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Restoring a backup of the community (2019 to 2023)

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The server of my community was provided by a friend of mine. My friend passed away 5-6 months ago. 😞 At the same time the server was down, i couldn't get a new backup. We lost all server logs. We reached out to his family but they did not help me to access server.

I have the latest 2019 full (with ftp) back up available. (tar.gz)

We installed the deticated server with the help of my other friends.

Now I need to restore backup the community.
How can you help me?

I lost the forum I raised like a baby and I really appreciate your support.

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Send me a message here if you'd like and I'll see what I can do to help. I can't make any promises but I can try and help you restore your forum to a point you can get it upgraded.

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It really should not be that difficult.  The hardest issue will be getting your hosting set up.  Once that is done, you need to check the credentials used for the DB by the script.  You will then need to create a new DB utilizing those credentials on your new hosting site.  Import your old exported database (which I hope you have in addition to the actual physical file structure of your site) to the newly created DB.

Once you do that, upload the files in your archive into the home directory for your hosting for that domain.  It should be pretty much go from there.  One exception is if you used CRON for your regular jobs instead of visits.. you will need to recreate that cron job using crontab for the root user.

I don't use IPS currently (expired license holder), but am willing to help as much as I can to get you back up and running (no cost as I try to help others when my abilities allow).

One thing to be aware of... depending on how old your backups are, they may not run on the more current 8.x lines of PHP, so you may want to  start out with PHP 7.3/4 line until you can upgrade.


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Hello,  @teraßyte has helped me with some issues , he does things like that for a fee, 

It will save you some time and heartache to give these things to a pro, there are ofcourse many here, am sure that they are all trusted, you can always check their profiles for reviews if you are not sure who to trust. 

You definitely will also need access to previous versions from what I remember and you wont be able to do that on your own I guess, since they are not available anyway?

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