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  1. Hey @stoo2000thanks for your help thus far. I wrote a reply over on the other forum along with a PM with login details. I hope you're able to take a look. Thank you!
  2. @Muddy Bootsthanks for replying! The plugin itself is up to date. I do see that IC itself has an update but I'm not sure if I should update the forum software or not when I'm in the middle of this SSO issue. Thanks for your help!
  3. I downloaded it a long time ago and can't find the PDF. I don't think the PDF would offer any info as I've had it working for 3 years and now it's broken.
  4. Hey @Marc Stridgenthanks for that. Yes I am using that plugin. I did what you said and disabled it and it worked. I did have to login again (which makes sense in that it was disabled). So the issue appears to be with this plugin (which is what I suspected). With that said I saw the reference to the PDF but no link to it. Hmm. Any ideas you might have from here? Thanks! :)
  5. Hey @Marc Stridgenthanks for removing my email, wasn't sure if this was public or private. So everything was working perfectly a month ago. Then we had some Malware and used a service called Sucuri and they did a great job. But right after, any time a logged in member (we use Wordpress/Memberpress) would click the "Forums" link from our Dashboard page, it would take them to a login page instead of to our Invision Community. The hosting people and Sucuri people both say it's somebody else. My first thought was the SSO plugin somehow got messed with, although the API key is correct on the php file. I'm able to login to the Admin Control Panel. Is there anything you can think of that I can do? Do you happen to have a link to the SSO people? Thanks so much!
  6. Hi guys, My email is ******************** and I'm running your software. Recently we had a company remove some Malware that *I think* may have impacted the SSO because when I click on forums it now takes you to a login page. Any ideas or help for how we can get this fixed? Thank you! and if possible can you cc my other email ***************** that would be great!
  7. I built websites back in 1996 when the web was just getting going and I've been in tech since that time. I'm not stupid dude. I know it's basic stuff but it's the language used by the developer of this app/plugin. It has nothing to do with my technical abilities. I'm just trying to figure out how he's using those two terms. I appreciate your replies.
  8. So when I go to my inbox when I'm in the forums and I send a message that way, is that (according to the Auto Welcome settings) an email or a PM? I'm guessing from what you said it's the latter. So if I send a regular email from within the forum software and they hit reply in their email, where does their email end up?
  9. Thanks @iacasI can change the H to an M but not sure how to change the cron table. Is it easy? Within the forum software I have an inbox where I can send "emails" to other members. I'm guessing that @Michael.Jis calling this a personal message and an email is an actual email that ends up in a person's gmail or yahoo account? Because neither of those things are status updates. I know the difference between email and PM but not in how they're being used in the description of this plugin/app. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Hey @Michael.Jis there a way to add a minutes setting? Like maybe 5 or 10 minutes instead of an hour? Is there a way to auto follow new members while turning off the make public option? Right now I manually send personal emails within Invision and also follow all new members. This way I know that anybody I'm following, I've also sent a welcome email to. But I uncheck the box that asks me to make my following them public. Is that possible? What's the difference between a PM and an email? Both have subject lines. Finally is there a way to create templates for status updates? Since other forum members can read them, it would be nice to type out 5 or 10 different templates so that people don't think I'm using automated software? Thanks!
  11. @Michael.J one question. I used the plugin a couple months ago and it it automatically send a thousand welcome posts (that were public and it took me hours to delete all of them) as well as welcome emails. If I upgrade the plugin and reactivate it, will it do the same? If not, how do I turn that setting off? Thanks!
  12. I do have that field here! 🙂 And here's what it looks like. We have over 1200 people in our Invision Community and I'm still a little unsure about how to add them all to the map. Do they do it, or can I run a process and add them automatically? I just updated to your latest version and it works great! Thank you @Martin A. Is it possible for you to have a different group that they get put into if they cancel? We have a group called "Non Members" that people get put into if they cancel or pause their account. This would be great because the map would only show our "Active Members" so it will be more accurate.
  13. Hello @Martin A. I have a couple of questions before I purchase.... Will a person be able to search by zip code, city, state or zip? For example can I search 5 or 10 miles from where I live to see if a member is in that area? I'm guessing I might have to pair your plugin with this one to pull this off? What happens if a member cancels or pauses (we use Memberpress along with the SSO plugin to sync up their Memberpress account to their IC account) their account? Is there a way to make sure they're no longer included in the map and results? Do I have to manually add members (or have them add themselves?) or can it happen automatically? We have over 1,100 current members and don't want to have to add them all manually myself. Thank you! Justin
  14. Ya it's crazy. It ruined my night last week. I had to spend horus fixing it! I don't know why a setting like that wouldn't have been put in from the start. Hopefully @Michael.J sees this and adds a workaround or update of some kind!
  15. @optrexnz I had the same problem. It took me hours to fix so I disabled it. I wanted to have a setting or checkbox that could apply to new members only. I'm not using it until that happens cause that ate up 2 hours out of my day! @Michael.J
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