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  1. Edit: Never mind, apparently my renewal lapsed. There's no indication of this in the ACP when trying to update.
  2. Are there any live sites running this that I might be able to look at? I could be getting the URL wrong, but I can't find an active section of @breatheheavy or @Unlucky sites running this. How is this working for people? I'm ready to purchase, but want to be sure this will work as smoothly as my current WP / WooCommerce setup (using single sign-on link from IPS).
  3. @Michael.J What value does the postbit use for labeling the item count? As you can see on the attached screenshot, it would be better for it to use the "single" version of the word because I only have 1 item in the app. It is currently using the Plural it seems?
  4. @Michael.J If a guest tries to add an item - with an image - the following error displays: ACP system log: backtrace:
  5. You answered it. With Wordpress integration, for example, you can push all product updates/addition/deletion straight from the Printful site to Wordpress, without ever leaving Printful.
  6. Can we also import directly from Printful?
  7. Thanks. Can you share a link to your site/store? Perhaps via PM if you don't want it public? How does new product pushing work? Does Printful 'detect' IP.Commerce & send items there?
  8. Hi @Adriano Faria I'm getting this error in the sidebar widget. It disappears when I disable this mod. IPS Version: 4.5.1 Calendar Enhancements Version: 1.1.1 I have run the support tool like it mentions. No problem found, and issue remains.
  9. Eagerly awaiting some reviews/feedback on this. Thanks @Adrian A. for taking this on!
  10. It looks like it's updated on his own site, but not in the IPS Marketplace yet. @Michael.J - will you be updating here to allow simpler updating with the new 4.5 ACP process?
  11. @Michael.J - Can you make a block that is responsive / acts like a carousel? For a small space? A block that could automatically cycle through items? I currently use your block, set to display 4 items, but on any resolution that is too small - the block looks bad.
  12. This is good, but if that's the case they should have a "check for updates" button on the plugins page too (imo)
  13. Gotcha, but I addressed this in the OP: As an FYI, I did open a ticket for a specific Application & it was resolved. No detail, just simple "I resolved it", and it did indeed detect the update. Another question - is it intended to not have a "Check for Updates" button on the Plugin page? Only the Application page?
  14. Sorry, I'm confused here. Opened up the marketplace, went to the plugin, clicked on 'marketplace'?
  15. I remember seeing the issue with the betas that application (and plugin?) updates may not be detected immediately. Admins could repeatedly "Check for updates" or run the equivalent task in Tools to force it along. I'm now running 4.5.1 (non-beta) - I still have applications that are outdated. I know this because when I click on the "Marketplace" link next to them, the Marketplace page shows a newer version along with the message "This resource is already installed and up to date" (even though it isn't). I've tried repeated "Check for updates"... There are still no up
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