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  1. We have tooooo many clubs

    clubs are set up differently than the various apps, so they'd have to change the overall structure, but I do think they probably should alter it to be able to put some of these features in.
  2. Kitchen Sink

    I need a literal new kitchen sink.
  3. Sheets?

    To sleep on.
  4. Sheets?

    How is this for way off topic of forum stuff? lol. I am wondering if anyone thinks some set of bed sheets are especially good. I have costly sheets, but need a new set and am deciding whether to get the same thing or not. I thought about trying boll and branch, for instance, but I do find some negative reviews about those, like anything else. Usually that they are too thin and some even say "too" soft.
  5. Basic Points (Support)

    ok, thanks.
  6. A Lot Of Typing

    I typed that, saying I need to take tons of breaks, then I sat here for 4 hours straight working on my app and took probably a whole 2 minutes of breaks during it. I've got to flat not do that... but when I get in the middle of making something I hate to stop in the middle of what I am doing. Up until this year I worked that many hours or more with no breaks and no big deal, but I better be careful now. edit: me typing long posts on here is actually worse on my hands than working on the app, though. lol.
  7. Basic Points (Support)

    Just curious if you store the points in the members table or elsewhere, in case I want to integrate it with various apps. I usually just make my own points app, but even then I tried to have them compatible with other people's points apps.
  8. A Lot Of Typing

    I wondered if indeed there was a good way to strengthen hands. I'm starting to have more pain actually on my arm "near" the wrist, which I think is partly due to needing to strengthen hands and also the position i hold my hands in when typing. I'm about to the point where I will have to take VERY frequent breaks and also probably will buy large print keycaps and different colored ones to have certain keys stand out, since my vision sucks and is making me lean over more. Actually, though, the physical therapist did test my hand strength and it was supposedly not too bad, but I definitely could use more strength there and my arms as well.
  9. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    Most annoying part of facebook and twitter is you have to go through a lot of garbage to get to anything you care about. On forums, you can judge quickly which topics you care to read.
  10. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    yes, like I said, it was simple, but it was the only place to go where there were active conversations about any movie or tv show you could think of. It's not easy to get sites active enough. As for moderation, no matter how a site is run, someone will think it is moderated either too leniently or too strictly. It had far less trolls than many sites I have seen.
  11. Betting

    Still quite certain I will get this done. Probably in February. At worst, i want it done before the ncaa tournament starts, which is March. So I really need to get it totally done by the end of february. I like using it myself for making picks, so more reason to motivate me to get it done in time.
  12. A Lot Of Typing

    Everything feels great today. if only I knew why. lol. I did spend less time at the computer yesterday and tried my best not to bend down as far. Enough breaks is clearly going to be important if I flat have to have the bad posture.
  13. Team Talk: What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

    Nice entry (and cute baby).
  14. A Lot Of Typing

    Thanks for all the suggestions. As for being hunched over, all I can really do is think of ways to cut down on it as much as possible, but I doubt I'll ever end up with truly acceptable posture because my vision issue is such that it can't be corrected enough for up close work to really solve it. (can't be "corrected" for any distance, but I mean for close up nothing really helps at all) One thing I have noticed, lately, though, is even literally 2 or 3 inches change in a position can make a very big difference in how my back/shoulder are. I kind of think my best option as far as the hunching over is what we discussed about arms to adjust where the monitor is. I guess all I can do is try everything I think of and see how close it gets me to a normal position. Yesterday and today it's been much better, though, and I have more plans on some things that can help!
  15. A Lot Of Typing

    This has become a total nightmare. Even if I am not doing programming, my back/shoulders/neck have been constantly the worst ever for days in a row. I flat can't work like this and I'll lose an important client if I don't figure it out fast. I am mostly venting. I doubt anyone could really have any more ideas other than what has already been discussed and I already know a ton of exercises for those areas and went to physical therapy for 2 months. In the past, playing basketball is what kept triggering this stuff, and I'd just take a break for a couple months and would feel great again. I haven't played basketball in almost 4 months and everything is the worst yet! I "think" the keyboard is causing it because if I do have to look at it, I have to lean down more than with the past one. I generally have muscle memory for the keys, but occasionally I do have to look for a particular key... I guess some I use less I forget where they are exactly. lol.