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  1. The "who's online" function at the bottom of the forum is reasonably helpful. The "filter by" feature is also moderately helpful – but I think it would become extremely helpful if there was an additional filter – filter by IP address. This would help to give us clues as to which online users are bots and which ones are real people. The pots are often online using identical IP addresses – or else almost sequential ones. Real people are obviously completely random. Any chance?
  2. blimey, instant reply! I'm happy that it is being discussed elsewhere because it is obviously something which is needed
  3. this was standard in vBulletin. Sometimes we look for threads which have a lot in common and when we find that there is an issue which tends to be "trending" then we used to be able to move them all into a new sub- forum. With Invision, we can use the search function to identify all the threads – but there is no checkbox on the right-hand side which allows you to select them all – or to select the ones that you want – and then to move them from wherever they are to a particular destination. That would be hugely useful to us.
  4. I think you may have missed the point. Configuring it to the extent of activating it is not a problem. It's a question of then making slight modifications in the code and he doesn't know where to go to do that. That was my problem a long time ago – and I eventually found it on my own – and now I can't remember where it is
  5. Truncated emails are a great idea to bring people back onto the site. There is or there was a plug-in which does exactly this. The only problem is that it wasn't very configurable. With a busy forum and a busy site team – in which the site team relies on notifications – we had difficulty with the "all or nothing" approach of the plug-in so that the site team also were not able to see the message and to understand if they needed to visit the forum or visit the topic. In the end, it was becoming so difficult for the site team that we decide to switch it off completely. So the suggesti
  6. I have simply recommended that people look through this support topic and make up their own minds on the level of support and also the smooth running of this plug-in. It's up to them to make their own judgements. You're clearly very upset about it
  7. In respect of our keyword application: I'm very pleased to say that after a lot of work from the developer, it seems that a couple of flaws may have been discovered – but the application has now been updated and installed and everything looks as if it's working very well. Thank you for the help from @CodingJungle on this.
  8. Our Webmaster thinks it is a missing code function I have no idea what that means – but we need some help please.
  9. Also, there are lots of topics which go directly to error messages – even if you are accessing them directly. I've had to switch off the application.
  10. Hi, I'm afraid I think we need some urgent help. I upgraded the test site to your conversion version 3.2 without any problem and then upgraded it to 3.2.6 also without any problem and it's working very well on the test site. I then went to try and perform the same series of upgrades on the live site and although the keywords appear to work – and those going to external links work perfectly, keywords which are being directed to material within the forum are producing this message: I think somebody else has had this problem in the past. We need an urgent fix please – if you coul
  11. That would be brilliant. That would explain the problem. I may have carried out an upgrade I'm missing a step so but the database was never converted. That would mean that if I could tell you which version I've got installed on the live site , if you were able even just to give me a copy of the the next version which actually carry out the conversion, then we would be good to go for the rest. In fact I've just checked and our live site is using 3.1.8 which is working fine. on the basis of what you say if we move directly to 3.2.6 we would be missing out on the necessary conversion st
    Before you decide whether or not to invest in this application, I suggest that you look very carefully at the support topic right from the beginning and understand the patterns of problems which occurred and the quality of the support which has been provided over a period of 18 months since the application was first introduced into the marketplace. it seems to have got quite good ratings so it probably works for some people – but it never worked for us – right from the beginning. We were refused a refund
  12. I'm sorry it's just too much effort. When we pay our money, we expect to have an application in reasonable condition and fairly well supported. That's not happening here. I've been running a big forum for 15 years and I'm very used to getting third-party applications and I understand about the quality of support I can expect. I'm going to let it go. You won't give me a refund – there's nothing I can do about it – but if you have any sense of "what is right" you you should take the money and give it to somebody connected with the George Floyd issue as a charitable gift. I'm sure they wi
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