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  1. Betting

    My app allowed you todo all of that to an extent. Technically you add teams and bet on which one wins, but there isn't a limit of 2 teams.... so you could just name the team name "Middlesbrough To Win first". So it wouldn't be exactly perfect, but it would work. It would just look kind of odd because it tells the records, so it would have a record of something like 1-0-0 for a choice that isn't really a team. lol. The ideal way for you would be if you add the teams and then the choices are a whole separate thing. I personally used it myself in odd ways, though. I used it for people to bet on who would win presidential elections, for instance. haha.
  2. Betting

    Are you wanting to use it just to bet on individual matches or some sort of bracket contests? Maybe I could get a basic version den by then and then add the rest of the features later. It will be really hard to even get a basic one done by then, but it's possible.
  3. Betting

    Was there any exact date anyone wanted this by? It's tough tot ell when I will have it done because it depends on when I finish on my other app.
  4. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    Sadly, they mostly have. I still like them, though. It's just really hard to get a new one off the ground anymore. Most of the successful ones are ones that already had a fanbase from long ago. I couldn't even get any to be successful when I first started using IPB over a decade ago. Already back then, there were so many forums for every topic imaginable, that people would just go to those sites. And now twitter and facebook are what hurt forums. What really annoyed me is IMDB ditching their forums. I know they just had a simple custom setup, not anything like IPB, but that was a good place to discuss movies and there's nothing else like it. So a place actually has a reason to exist as a forum and then they get rid of it...
  5. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I haven't used any chat with IPB, since years back I sued flashchat, which I thought was very good, but I am going to assume it's either not updated for this version or maybe doesn't exist anymore at all, who knows... I did worry that it could be less secure than a more simple chat software, though. (edit: yeah, I can't find any recent news or version, so it must have stopped being updated)
  6. Tournaments

    Just saying... you involved yourself in my support topic discussion. If you're going to call me out on something, call out who started the discussion. I'm trying to get this topic back on track, even though I am probably not releasing a new version of it.
  7. Tournaments

    Wrong. You are trolling by your reaction to Aiwa's trolling. Also, I did not say he was "distributing warez". You assuming it was implied is your own fault. Also you're proving my point about the clique mentality, or you would have admitted the truth that it was uncalled for that kevin came in here trolling to begin with. You won't admit it because you side with certain developers. You don't ever have it in you to call out someone in your inner circle.
  8. Tournaments

    Wrong. You drew that conclusion. I edited it out where easily confused people, such as yourself, won't think that, as well. Aiwa and jungle are simply proving my point from earlier. This is a support topic. It's not for trolling me or advertising competing apps.
  9. Tournaments

    No. I did not say that. I said he offered to do what headstand says she can do. He was offering to let me use an existing app to get ideas for the tournaments app. I am unclear on details, so I am not saying he was doing anything wrong. Also, I am saying I am concerned it will go thatw at and headstand just said she can accept files from another customer, so clearly she thinks it's ok.
  10. Tournaments

    Eh, I didn't notice your line on reverse engineering. But you have to have a right to be looking at the app to begin with. Otherwise, it goes back to my point that IPS saying you can't just take someone else's copy of suite and look at it for your development work. This isn't a copy you purchased and are using to help with making your own version, it's an app that ahs a price attached and is not currently for sale, to boot.
  11. Tournaments

    Then stop posting links to warez sites and condemning them, as you have just said they have a right to share with whoever they want as you don't own the rights. Also I would love if you or Adriano would show many any terms, whatsoever, in marketplace stating that you're giving rights over to IPS and they own the apps. I see no such agreement, or any agreement at all, for that matter. Thanks. (also it's not really professional to be talking about this in this topic. this is a support topic)
  12. Tournaments

    I agree with you. My point is simply that, legally speaking, if the person is going to look at another person's app (whether it's to look into a feature to be sure they understand what was going on or to see table names and field names for conversion purposes), they should have to have a purchased copy. Otherwise, it is the same thing as if a developer is given a copy of ip.suite to develop for, which IPS has made clear is not ok. My app is not currently on the market anymore, so if he or headstand is going to make a competing app, he/she should have to get info from the person's database. Receiving shared files is no different than if one of you guys' files is distributed on a warez site. That is my only point as far as legality goes. I didn't bother saying how low it is, and breaking an unwritten code, for a third party developer to knowingly take it on at a time they know I had been working on it and trying to learn the framework of ip.suite 4. That's just a given and didn't need to be said and it did not surprise me in the least, knowing some people here and how they operate. You know, as well as I do, that several of you are a clique, who would never have taken on the work if one of you was the one who made the original app. It's being taken on for a sole reason, which you know. Anyway. There isn't much else to say at this time. Especially since the customers just got rude, I will not complete this app for a public version. If any customer does still want a version from me, PM me, and I will hear you out. Thank you!
  13. Tournaments

    First off, I didn't say "all". Second, I typed it, so you mean libel, not slander. Third, I am also talking about the trolling.
  14. Tournaments

    You're simply showing why I was smart to intentionally code in a way that makes it harder for third parties to work with it.
  15. Tournaments

    mrbowers already asked for pretty much the same thing. I am not saying I am giving any sort of permission for anything. I am just going to have to look into whether or not I would have a legal case or not. obviously, Kevin does not have a legally purchased copy of mine and there is no way to get a legally purchased copy of it currently. So, it seems to me, that it would not be legal for him to have it just because mrbowers decides to give him a copy. IPS does not allow developers to just go get a copy of ip.suite from someone else, to make their apps for, for instance. They are expected to purchase it. Third party developers on this site don't really care about rules, though. SO, like I said, I will just check into legality on it, but no I am not giving consent to anything at all that I have a right to withhold it on. If he wants to make one on his own, cool. But I know that's not how it works and he will be looking at a copy not legally purchased by he himself, to better understand concepts.