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  1. I sure hadn't seen anything like this before... I was reading something on a forum site and got a firefox monitor message asking if I had an account there and notifying me that 40,000,000 accounts had been compromised there (in some past year). lol. (I don't have an account there and it's not an IPB site, btw). Since when did firefox give notifications of that type? I bet that will sure scare people from joining that site. haha.
  2. lol. I don't think I noticed that one, but they had another (apparently, anyway) mistake where they were selling an echo dot and something else with it (I forget what) for $7 after a coupon. I just decided not to fool with that one. Amazon could technically cancel them, though, when it's mistakes like that. Sometimes they do, because people mentioned that they give you a credit if they do cancel them out.
  3. I occasionally get some right around those prices. That's why I am so shocked, though... me going to concerts like that has apparently made me not realize just how expensive the shows are for the "most popular to young people" singers and groups are now. 🙂 I oddly saw Tom Petty, soundgarden, and the guy from stone temple pilots all in the years they died in... Too bad the only time I saw Tom Petty I was at the top of an arena and so it was echoing. lol. Bob Seger's is somewhere between $150 and $200 to be on the floor, not near the front. Also, around a decade ago I saw lynyrd skynyrd for about $30 and now they are about to be at that same place again and now it's well over $100 for just half way decent seats. I'd have to like someone a mighty lot to spend much over $100, let alone $600. lol. Oh and last time the rolling stones were here it was well over $100 for the seats at the TOP of the arena.
  4. I guess others found more deals than me because I just read that it was the biggest sales event ever, with over $6 billion in products sold...
  5. Umm... is this typical pricing for the "in" performers' concerts these days? I saw tickets to an Ariana Grande concert here.... not just front row tickets, but the "pit general admission" area.... are $599!!!!! Even floor tickets as far away as you can get are about $250. And here I have been complaining about the classic rock concerts I go to costing like $80-$100. lol. I wonder if they seriously sell most of the seats when prices are like that for such large areas of the arenas. (ps those are prices from Ticketmaster directly, not resale ones). edit: ok I do see the $599 ones come with some soundcheck "party" and q&a and all this other stuff, but still.... and the front floor section doesn't come with all of that and those are still $400+. lol.
  6. yeah in past years I got free trials. this time I was offered a $1.99 1 week one, so went ahead and did it. if not for the trials, I would have only done it if I saw a definite deal I wanted first. I'm kind of curious to see how well amazon did or didn't do this year because it just didn't seem like as many good deals. oh they had one deal where it was an echo dot and something else for a combined $7, but I think it was a price mistake... I didn't bother doing it myself, anyway.
  7. Anyone get much of anything? I'd say I got the least items I've gotten on any Prime Day, HOWEVER I got over $120 in credits for simple things such as gift card purchases, a whole foods purchase, and setting a certain card to default. So it was good in the end... just not for items. Now had I still needed a ps4 pro or switch.... there was a GREAT deal on the ps4 pro at amazon and a great switch deal at Newegg... But I already have both. Over time, Amazon hasn't really had as many good priced items as it originally did... but occasionally it does.
  8. yeah, sorry about that. I really did want to get it done long, long ago. I was mainly posting, though, to tell how to get enough of it removed where this one will work, but then realized you already did it.
  9. I made the old one (got slowed up finishing it for 4.x and haven't yet released publicly.) More than likely it will be a bit involved undoing it because I think this app uses the same app key. edit: Oh I realize now you said you already got this other one installed, so you must have done what you need to. For others, I think mainly you just need to delete the row in the core_applications table that has tournaments for app_key and then I think when installing this app you can set it to automatically dropt ables that have the same named, but you might as well just drop/delete all tournaments tables beforehand. It probably won't hurt much leaving the lang but rows or setting rows. Also, the members table had some columns added, which don't have to be dropped, but could be. In my 4.x one I moved them to a new table. Would obviously be easier to use an uninstaller, but since I haven't publicly released a 4.x version yet, there wouldn't be a way to do it that way yet.
  10. And, btw, I agree I should not ever do this again.... buying a part hers and a part there. But now that I did do it, I am waiting 1 month to get the new cpu. From now on I will buy parts more at the same time. I did it this way to save money by getting good deals over time, but what happens is obviously in that amount of time better parts come out across the board, so then either your build is closer to being obsolete or you have to sell and purchase new parts, ie losing all the savings. 🙂 Since I do have to get a different cpu and mobo regardless (already sold mine), I could just as easily get the current intels, btw. But I don't think it would be a good idea because it would end up costing more than the upcoming chips and I don't like the idea of having to get and install aftermarket coolers on a first build, either (plus that extra cost).
  11. I simply asked people for their opinions on which to use. I am not obligated to do anything other than what I feel is right for my situation, however, nor is there a right or wrong answer. It's also odd timing to say that, since I already said I made my decision that I am getting a cpu and building in early July, so everything about waiting for next year's or some future year's is moot now. (Also, just because knowledgeable people here said build doesn't mean knowledgeable people elsewhere agree. Many say wait, also. There will never be a consensus on pc decisions.) My decision now is not when to get it, it is which I will be receiving on July 7th. I was simply asking opinions, but it's like with products or movies or anything else, good to hear opinions, but which choice is right comes down to the person purchasing. Too bad I did make a decision, because if I were to wait for the intels later this year, it could be said 3 generations have come since I bought my first part. 😛 I originally thought of building with the intel 7700 or 7700k. This all started from when I was talking to Jungle about my pc not working 2 years ago, but I managed to get it working long enough to last me these extra years. Also, I explained before that I accidentally bought RAM that is up in the air as to what it will work on, because this is my first build and I didn't realize some things, so that slowed me up deciding what to do. I will probably just keep it at this point...
  12. like I said, this is different because getting all of my "other" parts just happened to take so much time as to have me ready right before a new cpu release. Wouldn't have been very smart to build with last generation only about 5 weeks from a new cpu release.
  13. keeping this short, after all those long posts. lol. Bottom line, I shipped off the 2700x so now I flat have to get either the 3700x, 3800x, or 3900x. That is my first decision, then motherboard... U;n really going to ridiculous levels of specs considering my normal usage.
  14. AMD's underwhelming reveal has me even more confused what to do than ever now. Leaks had claimed 12 cores, whereas it really has only 8. I believe even AMD themselves are only saying it's equal with the intel 9700k. Well the 9700k is only about 10% faster than the 2700x. So I'd be out $100 extra between selling my cpu and getting the new one and then the new mobos have insane prices on them, with even entry level around $200 and some are expected to be well above $500. And most say get the 3800x, not the 3700x. Well that would put me out almost $200 extra than keeping the 2700x, even before considering getting a new mobo. So I don't know. I want a pc where I won't be tempted to upgrade parts for a very long time. So I leaned towards getting the newest tech, but this feels like way more cost than it's worth for those low gains. And that's assuming amd isn't misleading with their claim that it's on par with the 9700k.
  15. I'm leaning towards the tournaments one first because so little has to be done to switch the private version to a public one, it's the quickest way for me to have a large app back on here. Should be much less than a month of work. The betting one is harder to judge and depends on which features are most wanted (ie if bracket contests weren't sued as much I could first release it with only betting and then add those in in an update) Either way, I'll be working on one or the other within the week. But if people said they want one or the other, it would speed it up because I'd know people are waiting on it.
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