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    After an initial glitch – and an extremely rapid response from the author, it seems to be working fine. I haven't tested it in anger – but it is extremely easy to install and to configure. Everything is very obvious. This kind of plug-in is essential especially on large forums if you are plagued with spammers who register and then start sending messages out to your members trying to poach them or to hit them with advertising. When these spammers post on your open forum, it is easy to see what they are doing. When they start sending private messages out to your members then it is very difficult for the site team to notice what's going on. This plug-in is extremely helpful dealing with that problem. I'm surprised nobody came up with it before Thanks Adriano
    I installed this today. It seems to work pretty well on desktop computers but it doesn't seem to be operating on my mobile phone at all. I installed an ad blocker on my mobile phone and the ad block blocker has not been triggered at all. This is a bit concerning because more than 80% of our traffic seems to come from mobile devices. You can configure it to be dismissable – and not come back again if you don't want it. That's very nice but what might be even more interesting would be to be able to configure it either not to reappear again once dismissed or else to reappear every n days. So instead of nagging people all the time – but instead of simply disappearing out of mind – it will be possible to make sure that it reappears every five days or something.
  1. Maybe it needs to be connected to a duplicate IP logger in some way
  2. We've just come over from vBulletin. Although Invision is definitely better – and much better supported, it's a shame to lose some of the functionality of vBulletin. There were some good ideas there. We have a forum where people upload lots of sensitive information. We encourage everybody to redact their documents first – but of course many people forget to do it or don't know how to do it. Therefore with vBulletin we were able to hide the attachment. – One click and it was very easy. There is no such functionality on Invision. You either have to do go to the trouble of removing the entire document or hiding the entire post. So, would anybody like to do a little plug-in to allow site team to hide attachments.
  3. I'd like to be able to set up various RSS feeds into my forum and have them filtered according to various criteria into different sub- forums. So one would set up an RSS feed from, say, the BBC News website and then channel items with the word "consumer" into one forum, "banks" + "corruption" or "fraud" into another sub- forum – et cetera. I'm sure you get the idea. I don't think there's any way of doing this at the moment. It would be a great feature – or would somebody like to produce an application/plug-in – I'd happily pay for this.
  4. Well I think that it is a great honeytrap - if there was only some way to harvest the spammers who fly into it. I don't see what's wrong with choice and I think that we should be as free as possible to run our forums and workflows in the way that we want. W are all unique - aren't we?
  5. Thanks for this clarification. However, given that nothing will be visible at all – what about offering us a choice to make it visible and also to be able to track it down in order to log IP details. I'm a great believer in always offering people the maximum choice because then they can configure their way of working to suit their own circumstances. So once again here's my suggestion and also I agree very much with Adriano above that we ought to be able to see logs to understand how often the feature is being used. It doesn't sound very right to have a load of activity going on in the background and so not understanding the possibilities and whether post before registration is actually a good idea. But from my point of view, catching spammers before they actually get online to do harm – that would be a really useful feature. I realise that registered users can be placed on moderation at the outset. But it would be nice to be able even to pre-empt that in some cases and catch them before they get that far. So: new feature please
  6. I'm coming in in support of this idea. Here's an exchange I just had with the Invision support guys: – I respect of spam posts made using post before registering, I asked Invision replied I responded: So to recap, not only could post before registering be useful to attract new members to a community, but it could also be a useful way of catching spammers before they're able to get onto the forum and post – especially overnight. We have a big overnight problem and despite years of practice, they very often managed to get their spam posted and also auto tweeted for up to 4 or five hours before a member of the site team delete it
    An AutoLinker/keyword functionality is incredibly useful. We have recently migrated to Invision but we previously ran a large vBulletin forum for 13 years. Amazingly there was no AutoLinker modification available and we wrote our own. It was phenomenally useful. We had to move from our vBulletin platform and one of the reasons we chose Invision this because there was an AutoLinker modification. The Keyword Tooltips application is pretty good at what it does – but it lacks a certain amount of functionality which could really make it an excellent application. When you run auto links, it is very helpful to be able to draw attention to them. In its present form this application produces the links but in the ordinary default format that the forum uses with a faint underline. It would be extremely useful to be able to designate colours, size, or different fonts to the keyword which would make it stand out. Also, it would be very useful to be able to upload all of the keywords so that they could be downloaded to a another forum instead of having to rewrite them all. Also, the editor which allows you to write the keyword descriptions – allows no formatting at all. It's a bit of a mystery why not. Each keyword may often have several aliases. This means that there can be a very large number of links. However, if a direct link is broken was changed, it is very difficult to track down the relevant keyword in order to change the link. A searchable index of aliases would be enormously useful.
  7. It would be great to have a plugin to display .pdf thumbnails. Also, .doc and .xls as well if poss.
  8. You're right. It wasn't flagged up as a pending update in the admin CP. However, thanks for the heads up. I've installed it and the problem is fixed.
  9. Hi, I've just posted about a template error we've been getting which has been caused by your advanced prefixes and tags application. Can you help please.


  10. Hi, since our upgrade to 4.4.1, we have been getting lots of problems with this plug-in displaying template errors. As soon as the template is disabled, all the errors clear up. Clearly there's an incompatibility here. Can you help please?
  11. I absolutely confirm that it is worthwhile doing a number of test conversions and having a test site where plug-ins and applications can be installed in order to understand how they work and whether they cause any problems. The idea of modifying your existing site to look like your forthcoming Invision site is brilliant – and I don't know why I hadn't thought about it myself. Unfortunately, we carried out our conversion about a week or so before the above article was written. Our old vBulletin site was pretty heavily modified after 13 years of use and so it's taken a lot of work to find plug-ins to replicate their functionality. I agree that too many plug-ins probably slow down the site – and we probably have too many plug-ins! But I shall be looking to rationalise them over the forthcoming weeks/months. It's certainly true that traffic seems to reduce a lot after the conversion and I hope it is also true that it will pick up again. There are various things which are confusing – including the huge number of notification possibilities. It is worth understanding how they work. Also, the business of configuring administrators and "super admins" took a bit of getting used to – although it is starting to come together. Finally I have to say that the support here is excellent. I felt rather embarrassed with the amount of questions I was bombarding the Invision team with that even if they got fed up, they never let it show.
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