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  1. Two feature requests: it will be great to have a "push" sticky note said that the recipient doesn't have to refresh the screen. It would be great to have a notification sound – and it would be great to have the notification sound customisable.
  2. Thank you. It all seems to be working correctly now
  3. Actually I have suddenly realised that although we are using the latest version of the forum software, we haven't updated the track members software. I will be doing that soon. I hope that there isn't a glitch after that. I will report back here
  4. And by the way, I've flagged this up once already on this thread – but there's been no response: We are using a standard Invision theme simply with some colour changes. Although the sticky notes works, there are glitches in that it doesn't place a link on each post as its intended to do and also when you try to go to the global settings on the admin CP, it goes to a 500. I flagged this up a couple of weeks ago and there's been no reaction.
  5. Works for us. www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk Very useful
  6. If the developer wants to changes pricing structure for the future – then that's fair enough and of course existing customers will have to make a choice. However, if there is going to be a change which will affect existing customers then I think that they should be told about it and also given sufficient notice – for instance, at least six months – the period of a typical renewal. Once again, it's all about information and transparency. Until then, it seems to me rather unfair to effectively de-prioritise existing customers because there is a pricing decision made by the developer wh
  7. You don't seem to have understood that I have bought a copy which is compatible with our new version of the forum platform. You also don't seem to understand that it seems reasonable enough that if one is going to be given information, there that information should be correct. I have a sense that you are moving into a tit-for-tat pointscoring exchange and I don't think it's helpful. If you are running a new version of the forum and the sticky notes add-on was useful to you then I recommend that you go to the developers and forum and by an updated copy.
  8. I don't understand why no one has yet appreciated that I don't disagree with any of this. The single point has been that I think that we are entitled to expect some information. Looking through this thread back to the beginning of the big upgrade, nobody has protested – they have simply asked for information. Sometimes the developer has given information – which has then turned out not to be correct – and sometimes the developer simply hasn't given any information at all. I'm simply saying it would be reasonable to expect information – and it might even be reasonable to expect that that
  9. Let me ask you the same question, then :-
  10. Yes, let's hope so – but I'd like to ask you one question – which is do you have a copy of this sticky notes add-on and do you have it working on the new version of Invision 4.5 – and if so, how did you manage it? Did you buy a copy from the developers and website? If you did, having installed it, has installed correctly and are all the features of it available?
  11. I'm not after a refund. I'm not trying to get something for free. I'm afraid you've completely missed the point. The point really is about being a customer and being kept in the loop. I don't know how long the add-on has been on the developer's own website, but for as long as it has been, I – and others have been deprived of its use. Had we known that there was an up-to-date version available then at least we would have been in a position to make choices. As it is, even that possibility was not made available to us because nobody knew until it was accidentally disclosed on this thread.
  12. You are assuming that everybody bought it three years ago and they've all had three years use out of it. I'm not sure that you have any basis for that assumption. Of course I have no idea either but it is entirely possible that somebody bought the add-on only a few months or even a few weeks before the big Invision upgrade. They will be in exactly the same position as the rest of us. And even for customers of three years standing, I don't see any problem or any cost to the developer of simply making a little announcement so people knew where they stood. And once again, the app that
  13. I agree that it is maybe not realistic to expect it from everyone, but here we have a developer who is online, producing other add-ons, and now we have discovered that he actually has an updated version – the one we are all looking for – on his own website which is available for an extra payment of money – which I have actually paid. I think if you produce an add-on then I think it comes at least with a commitment that you will place an announcement saying that in so many days or so many months, there will be no further support for this add-on. If the developer wants to change his pricin
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