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  1. are you happy with movavi video suite? I originally was going to get that and saw some negative reviews on some sites and a good review on another.
  2. lol. I do that typo constantly and already had corrected it so many times in this topic and missed that one. Problem with that is I already bought so many parts to build a pc. I am definitely getting tired of windows, though, so I should have considered it. At the time I started buying parts, I didn't want to spend much, so a mac wasn't an option. But I ended up spending a decent amount in the long run.
  3. I had been looking it up and leaning towards it. One odd thing, though, is the company that makes both that and Camtasia had something on their website that led me to believe that if you may capture a long video, snagit isn't ideal and you should use Camtasia. There's not a limit on how long of a vid stream you could capture on snagit, is there? I was thinking I read there was no limit. ALso, I wonder how high of quality snagit and sharex can record. I know I read that OBS can capture in 1080p, for instance. Oh, also, another plus would be if you can capture from one window while doing something in another. One program I tried supposedly would do that, but I never managed to get it to work properly.
  4. Also too bad I didn't think about this type of software sooner... For some reason, some legitimate company as able to give license keys to an older version of Camtasia and snagit both for a combined $20... Thanks. Not sure what they meant by Greenshot not needing to be installed. (which I know you're talking about sharex, but apparently greenshot is what is used within it for capturing). edit: just to remind myself later, I also read some good things about OBS Studio. Only thing with free software is of course then nobody owes you support or fixes.
  5. is sharex a program you install or you have to use it online? I read that basically sharex has Greenshot in it. And then I read where someone said for Greenshot, you "don't have to install anything". So that's confusing as to what was meant by that. I am kind of doubting I'd need the extra features of snagit, but people do seem happy with it. I could just test sharex and go from there. yeah, most people reviewing video editing software will say "doesn't require good hardware" as a positive, and I think "well I WANT it to, since I wasted all of this money on good parts!" 🙂 Off topic, but I wish the company who makes the software IPS uses for the editor would fix the annoying issue in Edge where you have to click inside the editor twice before you can type... I contacted that company and they told me they have no plans to fix it.
  6. I haven't tried it yet. Waiting until I build my new pc, as this current pc is ancient tech. And I LIKE that da vinci resolve works best with good hardware, where hopefully I'll feel my cost on the good parts was worth it. lol. So I think the SMART thing to do would be for me to get my pc built and then try da vinci first (I started typing da vinci code, and luckily realized that's not what it's called. lol.) Also, after even more research I think if I want to use a free capture software you made a good recommendation with sharex, as I see many people saying they use it. So I will either use that or if I use a paid one will use snagit. I haven't seen anything stating if the video quality is better in one vs. the other, though. Sometimes the quality can be better or worse in different ones, apparently.
  7. Thanks. I was thinking of using the free version of da vinci resolve just to see how close it comes to having all I want in the free version. For paid versions of editors I would probably not feel I'd use it enough to be worth much above $100, though. And don't want to do Premiere Pro level of cost, either, of course. I think honestly that I had found out that even the full da vinci resolve was missing some features I'd like (possibly related to video formats), but apparently nothing is going to have everything I want.
  8. Has anyone used a screen capture program they like a lot? I have seen quite a few on here needing to use one to show tutorials and whatnot, so I know some use them. I could use one for that or to show bugs or for video or screenshots or whatever else. Tried one in the past that did ok, but I'm sure there are better ones. From researching so far, I am leaning towards snagit 2019... Only has 1 video export format, but I don't see much else negative about it. Wouldn't use one enough to be wroth ~$250 for Camtasia. For bonus points, anyone have recommendations for great video editors? lol. Had leaned powerdirector, but noticed you can't import .flv or .mov files. And every other program has a big con, as well... either slow rendering, can't burn to BR, bad effects, etc...
  9. What's funny is I haven't even done a thing on this app in well over a year and I am still determined to get just enough done to do a bracket in the next few days without even starting yet. lol. I'm going to just do the bare minimum to be able to get the app on a live site, have it where categories and teams and brackets can be added, picks can be made. And that's it. So then once submitting the picks they probably won't show anywhere in the beginning until I have time to add in that part. haha. Originally, this app took me literally hundreds of hours, but I think updating it won't be as bad as the last app I finished updating. Anyway, I will link to it when I get it done. The next problem is that the site I was going to put it on had so horrible bot spamming and people spamming with the contact us link, the site was practically unusable. IPS needs to have a solution for that type of thing, such as ability to turn off contact us, even if it hurts search results and whatnot. So, anyway, we'll see if I can do all of this in only a few days. Like I said, when only worrying about a few specific pages, it should be doable. If nobody cares to test it, I wanted it for myself, anyway. 🙂 edit: since nobody seemed interested, and I need to finish a custom app, I am just slightly delaying it, but am going to do it before the tournament ends where at least part of the bracket picking will be legit picks from ahead of time.
  10. ok I am for real going to start back on this and try my best to at LEAST get enough of it done to be able to use on my own site for picking brackets fore the ncaa tournament. I'll just put it on my main site at that point in case anyone wants to use it. The tournament stars around March 21st (main games after play in ones), though, so I don't have much time. lol. No clue if I'll have it where you can actually bet on matchups at that point because I am going to just try to get picking on brackets done first, since that's what is more time sensitive for my own fun of using it... I'm working on a second private app at the moment, but almost done with that and can fit this in as well. I always underestimate how many hours apps take, but just glancing at my old files, this app sure seems way more straightforward than my other apps... Hmm, I'll have to think what to do about points, since I haven't updated my points system, either. Oh, also, at first I can just make it where I add everything in the acp, which will save me a lot of time, too, so I really think I can get this done enough for using on my site soon. Then I'll finish the public tournaments app next. So I'd say in a couple months I'll have both of those done, as well as multiple private apps.
  11. No, I did, but once everything was uninstalled I forgot about it. I guess it could be worth a try. I'm pretty sure I do have hardware issues, whether this having to reset is related to it or not. I'm hocked none of the parts have stopped working totally on here yet. I've had this pc for quite a few years. It has an ancient video card and lately sometimes my RAM is used close to 100%. Years back I had windows 7 stop working on this same pc and I couldn't figure out any solution other than losing everything... only to later find out from the hp site it was a known issue where supposedly you could use ctrl alt del and close something... I sure thought I tried that on my own.
  12. But this started well over a year after I got rid of those. It is possible, though, that those missing files are why the startup repair attempt fails. But what I meant by that part you quoted is each time I reset, the reset is slightly different than the previous reset. Also, oddly, it keeps some of my settings, such as active hours settings, but reverts some settings back to default (that is probably intentional by Microsoft, but is kind of odd).
  13. I feel like I am in Groundhog Day (which I watched this week, btw). Again when opening a video (not even a 4k one this time), I had the BSOD and had to go through these hours AGAIN of getting my pc back properly. It takes forever to reinstall the apps and change settings back and do my bookmarks. I am going to at least save a copy of my bookmarks where I can import those next time... Also, just in case.... I once again tried the startup repair tool or w/e it's called, and yet again it was a waste of time, saying it couldn't fix windows. Windows 10 is just ridiculous. Most issues I've had since using it have even different from each other and very annoying. And very inconsistent... even thsese tiems when I have to restart my pc.... something is different every time, either the startup process or something within windows once it's reset. @Tarunthanks for the info. As far as installing win 10 fresh from a usb drive, that's what I did for my issue a couple years ago, so I know about that part and I still have the usb drive. Of course it's an older build, but I could download the most recent one. But I am just trying to avoid having to backup my files for a while. Any day now I am just flat out going to have to build my other pc. I am deciding whether to keep my case and also I don't have a new monitor for it yet. edit: ok now I stopped being dumb and backed up my favorites at least, where I don't have to keep remembering all of the urls and adding them back manually. lol.
  14. The other partition's windows was not working. If it is not working, you have every right to reinstall in whatever partition you want to on that same machine. It allows it (either with the license key or you can skip it) because it's the same exact hardware.
  15. yes I know that it's not meant for win. But my windows on the main partition stopped working and would not allow itself to be reset, so I was going to lose all of my files. I tried everything else. All the possible ways of fixing windows, installing a Linux OS and trying to access my files from there, etc etc... And there was no free partition left to install windows, so my only choice was to get rid of hp's recovery partition and use it for win 10 to get to my files. Only other option would have been taking the HDD out and connecting it to another pc.
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