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  1. Midnight Modding


    Not meaning to bump, but planning to get to work on this in the next few days and so last chance for feature suggestions. Just to remind about my previous version's features: you could bet on matchups with more than 2 teams/chocies. used a built in point system or a separate one you selected. I came up with "free bets" and "big bets"... free ones where members without points could make a few bets per month. big ones were ones where the payout ratio was higher, good to use when you were extra sure you made a good choice. contests... similar to pickems, where you could add however many matchups to it and whoever did the best picking would win the contest. brackets... for ncaa tournament, nfl playoffs, mlb playoffs, nhl playoffs, ncaa basketball playoffs, nba playoffs, etc... where you fill out the bracket of who will win. Then the best predicter wins. for betting, you could enter the spread and thens elect whether the best have to be straight up or with odds involved, ie cover the spread. Some ideas I had fore the next version included selecting who finishes first, second, third…. which would be good for horseracing and also better implementation of spread and odds. I think also I originally made it where you had to select the matchup winner, how much they won by, AND which team won the matchup (manually selecting it absed on whetehr you used odds/spread or not). I later changed it, I believe, to where all you did was enter the winning team and by how much and it automatically then determined who won the matchup for betting purposes. I am also going to make a fantasy app or MAYBE add it to this one, but not sure yet whether to do that and sell it or use it only for myself.
  2. Midnight Modding

    Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I am finally starting on sports-related stuff within the next few days. and have of course done similar stuff to this in the past (my betting app, plus updated the pickems app on a past version). I was probably going to update my betting app and just have it where you could turn off various features to where it would be just pickems, but I could possibly make a separate pickems app... It's just hard to know if there is enough demand or not (even for my betting app, but I am doing that one regardless). You didn't use a point system, if I am not mistaken? It was just straight picks and the one with the most correct picks wins, right? Anyway, I'd say if I were making it as a standalone app, I could probably get it done in a month or so. My betting app I am assuming wil take me a couple. No matter which apps I do, I am going to be fast now because of the countless (hundreds and hundreds) of hours of work I put in getting everything figured out for the custom tournaments app I finished.
  3. Midnight Modding


    Man, I'm already bored while not working on an app, so I want to for real make some more soon just out of boredom. I had to do almost everything you can dream of within the 4.x system for the private one I made, so it should be fast except I have to take breaks due to my shoulder and wrist issues... I'll probably work more on the betting one first because it's harder to work on the tournaments one until I am sure the client doesn't find any bugs in the private version, ie I need his version installed on my test site for now.
  4. Midnight Modding

    Team Talk: What's your favourite movie?

    That is another one where I never got around to watching it and finally did (I think 2 years ago) and met the woman who played the girl in it. There are still a lot of classic movies I haven't seen.
  5. Midnight Modding

    Team Talk: What's your favourite movie?

    I never got around to watching Fargo (the movie) until either this year or last year and I liked it a lot. What's weird is I used to never watch movies.... I bet I went over a decade watching no movie. Yet now in the past 7 years I've watched over 1,000, I think. (I actually started keeping records of them to remind myself what I've seen, but I accidentally lost the file with a couple hundred of them in it...)
  6. Midnight Modding


    Finished my custom app, but I'm not really receiving enough feedback to be able to know which app I will work on next. The tournaments one is the quickest to finish... would take me not long and have more features than the other one, but I have only 1 person really asking for it. The betting app I am doing for myself regardless. And then I have ideas for a couple more apps.
  7. Midnight Modding

    Team Talk: What's your favourite movie?

    For me, donnie darko, back to the future, and groundhog day. I hadn't even thought about it and realized my top 3 all have time travel. lol. I like many others without time travel, though. A comedy I like a lot is Office Space.
  8. Midnight Modding


    Not going to go advertising mine in another topic, but just as a warning to those still interested in tournaments, mine will be released with a lot more features before that one has them and if you delete the old tables, you'll be losing old data and also he apparently didn't change the app key, so there will be issues for people switching from one to the other. I think what I will do is release mine first with just the basic features like the other one, where I can pump it out there soon, and then I will release the new version with more areas soon after. I had been planning on delaying it until January, but now will have to get it out there quicker to compete. Sadly, most people will probably not see this and will get the other one, but oh well.
  9. Midnight Modding

    Video Tip: Preventing Spam

    No matter what I've tried, one of my sites had so many spam users join (on a site with zero posts from legit users, as I haven't even used it...…), I had to just turn off registrations. So then after that, they started spamming the "contact us" feature and I had to disable that. And this is the license I have to now renew for testing purposes, when I can't really use the live site for it.
  10. Midnight Modding


    ok thanks. hmm, well I guess I will likely still finish mine, since mine has other features and areas. If I were just starting on it or if the released one was the same, I wouldn't bother, but I already did so much of the app for the private version, I might as well finish it, I guess.
  11. Midnight Modding


    Is there still not a tournaments app released? I could get it finished in less than a month for sure, but I am also trying to push sales and need for supporting it off until next year. So if I were to release it soon, I'd probably just sell it on one of my sites to x number of people and then get it approved here and sell here around January 1st. Probably about same situation for the betting app except I haven't even started on it (much, anyway), so that one would take probably a couple months to finish. For ME, I don't need it for myself to use until March, though. And I doubt others need it before then, as there's an existing app with some betting features and also the (US) football season already over half way done.
  12. Midnight Modding


    I don't recall any of the people interested in this app being into baseball, but.... sweet! apparently the dodgers scratched Buehler from starting, which hurts the team right behind me in the standings. And he also has Scherzer, who also got scratched. lol.
  13. Midnight Modding


    Today's the last day of the mlb season and I have such a headache because I had to decide which strategy to use on my main fantasy team, where it's a close race. Sucks because a couple changes of mind on my decisions has probably cost me from finishing first. I am going to make a fantasy app at some point, but not sue if for only me or to release. I'm always unsure on all the legal details, for one thing. Of course I could have it just use points instead of money.
  14. Midnight Modding


    I made a version on here for 3.x and then what I have about finished for 4.x is a version for a specific customer. However, I am still planning to release one publicly.
  15. Midnight Modding


    For the betting app, how does everyone feel about adding things via the acp vs. adding them via the front end? The acp is always that extra level of security, but of course if people let non-admins add matchups, teams, etc... then you about have to have it on the front end, as well. In the 3.x versions, I had it ALL on the front end, really nothing in the acp except categories and settings, I think. I'm still not sure when I will get this done, but worst case I'd finish it by new year's day and tournaments app by then also, if its still needed. I MAY put one or both out sooner, as I know that's still a long time to wait, but just depends on various ituations going on right now. They have so much to do to create them, so may are reluctant to do them. One thing that's complicated, too, is for brackets….. having it set up to properly move the teams to where they need to go (and especially for double elimination). I'm basically finished with the private version, though.