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  1. Not surprised its a huge one to solve! Thanks for all your help Adriano, always appreciated. I really do think this is one app that is worthwhile and so much more legs in it. It would've been interesting just to hear on a personal note if you saw anything yourself in the update that you found interesting from a code perspective that was different to all your other apps that you initially built?
  2. @Rikki quick question if you can help (or anyone for that matter). It says you can't use Web Push and the homepage without the GMP PHP extension. I've also been told you can't have this on shared servers. Is this correct because it means I feel like I am stuck??
  3. I'll second this to an extent. It's been a while to pick stuff up as I've been waiting to upgrade to 4.6 for a while but willing to do it now and use this resource more so moving forward. Thats understandable Adriano, as you do help the community here in many areas. All I would say is that I think this resource would be bought more with the updates i've suggested and bringing the cost slightly down. In relation to other applications I always felt like this one was initially set too steep by the original developer. With achievements in now, I do think this resource could be more valuable for prospective website owners. Looking forward to the update!
  4. Hi @Adriano Faria, let me know when you want to catch up on this one to see what we can do about the feedback above 👍 Cheers.
  5. I've noticed since I turned on push notifications for here, when I click on them to take me to the website, it doesn't get removed from my phone after I've reviewed it - is that the right behaviour to expect? Every notification I have for anything else would be removed from the notifications bar once clicked on it but these you have to manually swipe them off the screen. Be useful to know how they are supposed to work moving forward so we can explain to members what to expect, etc. I'm not sure that would be ideally received but part of me feels like i'm missing something fundamental.
  6. "Let me know in the comments which feature you're looking forward to the most!" It has to be Push Notifications, Optional add as a Homepage and Achievements by a mile for me. Whilst I'm desperate to start using these features now, I know it'll be well worth the wait 😄
  7. Hi @SoftwareFactory 👋 With 4.6 incoming and some great additions to the core, will you be looking at ways to create notifications for badges and achievements at all? I'm finding it great that we can push many types of things to the discord side of the community but these will help no end in drive people to continue to go back and forth between the two. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Awesome news @Stuart Silvester! Apologies for not seeing this in the detail when I read it previously! 😄
  9. I can't see this anywhere after searching keywords as I thought it would've come up before. So, just like Invisions Homepage when visiting it via mobile browser, it offers you the chance to add the Homepage to your mobile phone so it looks just like an app but essentially is just a shortcut/bookmark for your homepage. I would expect this is to be a brilliant edition for most people as many people browsing on a phone, you wouldn't believe do not know how to create a shortcut to the homepage on their phone and the option that is presented at Invision, just like many other websites is very sleek and gives the member a choice. Certainly helps with the push notifications a lot as it shows the notifications on the homepage 'app' icon on your phone. Or am I jumping the gun and this is coming inbuilt with 4.6? Many thanks in advance
  10. We've noticed something that might've helped somewhat in terms of how people use events. When you put up a recurring event, you can RSVP on them, like recurring meetings in MS Outlook, or other applications. However, unlike all other Calendar events or appointment type systems, if you can only make a few of the occurrences, you can't just click the ones you can make and Decline the rest. Its either all or nothing. Also, once the first occurrence has been passed, you then can't make any amendments to it anyway. I currently put up regular weekly events, and sometimes it does help putting them up separately because it pops up as a 'new' event, but ultimately i'd prefer to do it the above way on many occasions and just can't given the way that the functionality works. I'm not sure if this was the expected design as Calendars elsewhere seem to work the opposite way e.g. cancel or decline a single occurrence. I know the Calendar can be an under-utilised application but there is definite legs in it with finer things being tweaked.
  11. @Adriano Faria we're about to do our next mini racing league in 2-3 weeks so I just thought i'd ask if you think the idea of getting this one in is possible when you start looking at this application at all? This one would be doing it very similar to F1's ideas of each race giving a number of points out and we may even do one where it totals the points up after each round per team/constructor.
  12. Thanks for the reply Jordan, yeah i'm sure someone could build a certain thing to help the display. Whilst we're thinking out loud 😄, I suppose i'm trying to think of clever and creative ways to do it in house. In then helps us all learn a little more about the core product rather than going for a paid option if you see what I mean. I'm thinking another possibility is create a block that has the blank columns as part of it perhaps? Essentially that gives you a sudo-row but within it, 2 or 3 options to stick blocks within it using the easy drag and drop feature?
  13. Good to know this exists as I wasn't aware of it, looks clearly a great solution that meets the needs. Would clearly appreciate an alternative to this in the core to save spending out for additional plugin but definitely a good alternative. I wonder if there is a tactical way of doing this within existing core functions? Looks like a bespoke 'Follow List' could do the trick but can't see a way to maybe add separate 'Follow' lists?
  14. I've not come across a setting as far as i'm aware. When working with Pages especially and you have more than one column, for devices such as mobile, it reads the first column top to bottom, followed by the next column top to bottom with the side bar on the usual right hand side coming last. For Desktop users, the columns very much help break up the page so you're not looking at something really huge across the entire screen. However it then can really impact the idea of how you want the site to be viewed on another device that essentially concatenates the page is a different way to your expectations. I would love for the ability to dictate per page how the view works, and if it can row by row rather than column by column so you have greater flexibility for your viewers looking at everything from different devices. One workaround from what I can see is creating the same block from scratch twice and then toggle the Visibility. However, this can cause some serious overhead times. Potentially some core templates that are set up in the way to help different concatenate would be extremely helpful to all core users?
  15. I can understand that view. Makes logical sense that if you build in Apple, everything else follows if you looks at previous years Applications in the market. I think we all have subtle different goals and I probably should've phrased it like 'the app we all want to show off everything at our websites, at an affordable price'. We all also probably have different goals as some websites are businesses where others, like ours, is for the enjoyment of a community (non-profit). Apple's prices are a little steep compared to Android - £99 per year for Apple vs £25 one time fee for Android, that's the last time i checked into this anyway. Fees all add up, and i'm conscious when i find the next person to carry the torch can sustain the cost alongside the effort that comes with building communities. I have started to understand a lot more about how people interact these days on their phones in our community and useful tips on here. Its not all solely about the forum application any longer, it is one core application of many that people want so I don't think you need a fully fledged App anymore that saves your website. TapaTalk's inability to show anything more than walls of text in their own way wasn't overly helpful and people miss tons of great things. I genuinely believe just an option to stick it as a homepage on their phones alongside push notifications so stuff is popping up at them whenever they're out and about is ideal, people are fundamentally lazy these days so rather than just accept it, you have to evolve and adapt to your surroundings and their behaviours as best as you can. Many thanks for your input above @Dean_, I think putting money into some solutions if its your hobby is absolutely fine because you do it for love of what your hobby is to you. My above reply to Brady though is trying to say there clearly is a line where it shouldn't be ridiculous money.
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