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  1. Updated* I have uploaded all the FTP files to the server. I downgraded to version 7 in PHP. The size of the database backup file is 1.2GB. How would you recommend I upload this?
  2. The server of my community was provided by a friend of mine. My friend passed away 5-6 months ago. 😞 At the same time the server was down, i couldn't get a new backup. We lost all server logs. We reached out to his family but they did not help me to access server. I have the latest 2019 full (with ftp) back up available. (tar.gz) We installed the deticated server with the help of my other friends. Now I need to restore backup the community. How can you help me? I lost the forum I raised like a baby and I really appreciate your support.
  3. This app, to the latest one. So i deleted the app and re-install, that's fine it works. But all users settings is gone 😞
  4. [[Template recenttopics/front/index/recentTopics is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] After the update 😞
  5. will you update for 4.6? Thank you 🙂
  6. Actually what I'm looking for: detailed permissions management in pages app
  7. Hello, I tried to create a request form with Pages application. It's a very simple thing, I'll just ask myself to see "And in fact, the person who wants it can see" because of this error 😞 What can you suggest me to get around this error. Users fill the form over and over again because they think it is a mistake. Here is some SS Also I cannot find the hide this option "Notify me of replies" because it's unnecessary. The form was filled, as only the administration part could see the post as a result of the permissions I made.
  8. Yes I know but there was no option to install. Of course I can download the tar via Devfuse but I want to use MarketPlace of course. It's easy and safe. I opened to ticket "When we switched to 4.5, we were able to select applications from the market, can't we do that anymore?" the answer is "No, this was a one time onboarding process right after the upgrade to IPS 4.5" Why?
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