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  1. Sigh. Now I find out the x570 mobos will have small, ie whiney, fans! And that the new cpus won't be out until at LEAST july. Figures when I finally make a decision I then find that stuff out. I'll probably use a b450 or x470 mobo and forget the new features of the x570. I'm even tempted to cancel that order out and keep the 2700x. After all I have gone through and picking a quiet case I am not going to get a mobo with a whining fan. I could call an audible and switch over to intel, now that I have cpu and mobo sold (assuming the guy even pays). lol. Only thing is 9700k doesn't have hyperthreading and 9900k is overkill and tooe xpensive.
  2. I keep asking if anyone wants it and next to nobody is responding. In the next few days I am back to open to work on an app and was thinking about it being this one, but look how many posts I've been making and nobody seeming interested. So I didn't set a definite date to do it. I myself 100% want it for my own use, so it's getting updated regardless. Justw as deciding whether to do it first or finish the tournaments one or do a whole separate pickems one for the people that wanted that. The main person I do custom apps for is going to stop using IB, so I will have more time to do these other apps. Also, I could just do some of the features on this and release it sooner, then update it for the other features, if people are mostly wanting a certain feature. Or someone could have me do custom work to get it done sooner then. Technically I am doing my point system app first, but that one will take literally 1 day to make if I don't add new features. That way I can integrate it into my betting app. So anyway, this one or the tournaments one, which one first, that is what I am deciding. 🙂 See, the thing is... I already finished a private version of the tournaments app, so I could finish a public version of that one quicker. Otherwise I'd for sure choose the betting one first. As it is, it's a tough choice.
  3. Sold the cpu and mobo already, so definitely building with the upcoming ones "unless" the date they announce in a few days is so far out to where I'd rather catch a deal on the same cpu I just sold without losing anything. I've got to force myself not to be tempted to wait on 10th gen intel. That is justw ay too long to push this out. Believe it or not, I basically broke even on parts, even though I bought them a long time ago. I bought them on a special deal that was $105 off and I got another $87 off in gift card discounts, $10 bacjk via a rebate, etc... So what I did here was lose my amazing deal, but cash-wise I almost exactly broke even and will get the newer tech for no loss compared to others. Now, as far as extra money I'll be out due to the cost of the new ones vs. what I am receiving for these sales, we'll see... I dragged this all out just trying to get good prices. lol. The time ahs come to where I cannot do that for the new cpu and mobo. I will buy those immediately upon release.
  4. I may have no choice but sell my 2700x quick before it goes down more in value and cut my losses there. A supposedly reliable source benched one of the new amd chips at approximately 300% of the score of the 2700x. It's some chip above the 3700x, so I would not buy that one, but the fact that it beats it by that much with 16 cores means the 3700x of 12 cores would likely be at least a 100% higher bench than the 2700x. Normally generation to generation is not that big of a leap. I mean should I really build with my current parts just to save less than $200 and build a couple weeks sooner when there is that much of a leap?
  5. they're announcing within a week the details on the next gen amd, so I am just being sure on that, since it's so close. By the way I got tons of good deals on the parts, so technically what I am losing is my deals, not actual money vs. the real costs. I'd have actually come out ahead on parts if not for how costly it is to sell on ebay. 🙂
  6. yeah, at least now I am down to a definite 2 choices. Either build now with 2700x, or build very soon as soon as 3700x is out. I won't go beyond that at all and I just can't really switch to intel now. I'd have to sell all parts almost. lol. one thing about the motherboards, though, the new AMD ones are going to work in older motherboards. However, they will obviously put some features in the newer ones to make people want to get the new motherboards. 🙂 I think I will surely have this built in June, finally, now the only real decision is 2700x or 3700x. I'd LIKE to go intel, but just too much changing needed there and buying a cooler etc...
  7. what sucks, though, is some think the quality of upcoming RAM will be worse because Samsung b die RAM is supposedly being discontinued. Someone told me I should hold onto it for that reason. But I am all over the place deciding what to do. I could get that one on the list and it not be THAT much slower than my current kit's listed speed/timings. But of course I'd have no idea what I'd be able to sell mine back off for. And now I sold the motherboard I was selling, but the buyer has only a low amount of feedback on ebay… so hopefully not getting scammed. He "seems" legit, but I did have someone else try to scam me out of something in the past, so a bit paranoid about it. I think next week is when AMD will officially announce their release dates and whatnot. So I'll figure out then if it's worth me selling my 2700x cpu. I really don't need a top notch cpu, anyway, but just hate not getting the best value at the time of building.
  8. And I think one listed on the list is on sale right now for $170, whereas for mine I paid about $340, ie twice the cost, about a year ago. The one I have is better, though, if it "does" work as listed. it's faster and with better timings. So I don't know... But I do know that my pc is about to drive me flat out crazy if I don't hurry and build a new one. You should see just how bad it's acting. lol. It will be working just fine and then suddenly out of nowhere it will keep locking up and take literally 5 minutes to do thigns that normally take 5 seconds. And the person who is going to help me build it won't be available for a little while... but I need to be getting my final parts and be all ready. I don't really think I should try it by myself sicne I've never built and my vision sucks. 🙂
  9. Thanks. That's what I should have done, but it being my first build I didn't realize there was even an issue. I thought you pick RAM, it works at advertised speeds on all mobos, finished. The listed speed is mighty close to the limits. I believe the mobo limit is 3466 and this is 3200. However, the RAM manufacturer says it's unlikely to have an issue getting to 2933 (I asked them about that speed specifically, because on some mobos even QVL RAM is shown to run at 2933 even if the speed listed is above that) and that basically if someone knows what they are doing in the BIOS they could still get kits running at their best. I'm still trying to decide, really. I could get a kit that is also 32gb and either 3000 or 3200 for a pretty good price, but I'd lose a ton reselling this, so I don't know... From now on, if I build another one, I will leave RAM until absolutely last where I am sure of my mobo and its QVL.
  10. so you're making it for release here (assuming based on the later distribution part of the post)? I've always wanted an app related to card games. Also, I kept trying to get the guy who made the Casino app for ipb 2.x to update it and he said he was going to, but never did. (that one was basically like arcade in that it sued already existing flash games and just gave points/credits based on scores, so he wasn't actually creating the games themselves.). Beyond the scope for the type of apps I make at this point.
  11. Any thoughts on what I should due since my RAM isn't on the mobo QVL? Part of me thinks I should get one definitely on it and lose money by selling off the one I bought long ago before I realized that not all RAM works well on all mobos. But people are mostly telling me I should try mine and see.... but that lowers resell value. I've ended up ihn mess after mess on this because I had never built a pc before.
  12. I didn't even know about the auto moderation option. My communities have been postless for so long, I haven't gone through a lot of features in a long time, but am trying to think of a new community idea and then will finally get to see what features I've overlooked for a while. 🙂 I've felt good about IPS' new versions in recent years. (ps now that I have finally finished apps for 4.x, I can say I am extremely pleased with the whole 4.x system for creating apps and hooks. I was dreading hooks and left them for last, but they are much easier than in past versions.)
  13. That's what I was originally going to do and is probably the smartest thing, but I figured I'd go with a secondary ssd to cut even more noise out by having a system with no HDD and also be using the strengths of a 970 pro more by having ssd to ssd transfers. (getting a much lower cost one for the secondary, though.) So I am paying more for less space than I originally was going to have... Probably a bad idea, but oh well. I technically could still change my mind, though, because I haven't bought the second ssd. Or I could buy a sata ssd for the secondary one (I think... actually seems like one m2 slot only takes a pcie one) and then wouldn't be gimping my gpu... I probably made a bad decision on mobo, too. I bought a b450 instead of the x470 that was rated higher. I think I am big time overthinking this all, though, as I barely ever use my pc for anything demanding. It's not far from the top of b450 tier, though, and due to various other parts affected it saves me $80 and allows n itx build. I felt the 32gb MAX for itx was ok in my situation. When I need more, it would be time to get a whole new build, I am thinking.
  14. lol. I have got to flat out come to a final decision today because some mobos go off sale. I have pretty much decided to just build it with the 2700x rather than have to sell off the cpu and wait for the 3700x... now I am just deciding whether to use an itx mobo or atx one. I'm going to use 2 ssds and the itx mobo limits the gpu to x8. The atx one doesn't limit the gpu, just limits the secondary ssd's speeds (as does basically any mobo). So really my main decision to make today is smaller build with more limitations or bigger build and pay more as well... Then after that I have to decide which ssd to get for the secondary since the speeds are limited on a second one. Then FINALLY build the thing before it's obsolete. lol.
  15. This is apparently my biggest problem. I have had literally 0 people post in years and years... that's how well I did at coming up with an idea. I'm hoping to eventually think of something that will be a more unique, focused idea. And my main site was a general site, so not focused at all... I did do a second site, which I thought had a nice custom skin someone made me (for free, too) and was a specific idea, but that didn't take off, either.
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