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  1. No, I don't. And I also haven't seen a setting for this.
  2. I meanwhile found out that this is a built-in functionality in 4.5 - Email-Settings/Truncate Content
  3. @Fosters For me this plugin is not compatible with 4.5, because I can't show the Topic Summary and the Forum Sidebar at the same time. Will there be an update for this? I have deactivated the Topic Summary but would like to use it in the future. Thanks.
  4. Is this compatible with 4.5?
  5. Is this compatible with 4.5?
  6. I agree with @Time Travel Institute and I think that should be possible without a lot of effort - moderation and alerts are already there in other areas.
  7. What exactly did Heather do here? - I think SEO with UGC is very hard if you don't write a lot of articles yourself.
  8. I also had this issue yesterday and it was fixed by support after some hours.
  9. Great feature. I would like to have a feature photo function for forum threads, similar to that in blogs.
  10. Thank you. This plugin seems to be quit complex and complicated. I'm looking for an easy way. Is there no built-in functionality in IPS? In other areas I can choose forums, for example in announcements. Why not for ads?
  11. Hello, is there a way to show ads in some forums only (or exclude some forums). I have some premium forums I don't want to show AdSense Ads. Thanks, Markus
  12. I read the discussion about Zendesk and I can live with the new system. What I really would appreciate is an announcement of changes like these - if possible in advance, at least with the release, together with the reasons for the change and what consequences these will have for me as a customer und user of your product. Thanks, Markus
  13. AdSense has announced a new version of auto-ads with a lot more control options. Any experiences with this?
  14. But maybe you can tell us if this topic is on your list for features/improvements?
  15. With an option to moderate changes I would start using the wiki functionality. I think this has a lot of potential.
  16. The slider is there after upgrading to 4.4.5 :).
  17. Check the "Who can see?" setting in the main Swiper slider settings. and when you add a slider, there is also another "Who can see?" setting to check it out 🙂 I checked both settings and selected my Admin Group. But the slider is not showing to me. I did this.
  18. Is it possible to use the slider only on forum home (that is my homepage) and not an all forum pages? And do I have to make any template changes? - I installed the plugin and setup a slider, but it is not showing.
  19. I bought and tried Social Stream but the widget has limited functionality and the normal stream is on a separate page. Are there any plans for an interactive stream as an widget, together with thumbnails and images, a bit similar to social media streams and stories. Or perhaps something like an automated version of Our picks - with the possibility to react directly. The homepage needs to be more dynamic and interactive. That was in 2015. Any news, is this still on your list, @Rikki?
  20. +1 for this - categories for blogs and also for posts in blogs.
  21. I have the same problem. The issue started after the update to 4.4.3. I receive other system emails, but not the register-notifications.
  22. Is there any way to do this? - I have the same issue. My Site Name contains words that are often used in Thread Names and the Page Titles are very long.
  23. Google prefers parameter pagination: BTW: I lost a lot of rankings/traffic after upgrading to 4.4. - but this may also be caused by the last major google algorithm update. At the moment it is quite frustrating.
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