making all kinds of noise and not working OR windows freezing up and ctl alt delete not working. And lately I've even had probably 5 or more BSOD. Then last year windows wouldn't start up, I tried everything I could think of, then finally realized I could delete the hp partition of backup (no other choice) and install windows in it. Also, for years it made crazy noises all the time. This is partly why I am rushing to build a pc. lol.
  2. Midnight Modding


    ok thanks. I don't know if I misunderstood that guy or if he misunderstood what they are for. I may have just assumed.... because I had mentioned to her that I couldn't do my work I needed to be working on. i thought that was what she told him and he said he was surprised I didn't have one of these. But probably what happened is she told him that I was hoping I had saved my work, ie why one of these would have helped me not need to have that fear. 🙂 I've had quite a few off and right back on power surges in the past month or two, and I have a kuro elite tv/monitor where every time that has happened lately I had to flat out unplug it and plug it back in to get it to come on again. The power button wouldn't work and the master power on the back (kuros had those) wouldn't work, So this would come in handy for that tv and this pc.
  3. Midnight Modding


    Thanks for the details. If it only keeps devices working for a couple minutes, what's the point, though? Other than if it's one of the quick flickers of off/on power or to give you time to shut everything down. The way this person who recommended one was talking, it seemed to me he was implying it would keep you able to work for hours. But maybe i misunderstood.
  4. Midnight Modding


    What is a general idea of how much can be connected to them (ie, what about tvs, blu ray players, etc...) and how long before the battery is dead? I'm going to assume it varies and will look at some descriptions and specs, but I also wonder how accurate their claims will be on their product information pages. I have so many coupons, gift cards, and greatd eals I could do today if I can figure out what to get, be it this, a cpu, gpu, motherboard.... router. I'm trying to figure out what all to buy. lol.
  5. Midnight Modding


    Thanks. I'm going to start reading up on them. I hate making bad choices on purchases, so i end up reading and reading to find the right one. I need to figure out what would be overkill for me vs. what would be going too cheap, etc... In a way I feel like I shouldn't get one because of how rare power outages are, but it sure would have come in handy last month when I had to stop doing anything and just sit here for like 12 hours. Luckily, I had saved my work before it each time. I'm actually surprised I have always had everything saved, because we had just quick 2 second outages a few times that made my pc restart and I just happened to not be doing any work. I assume I can set up auto saving, but like you said parts could get ruined in a power outage, as well, so saving isn't the only issue.
  6. Midnight Modding


    No, not the delivery company... Is there anything I should know about uninterruptible power supplies? Somehow the existence of them flew right under my radar until now and recently I had my power go out twice. My neighbor told me her son was surprised I didn't have one, but the way she worded it, I thought she meant a file backup program. Now with an article advertising a deal today on a UPS I looked at it and realize this is what they were talking about. 🙂
  7. Midnight Modding


    Unless you're using the exact same model of RAM and cpu and motherboard, it wouldn't matter, as there are many people with each speed that have it work fine and there are many with each sped that have problems. Again, manufacturers told me not to expect it to run at its best on AMD cpus. So believe what you want about me having some agenda, but criticizing someone for listening to manufacturers is pretty ridiculous. G.Skill, Asrock, and AMD have ALL three stated if an exact model of RAM isn't on a motherboard's QVL then you can't assume the memory will work at its listed speed on it. This is far different than the few issues on intel. In a rare case, someone may have memory issues with intel. For amd, anywhere you look people are having issues. It's not just a case of searching on google. You can go to any forum on the matter, reddit, anywhere and see it and you won't find many topics about RAM not working properly on intel. Why do you think G.Skill made a big announcement late last year about RAM being available that was optimized for AMD? Because so many complained about issues with previous RAM when using with amd.
  8. Midnight Modding


    Look it up. It was not just some rare cases, it was widespread issues with people being able to get anything running anywhere near 3000 or 3200. And, again even the manufacturers tell me not to use it on amd if I want it performing at its best. I also got an amd gpu, only to find out later that a program I want to use doesn't work properly when using it.
  9. Midnight Modding


    Sigh. I know what speeds they say they support. In reality, for amd processors people have had tons of problems, as I said. It's not as simple as "it says it supports 3200, so I'm fine". For intel mostly you can do that, but not for amd. As I already said, manufacturers have said the same thing... they can't guarantee it for amd. Also, the irony with that last statement is I am the one always telling people that.... Others are telling everyone wait until next year and I point out they say that every year. In this case, however, it's the fact that it may only be a couple months until another intel is out.
  10. Midnight Modding


    Some people say enabling tje profile immediately has it running at the listed speed and some say it doesn't. So it must vary. I do have samsung b die, which is supposedly known for working well with ryzen, though. I passed up a great deal for the 2700x during ebay's sitewide sale, because I just couldn't bring myself to risk one from a store not authorized as a dealer... Multiple people have said AMD doesn't ask where you bought from, though, so maybe I should have done it!
  11. Midnight Modding

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    I never thought about why someone would use multiple monitors, but it's pretty obvious now... and it does get annoying switching between multiple programs on 1 monitor when working on something. And I bet it comes in really handy for gaming, but I don't pc game.
  12. Midnight Modding


    yeah I know. I wasn't saying the size mattered. I only mentioned the size in order to point out it would be a lot of money lost if it doesn't perform well. It's 32gb trident z 3200 CAS15 samsung b die. I'm just worried it would perform poorly enough to where the extra money spent to get that quality would be wasted. They seriously told me that if i wanted it to perform well with AMD, I'd need something on the level of an asus x470 that is on sale for $299. No way I am spending that on a mobo. And even that isn't listed on their QVL. They list solely intel ones. So it's either buy it and risk it, where obviously none of this is returnable, get an intel 8700 or 8700k, or wait and hope the 9700 and 9700k release this year (and hopefully 8 cores). And I'd prefer not fooling with a cooler and thermal paste and intel is known for using horrible ones.
  13. Midnight Modding


    Sigh. I had already bought 32GB of RAM and even though everyone online claims it will work fine with a 2700x, G.Skill says I'd have to get a high end motherboard for it to work well with AMD. So I don't know what to believe now, but if people on forums are wrong, it's not like they can undo my big loss in money if I use it with AMD and it doesn't work. I mean.... if you go by the QVL, there isn't much even listed for AMD motherboards. Barely anything is actually designed for AMD.
  14. Midnight Modding

    my grief

    I've brought up the difficulty of searching private messages before. I have one conversation on this very site that has 4,138 messages and another that has 1,822. When I want to search them, it's pointless because all the search does is show conversations with the search term(s), then clicking the conversation doesn't take me to the relevant messages, it just takes me to all messages in the conversation and nothing highlighting the ones that matched the search. I'm not even complaining, just saying it would be a very helpful feature to me if it were easier to get right to messages I am searching for. 🙂
  15. Midnight Modding


    I know I didn't officially add it. I can't remember if I added ability to make more than1 bet on the same matchup/event, though, so will have to look back. That would be the same thing, only they just wouldn't be listed as one bet. I could add it in, though. Also, I always meant to add in on where you predict a sequence. Like first, second, third for horse racing. In horse racing, if you bet on the right top 3, but they finish in the wrong order, do you still get any winnings at all? I wonder if it's different in different countries.