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  1. Extremely excited about both 4.5 and a mobile app with push notification functionality that is free for owners with an active license. Pulled right out of my dreams for my community on IPS
  2. There's an option to sort by start time which gives you the newest but it would be great to be able to sort by oldest as well to be able to prune old messages without having to scroll all the way back. Unless there's a way to do that already that I just missed Also it would be neat to be able to have an option on the inbox quota to remove / purge messages beyond the threshold rather than simply going over but not allowing messages (which is good as a default)
  3. Does this, or will this in the future, support posts from the discord server to the site? Not real time of course but in something like a digest form, limited to specific channels and specific forums/topics, so that content which may be valuable to the site can be pushed back to the site via the app rather than copy/paste?
  4. What about something like the Database Tickets mod: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9085-database-tickets/ + the "copy to database" feature which already exists in the IPS software? That way if someone makes a post you want to convert into a ticket, it's a few clicks away. It isn't quite a convert but may meet needs?
  5. My community is a game site. We don't use real names and discourage the use of PII on the forum. In controlling PII from the beginning (only one of many ways I'm sure) it simplifies GDPR-type privacy concerns too
  6. Confirming updated app, 1.3.0, works on updated core software, 4.4.2
  7. Sure! Just like this basically: https://rollthedice.online/en/dice/2d6 Roll X number of Y dice and then add them up. May not be possible with the way this mod works but it sure would have been / could be neat! We have a "conflict resolution" system for our game right now that in an ideal world would be able to use 2d6 because of the statistical distribution, but for the moment we're using 1d12
  8. My community uses the dice a lot for a variety of “games of chance” on our forum. Can’t wait to see how the #D# works!
  9. Don’t want to spoil anything but any chance version two will support multiple dice rolling like 2d6?
  10. Any chance of an update for either 4.3 or for the new and upcoming 4.4?
  11. @Nathan Explosion just wanted to check in on this
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