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  1. Probably going to do a tournament/bracket format choice.
  2. This sucks. I flat can't decide how much internal space I would want, so I can't buy the ssd. I really use most stuff externally, but internal is good for when it's something I don't "need" externally so don't have to waste time transferring it over.
  3. yeah I am definitely going to stop paying any attention after I build. I normally buy prebuilt pcs and don't get even close to top of the line and I still make them last 5+ years without adding any parts. So as long as I don't run into actual legit issues over time, it will be a long time of me ignoring new parts. (other than maybe external ssds). Main thing I've got to decide is do I care more about a lot of ssd space internally or externally. Obviously, externally is much easier to expand later to very large totals, if needed. And I actually don't "think" I need a lot of internal space. Only thing is if I use external, it's more moving around files and slower than internal.
  4. I didn't know anything about it, but Edge itself has always been faster than most browsers I've used. Btw, what does chrome do that makes it so resource intensive? It's the browser known the most for that. I've never really looked into it. It's been ages since I've even used chrome, as well.
  5. No demo yet. Kickoff is hardcoded because someone funded the app being made so I made it how he needed first. Plus, typically people don't do pickems for other sports except maybe for playoffs, but I will probably do something to make it be able to sue other wording. I was already going to make a points system of my own and integrate it with that and yes probably integrate it with existing ones, would just have to see where they are storing the point totals. I somehow missed these posts being here until now. Also, I was actually meaning to raise the price back up. I may temporarily leave it down, but eventually it is going back up because other pickem apps have seemingly always been around $50. Btw, I am still strongly considering putting in a bracket pickem type for things such as the ncaa basketball tournament. Just feels like I am getting it too close to how my betting app already was in the past, but many do consider brackets to be pickems, so it would fit for this type of app.
  6. well, I am a step closer to getting something... I jumped through those hoops I mentioned. lol. Short summary: up to once per month I get deals of $50-$100 off products at certain sites. I was waiting for a good one for a site that had ssds. While waiting, a non-pc item I recently bought from amazon was available on a site I could get $75 off at. I did that deal and now will return the amazon product. So it's basically like I am saving $75 on a ssd now. This is a big reason it took me so long. I keep trying to get good prices. lol. But it backfires because it takes me so long that then other parts I bought would have come down in price naturally. Anyway, back on original topic... I still can't figure out if I'd be better off getting 3600 16-18-18 RAM or keep the 3200 15-15-15. If you do the math for latency, based on that first timing, they are almost the same. But SOME tasks are faster based on the frequency. So "probably" the 3600 would still be the better kit, since the 3200 doesn't beat it by "much" in any area? So maybe it's worth getting the non-Samsung RAM since it goes on a very low sale price of $160-$170 for 32gb? I could sell my 3200 kit for that much since Samsung b die commands money. edit: uh oh... I just read an article that said ssd prices are expected to go up in 2020 instead of down because demand is going to be higher than supply, whereas in the past year or two supply was a lot higher than demand. So I better buy soon. Although, with the Samsung 980 line coming out I'd still assume they could be wrong for the current ones.
  7. Well, the Samsung 980 is out... They say to expect "more information" in quarter 2. not waiting until April or later just to get info on it. Even though I think ssds in general will go down in price, I'm not so sure the Samsung 970 line will go down much soon because look at what happens... all thy did is lower the price to $200/tb and so everyone is selling out of it. if the market snaps them up at that price there is no reason for them to lower it more.
  8. One thing's for sure, it would be mighty unlikely anyone has to replace one of the recent ssds for a longgggg time due to exceeding how many writes it can handle. If they can get all of the other potential issues to be less and less likely they'd sure hold up a long time. I forget what the absolute highest TBW on any ssd is, but I know I've seen 1200 on some.
  9. every Samsung product I've owned or had a relative own had an issue of some sort, but the problem is for ssds everyone else (except intel) is even less reliable, it seems. Main companies I want nothing to do with anymore are hp and wd. I'd "rather" not get Samsung if only there was another choice with the same performance from a big name brand. I've heard of people saying they had an ssd fail quickly, which sucks because that's one of the main points of getting one (along with speed) is them supposedly less likely to have issues since they don't have moving parts... But in reality they have a lot of other possible issues. Eh, I can jump through hoops to "sort of" get this ssd even less today than had I done that other deal. It basically involves returning an item I bought from amazon and buying the same item somewhere else with the cash back deal I was "hoping" to be able to use for an ssd. then with the returned amazon credit buy the ssd there, all said and done it means I'd be saving $65 on the ssd. Just trying to decide if it's worth all that trouble or if I should wait a couple more weeks. lol.
  10. I would think so, especially with pcie 4 ssds on the market, but who knows how quickly. I really must build by end of feb. I think I am going overboard waiting on low prices, but what happened is I have spent way above what I planned (over $2k when I planned barely over $1k). But this mishap last night was really only going to affect price by such a low amount.... I think I need to set a definite date to buy the part by and then if it doesn't go lower by then, go ahead and get it. Prices still are high if you think about it compared to hdds, though. 7200rpm hdds are about $40/tb and the evo plus is $200/tb. It really should have come down even more by now. Even off brandfs are $100/tb. Btw in a way it probably makes sense to just have a fairly low amount of nvme ssd space and then get sata ssds for the rest, but I am just trying to take advantage of having one of the rare mobos that let you run 3 nvme ones at 3.0x4 without gimping the gpu. Gamers, in particular, would be fine with sata ones, but I don't really game on pc. I weas thinking more about productivity work. edit: hmm maybe I answered my own situation by mentioning sata ssds. the reason I was going to geta 2tb ssd to fill that slot is where I wouldn't later regret not having more space... But I'd still have all sata ports left,m due to not putting any hdds in. So if I WERE tio run out of space later on, I could put in some sata ones... so maybe I should get the 1tb one. Just more convenient to have a lot of space in one slot, though.
  11. edit: shortening this up... bottom line technical issues of some sort were messing me up when trying to purchase the 2tb and I took it as a sign to wait for another day and see if the price goes lower, but really I should have just gone ahead and bought it because it was a 1 day deal so it may backfire now and slow me up.
  12. nah. I can't let that happen again. I will not wait past February because for real I'd be getting too close to the 2020 ryzen releases then and I don't even want to get tempted. lol. That 3950x came out at the end of last year and I was even tempted by that, but have forced myself to resist. 🙂 I'm just making that last decision on ssd, which nobody can help me there because nobody can know what a person will need in storage space. I just have to decide. If I want to go with a 2tb, I "probably" should go ahead and get that today. I'm kind of thinking 1tb is enough, though, given that I'd have other ssds as well. Then whatever I do on that determines my RAM purchase because I have newegg credit, so if I don't spend it on an ssd I might as well get the RAM or a monitor.
  13. Now I can get an extra $50 off the 2tb one, but that barely does better than offsetting the tax... Still thinking. This is really the main decision I have left is that final ssd decision.
  14. Even now on good sales the Samsung nvme ones usually don't go much lower than $200 per tb, whereas other brands are around $100 per tb. In fact you can even get pcie 4 ssds for less than Samsung pcie 3 ssds. I was tempted by those, but probably just going to get pcie 3 ones. The 2.5" ones have come down, although probably still Samsung ones are higher cost than others there too. One of Samsung's external ssds is $700-$800 for 2tb! (the x5).
  15. crucial is what I am leaning towards for an external one because their x8 is about twice as fast as the Samsung t5 if using the proper port types (and I don't want to do it myself via an enclosure). I assume crucial/micron is trustworthy as a brand, as often as I hear about them. yeah that's a lot of space for a notebook. or for me, it's really a lot for anything.
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