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  1. is .swf (flash) supported? Will there be .swf (flash) support in the future?
  2. Oh very much please. I tested it using other accounts to see if they could download and they could.
  3. Thank you and Will the next update that helps prevent downloading button? I have tweaked all the settings so users can't download but only view audio but the download button still appears and lets the audio file download..
  4. Thank you Very Much! Incredibly Helpful! one more thing, How do I upload media and insert to post?
  5. Hello, Bought Your Product Here, How Do I Install? Please Be detailed. I am Very New At This. :)
  6. I Understand there's not much to do about that. Thanks again, hope that update comes soon.
  7. Thank you, I really do appreciate the response and I'll be excited for your next update.? I'm just concerned about legality.
  8. Yeah, you are absolutely right about the chrome, I just tested it on microsoft edge, the download button doesn't show up. So as now there is nothing that can be done about it?
  9. Yeah Your product work incredibly well BUT A Bit Too well, What I mean by that is that I can't stop the download button from appearing on the audio player. help please?
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