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  1. Okay thanks. So here's a general request – would anyone like to share any quizzes they have made using Adriano's application? Either share for free with a link to your website or for a payment? Please send me a message. Thanks
  2. I suppose what I was hoping is that other people who use the quiz app, have prepared their own quizzes and maybe would like to share them with others or even sell them and that they would be available in and in portable form so that one simply import the file and the quiz is ready to go.
  3. Thanks for this. But do we find them in a format that can be simply imported into your app – or do we then have to do enter them manually. I'm sort of hoping that there is a.CSV file format or something so that ready-made quizzes can simply be added.
  4. This sounds like a great idea and obviously lots of people like it very much. I have just a couple of questions – firstly, I suppose that it can be set to be used in only one particular sub- forum? Second thing is that I certainly don't have time to devise quizzes. Are there sources of quizzes available – either for free or for payment? Thanks
  5. Suggestion: It would be very good if we could insert the variable %s into the subject title. At the moment it doesn't seem to translate into the sender's name.
    Brilliant idea. Highly configurable. I understand that a future version may start to collect a few statistics as to how often it has been used et cetera. That would be very useful
  6. Thank you I'll try that – but in terms of it being a modified theme, the only thing that has changed are the colours. Invision treats it as a standard theme when it comes to upgrades so from that point of view it is not at all modified. I'll try the support tool as you say. --------------------------------------------------- Thank you. That fixed it.
  7. I have sent you a message about this. It appears to install correctly and I have configured it – but the sharing icon does not appear at the top of the page in any view.
    This little plug-in installs easily and once you switch it on in the settings menu in the plug-in section of the admin console, it works like a charm. It places a preview button in the conventional place where almost everyone in the world expects it to be. In this way, your members can either use preview or not use preview – it's their choice. As a community administrator, you can choose to provide this functionality or choose not to provide it – it's your choice. Not only that, this developer has decided to provide it free of charge! - If later on he decides to ask some payment for it, then believe me it is worth a few bucks. For those of you who aren't already aware – there is actually a preview function on the Invision community editor but it's in a rather strange place – along the toolbar and not particularly obvious. People on various communities and also here – the forum administrators – have all raised concerns as to its whereabouts. With this little plug-in, it now becomes obvious. What's not to like?
  8. Oh, I've upset you again. I'm sorry
  9. That's really great to know, Rikki
  10. Bravo. That is really impressive. You must be the author of the one which was originally referred to on this thread. Thank you very much and I will put some feedback once I've got it going. One question – how do I get it going? I've installed it and I've seen your screen images show that it can be switched on or off in two places but I don't see where those switches are. Thanks And to all you people - it's about keeping your customers happy. Geddit?
  11. I don't think this misrepresents the position at all – but I'm very sorry that you seem to be so upset about it
  12. Apart from anything else, it is a question of choice. I don't see any reason why Invision developers should limit the choices of their customers. After all there are hundreds/thousands of Invision communities around and it seems particularly bold for a developer or a team of developers or working for the same organisation essentially to say that – this is the way will be – this is the look and feel we have chosen for our clients and they will not be offered any other option. In exactly the same way, many people like having a preview button. Maybe reassures them – I don't know – but it is part of the culture of online communities and once again it becomes a question of choice. Leave it to the owners of the individual communities to decide whether or not to configure the preview button. I think Invision's role is simply to make it available. The fact that there are quite a few threads and posts on this Invision forum asking about the preview button, shows that is something which is not unimportant to Invision clients – I would venture to say that most of the Invision team don't have the day-to-day experience of running an Invision community in the same way that we do. I think Invision's role is that of a provider – not of a decider
  13. The perfect button in the perfect place
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