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  1. yeah really NY should be the one place where they flat do something to keep tis people from going to other states, if quarantining is so necessary. I forget if I already posted this, but my neighbor keeps lecturing me for not wearing a mask or gloves and is trying to force me to do so and taped a mask to my door. What kind of person seriously thinks it's ok to try to force a neighbor to do something? And I don't think she herself has been wearing any of them either. lol. And out of the TON of times I have gone to the stores in the past 2 weeks, I have only seen a combined 5 people wearing masks and I don't think I have seen any wearing gloves. And a woman had me get her something off a shelf and she was wearing a mask.
  2. That is what's so weird is you'd think with so many staying home, people would be doing more and more online. But most fantasy baseball leagues aren't filling, forums don't seem more active, this girl I liked from The Voice hasn't picked back up in doing a lot of youtube vids... I'd say even people I follow on twitter are on there less than usual. As far as one's own forums, though, I can't say anything relevant there because mine have had nobody post on them in literally years. lol. I just have them because I make apps, I hate to get rid of old posts, and I kind of like my domain names. I am eventually going to just come up with new ideas for forums and switch them around.
  3. Hopefully the one coughing on groceries ends up having to pay for all of them. on a virus note, didn't someone say over 40% of the infected are hospitalized? It's actually 4%. Four. And that is the worldwide total. Not saying 4% isn't still bad, though. One in twenty-five is pretty big to have to be hospitalized over, but just not close to that bigger number. Also, the U.S. death rate is still around 1.5%, which is one of the lowest in the world, and "experts" have backed off of some bad predictions for how bad it's going to be here. Supposedly the top of the curve in the US is supposed to be in 2-3 weeks, but other than NY it hasn't been getting to be biggish nunbers.
  4. Oh boy isn't this just great. Someone tested positive at a warehouse that will affect the supply for grocery stores in my region. As if supply wasn't bd enough already. I maybe should rush there and get what's left that I need now, whereas I was going tow ait until next week to buy more.
  5. I've lived here for a long time and never seen so many people outside talking to neighbors and playing as I did today. ps you're really missing something if not reading those stories I linked to. One about a girl saying she wants to cough on Dr. Phil and another where a woman caused a grocery store to have to throw out $35k worth of groceries due to coughing on everything.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/college-student-licked-airplane-toilet-144958668.html and https://www.yahoo.com/news/pennsylvania-grocery-store-loses-estimated-035712933.html
  7. Oddly today the grocery store here was almost fully stocked on bread. Still no toilet paper.
  8. Reminds me of that annoying woman in the news who was sick and licking ice cream a few months back. Or Ariana Grande licking that donut, for that matter. Well, I made the most of my trip to the store. They had my bread in so I now have 3 full loaves with good enough dates on them, 2 weeks worth of milk, etc… and I was only in there about 5 mins. I have to return a movie tomorrow, but not go into the store part... ps the woman working at the place where you scan your groceries was laughing as loud as anything and talking loud with people all up around her as I passed by her trying not to breathe in... lol.
  9. I better not even tell my opinion on Thunberg or Hogg. lol. On topic of the virus, I think I am about to go to the store, which I was trying to not do as much.
  10. Someone made a very good point in the comments on that yahoo article I linked to. It's not right to refuse to tell people exactly where infected people have been or are now. It's totally in conflict with the "it's very important to keep cases to a minimum" claims when they won't tell you if you're in a neighborhood where someone has it. Sure you should act as if everyone ahs it, to be safe, but we all know people would be EXTRA cautious if they knew it was in their actual local area.
  11. I'm still wanting Brandon to comment on that last example Aiwa gave. lol. (and hate to at anyone to bring them into this disaster of a topic, as far as arguing...)
  12. People bored while quarantined should try latte crème oreo thins. so good. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume not the healthiest snack ever, given it saying right under the flavor that it's artificial flavors, but anyway. lol. they taste amazing. I got them to try when a lot of oreos were half price. Btw, everyone hear about this? https://www.yahoo.com/news/young-adults-kentucky-threw-coronavirus-100341846.html Some people (millennials, I think) threw a coronavirus party and someone caught it.
  13. Adriano is reminding me there used to be a lock modification for IPB where content is locked and I forget what you had to do to unlock it... I think a password or some secondary way too. I wish I could remember who made that because we talked a ton back then, but it's been so long I forgot his name. lol. I bet it's been 10 years. I remember it had an actual image there signifying that something was locked and I think you clicked the image, but it was beyond a spoiler tag. Also, I wish that guy Michael hadn't sopped making apps because he made some great ones.
  14. One thing someone allegedly called it got asked about in a press conference. I highly doubt people in Asian countries got all offended over a joke play on words. Another example of the media trying to make something an issue.
  15. yeah look at how far the childishness has gone, with that response above this one. lol. I didn't even say anything about apps and get thrown in as not part of the dev community. IPS should really start doing something to people like that one and Morgin for intentionally making things personal with insults like that. Also, not that I owe any explanations to trolls, but I sold around a couple hundred copies of 3.x apps here and someone partially funded me on the 4.x one here. Pretty pathetic and condescending to put people down based on how many apps or skins they add here, anyway. It's attitudes like that which are why the marketplace is so lacking. (also, since he does customs, you'd think he'd comprehend that not all work is on this site. I've had many happy customers on private apps.) That looking down on other devs is very common here. And a lot respond the same way on dev questions as they do in this topic, demanding you accept advice with no questions on why it's the best advice. Exactly like this topic. People with common sense know that good elarners ask questions rather than blindly accept. Luckily a few go out of their way to be helpful, though, such as newbie and Brandon.
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