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  1. If anyone needs this soon I could just submit it without finishing brackets first... I just figured it would be better to finish it, but I have the rest finished and took out some brackets code where it won't have it active yet.
  2. I really want to get this publicly released (added some features for livegames), but what's frustrating is how certain ip.suite features are set up. Mainly for brackets I did it where you add them with a wizard (do step 1,m click button, then step 2, click button, etc...) and if someone accidentally doesn't pick a team for one of them, it just moves right along to the next step without giving an error! I am tempted to release it, anyway, as all software has some bugs in it, but it's a really annoying one because if people don't make sure and do the picks correctly, the whole thing messes up and I have tried for a long time to get someone tot ell me how I can force it to error out because nothing seems to make it do it. lol.
  3. will finally get this done soon... Just figured I better finish the brackets and have that paid for (someone was paying me to add it in) first. Very little left to dot here. Also, soon after I release it I need to raise the price because this is a more specialized app and only a few get it, but I'll probably leave it this price a short time afterwards for people who were already wanting it.
  4. Well, I think I finished everything, depending on whether or not I can put this one feature in (haven't been paid for it, so may need to release it without that for now...)
  5. lol I didn't realize they are already talking about 4.6 Don't worry, wont be a long wait that time. Not any activity in here other than me talking to myself, so not sure who wants it, anyway, but I still like getting things updated regardless and plus I am a big sports fan so always wanting to improve for myself as well. edit: that quickly I made sure I didn't need to do any changes in this or my private apps from their part 1 of 4.6 changes. So done there...
  6. yeah, but it wasn't always doing it. I even put two node inputs with the exact same node class and default value and one worked and one didn't and sometimes when putting 2 different ones on a form neither would work and sometimes one would and one wouldn't. I think usually the second one worked and the first one didn't, but even that was not the case every time. (note: I am not saying reloading the same page would cause differences sometimes, I mean when using different defaults...)
  7. I am so slow to change. lol. I need to finally switch over to something. I did try some of those in the past and was so in a habit of the basic text editor... I bet once I make myself stick with one of those, I will be in shock how much easier it makes things for me. Still confusing, though, how that change made it where only some inputs had the issue and all nodes showed up fine in the selector even then, just sometimes not one selected. I would have expected every one to have the issue when there was a problem with that method in the class. Pretty odd, but not worth me going through figuring out why.
  8. Wow. I found out the problem. Check this out for one weird fix. Guess what caused it? Me not knowing I needed to add , $limit = NULL into my model's nodesWithPermission(). Somehow that caused some inputs to have nothing selected, yet they were all still right there in the selector... How in the world that caused it to sometimes work and sometimes not work for the exact same data and default value beats me. Only way i realized it is I was messing around to see if putting the loaded node as the default value instead of just its id would fix it. When I did that it threw the exception due to me not having $limit. So i guess it's not a bug, although it's still weird how it only sometimes happened and I wish it had said in the changelog we needed to add that parameter.
  9. I have 2 different \IPS\Helpers\Form\Node on the same form. Both use the same class of node and have only class set and a default value. Somehow it is messing one up where it just says "Select" and does not have the default option selected from it, even though I confirmed the correct values. In fact I can even put just ONE Node input on the form and sometimes it has this problem. It did not do this before 4.5. the code is as simple as this: $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Node( 'pickemsx_away_team', $game ? $game->team_two_id : NULL, TRUE, array( 'class' => '\IPS\pickemsx\Pickem\Team' ) ) ); I even changed that default to a hardcoded 11 in both inputs and one worked and one didn't even though they used the SAME DATA. I confirmed that it is fixed when overwriting IPS\System\Node\Model.php with the 4.4 version of the file. I have spent a lot of time and unable to track down the bug from that file. My guess is it's in function roots(). Obviously, some change in 4.5 caused this and even though I could just change it to a Select and put the node names in that instead, the Node input was so convenient. 😞
  10. I need to think of a new name for this too. This name annoys me. lol. But one on here in the past was simply called Pickems, so didn't want to confuse people. Also some name totally different than that may make it clearer to people what it is.
  11. I am still debating between submitting this without the bracket code totally finished (so would just disable the feature in it, but leave the code to finish on the next release) vs just finishing it first and then submitting. I hadn't worked on the brackets since last March, so since I abruptly stopped when the virus caused cancellation of the ncaa tournament I then ended up with a lot of areas to go back and try to remember what i did and comment in the file where things were changed for brackets where I can test it. Once I add those in, I am likely raising the price, though, because this is the type of app where only a small number of people are interested because it's for a small niche of people, given not many sports fans seem to be here, so it's always going to be a lot less demand than what the time spent is worth. But I like sports apps myself, so still going to always like any app I make and keep making them. hasn't been much posting at all in here, though, so seems like nto a lot of demand. lol.
  12. So far I haven't had to do hardly anything and I think am almost done. I should have updated it sooner if I knew there was this little to do. lol. A lot of the 4.5 changes are optional ones that can maybe help in some areas, but not a lot required to have it working fine. I mainly need to decide whether to submit it before finishing brackets. I may submit it without them finished first and then update them within the next few weeks.
  13. I just renewed my license where I can get 4.5 myself, so there's a start. lol. If I remember correctly, there is barely anything I need to change, so maybe I can submit it here next week. if my stupid pinched nerve would stop bugging me it would always be quicker...
  14. it's really the same issue as when I first update to 4.x, my shoulder and neck probs so keep taking breaks. I think I will try to get it submitted for approval here within the next maybe 10 days and just finish the brackets feature some other time.
  15. Maybe I should just get it ready with the features it already had, to get it working with 4.5 sooner, then, since you don't need the upcoming features anyway. I already put most of the code in, so I will just have to comment some out and then the changes for 4.5 should be very minor in this app, so I will try to get it ready and approved very soon, (I am not sure how quickly IPS has been able to approve them lately, so I can't say for sure the date it will be on here, but it won't take many days from now for me to get it ready, at least. I mostly just took 2020 off after sporting events kept being postponed. lol).
  16. Sorry, I hadn't been on in here in a while. I don't have a definite time frame on it yet, although could try to get it done by a certain date if someone is really wanting it for certain events. i was thinking you already had the 4.4 version, but apparently you hadn't purchased it before. I am going to try to update this fairly soon, though.
  17. Hi. Thanks! Yes, I just had taken a long time off form working on apps this year, but am about ready to update it and there really isn't a ton to do, although they are more strict on approving for 4.5. The only thing is I had been adding an ncaa tournament (and other sports bracket types) contest type and I got "almost" done when the virus hit and canceled the tourney. So I have to finish and test that before updating this for 4.5, just to be sure I didn't create any bugs.
  18. This is so confusing... I see some games apparently scheduled for ncaa football within the next week? But many others say ppd. So it's a mess knowing if the season is happening and when. I haven't tested on 4.5 or submitted it for approval for 4.5. If anyone does want to use it starting with whatever those games are next week, you should have this installed while using 4.4. I was planning to release the new version within the next few weeks, but I had already been finishing up new features in it a while back and so I have to finish that too. If anyone plans to sue it any time during the ncaa season, let me know, where I will have a better idea what to do. ^ or any other season, such as nfl, for that matter...
  19. I think confirmedDelete() does too, right? I added in the csrf check a lot of places last year, only to then go through IPB files and figure out it is actually already done most places I change a state in.
  20. Eh, I never planned to update this, but I a about tempted, in case I want it for something myself. I had some pretty unique stat ideas in it.... main problem was bloating and from a code standpoint repeating the same type of code rather than reusing. I haven't done any programming whatsoever since the ncaa tournament got canceled. lol. Deciding whether to fool with this, do my version of tournaments app again, finish a feature in my pickems app, or do a custom app next.
  21. yeah if there's anything like it, though, I guarantee it costs and is expensive. I was going to make a fantasy sports app and I saw you have to pay very high costs per month to get an automatic feed of stats. I may make a fantasy app for myself, though, and just waste time manually updating stats each day… which would be a pain. I originally thought about at least putting in some automatic teams in the database, like someone could get a pack that is all nfl teams, it adds them all for you, etc... but then I got to thinking who knows if someone can legally distribute even their names. I know me including logos would be disallowed. Btw, for the ncaa tournament part I came up with some ways to speed up adding it, at least. In my 3.x apps it took an hour to add a year's ncaa tournament because of so many teams involved, but I bet my new way will take a lot less. For ncaa football, it would be ncie if I could release something that automatically adds a lot of games, although I'm sure most sites don't pick EEVRY game of the season, though.
  22. Just a tiny recommendation, but would be good, in my opinion, if when you click an inline notification the notification count at the top of the screen decrease by 1, since you've already read it inline and clicked it. Or maybe even have a dismiss button on the inline one, to knock the count down, but not go anywhere.
  23. I'll consider it, but technically you can do it within the weeks of the normal pickem. Only thing with that way is of course the site has tow ait to know who is in the championship game before adding that game. But now that you mention it, yes it would improve things to have the option to let them pick the championship from day 1 of the bowl games being added. Also right now the only option is letting people pick up until every game kickoff time. the person who helped fund me making the app wanted it that way. But I could add in options to let sites cut off a week's picks by a deadline... so they'd have to pick all bowl games up front. That is already what I added as an option for ncaa tournament.
  24. it sucks for me because I like march madness and the virus ruined that andddd the enw features are all related to that basically.
  25. if someone comes along who wants this, pm me. I just temporarily have my license inactive because I am in the middle of finishing new features and it's the type of app where people are usually going to buy it during big sports events, which all keep getting ppd lately...
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