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  1. Not working for me. In addition, I have already translated the word, but now I forgot how to do it. Can you help me? In addition, when I re-install the 1.0.0 version, the "age" field is not written in bold.
  2. Still not working with Turkish letters. İ Ğ Ş Ö Ü Ç
  3. Not working Exception Words and Turkish letters.
  4. Any update required for 4.3.1? Thank you.
  5. Hi ? Any update for 4.3.1? Thanks.
  6. Any update for 4.3.1? thanks.
  7. Update required? Have you checked? Thank you...
  8. Update required? Have you checked? Thank you very much.
  9. uA_Y_C_A

    4.3: Videos

    For sound you can still improving?
  10. Any solution from"I" to "ı" in Turkish? We really need it.
  11. Yeap, I can see that both files and pc&phone. It's just not playing.
  12. And MOV files can't be shown on Chrome via Win 10, iPhone safari/chrome too. Exp, this file IMG_7354.MOV
  13. Thanks Also I can't see on my iPhone, and I can see on test website too.. Here is the screens
  14. In addition, I can see on my Chrome... Here is, actually I can't see any video on my Safari. I can listen mp3 file. SampleVideo_1280x720_2mb.mp4 Yeni Kayıt 4-2.m4a
  15. I can give you the username-pass etc via pm ?
  16. I'm using Safari on Mac (11.0.2, latest one) I can see here on test website, on my board I can't see video (attached formats) and m4a audio record. https://tools.woolyss.com/html5-audio-video-tester/
    @Daniel Dziemieszonek i have that issue too..
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