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  1. Would for me, too, but as far as the size of 27 inches that is what seemed to me to be the right size when I was looking in stores. I don't want one bigger, most likely, and a step down to 24 looked a bit small. I am going from a 20 inch that isn't widescreen, so I hope I don't feel weird when using a widescreen as computer monitor, since it's rare to find any that aren't. 🙂 Btw, I see all who have posted pics seem to like dark themes for editors. Maybe I should try that and see if it's better or worse for my vision.
  2. I think if doing the reset to keep files you don't have the option to reset it to a specific version. Unless I'm mistaken, I'd have to do it as a totally fresh install. Which I could do that, but would have the hassle of getting my files off of here. I'm also trying to figure out how to make it stop trying to "repaid drive D", which isn't even used, as I had reformatted it. I looked all through the boot menus and couldn't find anything. I assume there's a setting somewhere where it thinks windows 10 is still on drive D or something. I need to just build my other pc... But I can't 100% convince myself I have the ideal case and cpu.
  3. I got a 1070 ti and there is no way at all I need that... I don't game on a pc. I got it just "in case" I do 4k video editing. And I got 32GB RAM which no way do I need, but I guess if some really resource intensive programs come out in a few years I'd be glad.... Right now I'm using a whole 4GB RAM and have got by decently. lol. Because of my vision being bad, there are all of these other annoying things to consider when buying a monitor. I think I do want a 4k one, just for the option of that res to be there. I use a crazily low res usually, though, because of my issues.
  4. lol at how huge my Edge favorites menu is now. You should see the huuuuuuuge area of nothing to the right of all of the website names. I know it was not this big before the latest reset. Hilariously, every single reset has behaved differently than the previous one, with some new issue there while some past issues are gone. Microsoft clearly ahs major issues to work out with win 10 still. On a side note, I noticed some developer setting in windows. I wonder what that affects, exactly. The description is a bit vague. edit: see I tested scrolling a yahoo article and now that issue is fixed on this reset. lol.
  5. Now I'm about to get mad. It did exactly what I predicted would eventually happen. I had the pc awake outside of my active hours so it tried to install updates and again I was forced to reset the pc, redownload all of my stuff, change all of my windows settings back, add all of my favorites in browsers, etc... What it does when restarting or starting up is: 1. it says "scanning and repairing drive D" which is an area of the HDD that originally had manufacturer recovery files, but I temporarily had to put another copy of win 10 there 2 years ago when ANOTHER unfixable win 10 issue happened. I then later wiped out that partition and reinstalled win 10 in C. 2. it says 100% complete and then tried to start up windows 10 on drive C, as it's supposed to. Then it goes into some attempt to repair and says it can't repair and I then have to reset it.... and then it works as long as I don't restart or shut down. I can't deal with this nightmare much longer and I am so tired of all the windows 10 issues. Now in Edge the favorites menu suddenly is taking up almost my entire screen! @AndyFdo you still think it's likely to be something related to the network? If so, I don't get why resetting it keeps working and before I even put anything on it again at all, if I were to restart now it would go right back to messed up again. And of course now it's IMMEDIATELY downloading the windows updates again. I think you can stop it from doing this auto updating if you have the pro version and now I already bought the home edition. ps I don't think that "repairing drive D" is related to the issue, because it's been doing that for years. Although when it does tell me I can't get into windows it says drive D, even though windows 10 is on drive C. I can't even find out how to make it start ignoring drive D on startup, since it's part of the same HDD with drive C.
  6. Anyone have a 4k monitor? Some say the difference is noticeable on a monitor, but I also read that many apps aren't even compatible with the resolution. Due to how resolutions work on computers and my vision being bad, I'd probably just leave it in a lower resolution most of the time, anyway, then change it to 4k for a movie or something.
  7. No, but I'm wishing I got Pro for my new build, just in case I find any of the extra stuff useful. Rather than be risky in buying an OEM version or trying to switch my current win 10 to the new pc, I went ahead and bought the actual retail win 10 and just got the regular home edition. I got it with a $75 off deal, though, so should have just got the pro with the discount instead, probably... then I'd at least have more control over updates.
  8. Cool. It ahs updates it wants to install again. lol. Should I dare let it? I think I shouldn't... If the issue really has something to do with networking, it will just mess up again, most likely, and lock this up and make me have to once again reinstall stuff. I probably should try to keep this pc running until I build the other pc and then be done.
  9. Now check out this issue. lol. (I use the term loosely, because it's no big deal.) If I click on a page in an area that has nothing clickable, the cursor shows up there flashing like it does when you can type. lol. For instance, say there's an image in an email (not linked to anything) or an icon on a page, clicking by it puts the cursor there blinking. I've sure never seen that happen ever until now.
  10. It's Edge, but I've been using it and win 10 for years now and these latest issues just started after resetting for some reason. Could be possible I had a recent update that affected it, though. I think I had a windows update not long before I had to do the reset. And I don't think a reset changes the actual versions of win/edge. I sometimes use firefox. I am not totally happy with any browser. And that reminds me... firefox has frozen up more than usual lately, too. And I'm still not 100% confident in the parts I chose, so haven't built my new pc (mentioning because of the very low chance of maybe a hardware issue affecting some of this).
  11. Now I start typing messages (on multiple types of sites) and suddenly realize it stopped adding the words in the various editors on the forums, email clients, or whatever I am typing in. The cursor just sits there and no words show up anymore until I click again in the box! And on yahoo, in particular, like I said, it just randomly ends up back at the top of the page with no scrolling when I am reading articles. lol. I hope I am not this unlucky when I build the new pc. It's still going to have win 10, so probably a lot of the same issues will happen for me.
  12. As I figured, just simply typing in "ftp" in a search immediately had me find what it was. lol. WinSCP. Btw, look at this nonsense. ok, on a site you can download that program on, out of 184 ratings, only 7 give it below 4 stars. That's very good, of course, but check out some of the 7 1 star reviews... One says perfect, one says good work, and one says you can't delete files in it, which isn't true. That's almost half of the 1 star reviews making no sense in their ratings. lol. (and it's not the manufacturer's site, btw.) I see it's only for windows, though. For windows, some sites rate it as the #1 program, though, and I like it. FileZilla had more issues for me.
  13. Before all of this happened, my pc was constantly locking up when using edge and firefox, by the way (way before... as in probably a month or longer) and those seem to not be happening after resetting the pc. I was figuring it was hardware issues, ie parts about to go out, but must have been something else... I had done various scans and never found anything, though.
  14. that's what I used to use, but there were various reasons I switched to another similar one and now the name totally escapes me. I assume if I simply search for ftp clients I'll see it and remember. I'd maybe consider FileZilla again... but there were conflicting reports on whether or not you could get an installer to install it without adding unwanted software. Either way, I was slightly happier with the program I replaced it with, for one thing you could double click file names either on your side or the server side and it open them on your pc properly, whereas on FileZilla it would give an error on my side and not open at all on the server side. ok thanks. btw I did use ubuntu very temporarily when jungle mentioned it (when my windows wasn't working the LAST time..), but that is all I've tried and I barely did anything on it. I did notice how lightweight and fast it seemed, but was unsure if there is already good security on the various Linux actual operating systems or not, for instance.
  15. doesn't it really limit which programs you can use (without switching over to the windows one)? Speaking of programs... I can't even remember which FTP client I was using, where I can re0download it now. lol. And since I did two resets, the file it leaves behind telling which programs were removed isn't accurate anymore.
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