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  1. So... is there more to the ACP update in 4.5? Or is the "substantial update" primarily new colors?
  2. KISS - "Keep It Simple, Stupid" Thanks @opentype Added a WYSIWYG with centered/italicized "All Events" under the Calendar Superblock. And a WYSIWYG with centered/italicized "All Media" under my Gallery Superblock. etc... Perfect! Works for both Mobile & Desktop.
  3. Any tips on where/how to integrate links to the actual pages represented by the blocks? Example: I have a calendar block titled "Upcoming Events". I'd like there to be a clear path/link to the actual "site.com/calendar" somewhere. I'm afraid mobile users, especially, may not be aware there is a full Calendar beyond the 5 (or whatever) shown in the Superblock. Same for Gallery / Forum / whatever other Superblocks. Any tips from other users? Or, @opentype, maybe we can turn the block titles into links?
  4. @Mike John, Is there a way to customize the wording for "Items" in member profiles? It should pull the value from one of the fields from the Settings, such as "Application Name", and use that.
  5. You rock @Mike John Thanks brother.
  6. I have the same. I've also posted this: https://www.devfuse.com/forums/topic/11789-unable-to-submit-support-ticket-no-pm-response/ Because I started a PM due to the server errors preventing support tickets. 12 days so far and the PM still shows unread by @Mike John
  7. Hi @Mike John How do I "rebuild" statistics in the footer? Example: I had 2 items with 1 picture each, and 1 modification. I deleted 1 item & the only modification. My Collections now have only 1 item, with 0 modifications. The footer still shows a total of 2 items, 2 images and 1 modification, even though they are deleted. Can the "modifications" counter in the footer be hidden when modifications are disabled? The drag-and-drop ordering of Fields only seems to work when viewing a submitted item. When adding an item, field order is scattered. Can you make the ordering of Fields match what is in the ACP in all cases - when Adding, Editing and Viewing an item? Can you add integration with Galleries? I would rather select an existing Gallery than add multiple images that exist only in Collections. Even though I have Modifications disable, I see "add modification" when editing an item. When I add new items, I get "your previous content has been restored" from previous, unrelated entries. Is it possible to rename the "Name" field?
  8. i echo this & fully agree.
  9. i disagree! there are a million mods & addons that show under the avatar already, last thing i need is another one! I like where this one displays :) this is great. always good to allow users the option of choice - best for everyone!
  10. suggestion: add a page in the "Credits" area that shows a grid of how credits are earned, so users know how credits are earned. (i tried to register on your site mentioned to post suggestions but could never get the activation email).
  11. thanks. i mean: Say i have member group "A" and member group "B". Should I: remove permissions to avatar changes for group "A" and "B" THEN add the "Change Avatar" shop item? otherwise - members can freely change avatars anyways.
  12. for the shop items: is there a tutorial? example: Change Member Title, or Avatar... etc. how do i make these work? do i need to RESTRICT these in my member group permissions first, to make users buy the shop items?
  13. anyone know about these?
  14. im trying to work towards that direction. im looking at a 1:3 ratio for dollars:credits, people like to feel richer :P (but that really isnt your question). i have not looked into a "cash out" option, but i am looking at essentially removing Nexus and replacing my subscription costs with Credit costs (to remove ads, etc).
  15. a few questions: Forum Activity is this for credits for logging in every 24 hours? Post/Topic Restriction Settings do i select forums i want to BLOCK 0 credit users from? or select forums i want to ALLOW 0 credit users? Topic Buttons is this for reputation giving? "Positive Giver/Receiver" are for positive rep? "Negative Giver/Receiver" is for negative rep?
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