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  1. iOS. I can't enter our community. From the forums on the list, when I click mine it just comes up a white screen. I can enter the others.
  2. You can translate via admincp but only board side (when you enter the via board list). We can not translate app. Me too. Stuck on white screen
  3. I submitted a ticket but nobody care me.
  4. Sorry I forgot to tell you. Doesn't work with Safari. (Macbook and iPhone) Works with Chrome. 😕
  5. It's OK but but the toggle is not working 😕And u didn't add a settings button 😛
  6. Version 1.0.1


    This is the Turkish Language Pack for IPS Community Suite 4.5.X. It contains full translation of Frontend for the following Apps: IPS Community Suite 4.5.X için Türkçe Dil Paketidir. Aşağıdaki Uygulamalar için görünen yerleri tamamen çevirisi yapılmıştır. Forums Pages Blogs Calendar Mobile App ACP Marketplace ⚠️AdminCP translation (system) is at 40% level. However, you can handle most of your work smoothly and the translation will continue, and file will be constantly updated. AdminCP çevirisi (system) %40 düzeyindedir. Ancak birç
  7. First of all, I installed this software while using the forum with version 4.4.10. I then installed the version compatible for 4.5, without migrating the forum to 4.5. I have now switched forum to 4.5, but the settings section is no longer in the user settings panel. I used to edit the language section (on 4.4.10) and made a shortcut to the settings, now when I click it, the setting comes only. And the versions are different too. Plugins page Marketplace page
  8. You should use Invision communities. Not community. Now, only available on Android
  9. I'm still on 4.4.10, I didn't check. Waiting for and
  10. I've been using this app for many versions including 4.4.10. I hope I can use it with 4.5 without any problems. Please let's use it with version 4.5.
  11. Yeap, I saw at the demo 🙂 Thanks.
  12. Are you thinking of adding the application in the huawei Appmarket? For reasons you know, there is no Google play store in new huawei phones.
  13. That's nonsense. This is a business, it doesn't make sense if you don't market the product.
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