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  1. Thanks. Actually that setting is deliberate on our forum but I had configured it so long ago that I had forgotten. The new user posted in the wrong forum and I've moved it to the correct forum – although it hasn't had the effect of incrementing her post count – but it's not important.
  2. I've just checked – and blow me, you are absolutely right. We have one chit chat forum which doesn't auto tweet and which doesn't increment posts. Thank you very much!
  3. I've never seen anybody with zero posts at all – and we have just had an instance where a new user has joined the forum and made a single post so far and their post count is showing as zero https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/438194-cat-food/ Any ideas please?
  4. Maybe the most suitable solution to the country's problem is to get it to detect the country in which it is being installed and to place a tick in the checkbox for that country. At least it will then be switched on for the majority of people who are using that forum and the administrator can gone to make suitable adjustments for the rest
  5. What I'm trying to explain is that I will would like to configure several categories and have each category viewable only in a particular forum. So for instance we have a "data protection" forum. I like to have a "data protection" links category that have that visible only in the relevant forum. We have a "court procedure" forum and I would like to be able to configure a category which appears only in that forum. That doesn't seem to be possible
  6. Hi, with 4.6, we don't seem to be able to hover over somebody's name and see where they are currently viewing. And this is my imagination, I'm sure that we were able to hover over the online name of any particular user and it would tell us where they were currently viewing. Is this feature not available now? Or is there something that I haven't correctly configured with the new version? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I think the only thing I don't really understand is for those groups which are configured to view the links directory, where does it appear? We have a set of sub- forums in our "library". I would want the links directory to appear in those sub- forums and I suppose appear as a separate sub- forum. I don't want it to appear on the main/home page. So I would want to be able to place it amongst these sub- forums below So that it would appear as another subforum in the list: Is that possible?
  8. Hi, I'm exploring the links directory application. It looks extremely interesting. I have some questions please: How can I configure the links directory so that it appears simply in it's own sub-forum? How can I configure the links directories so there is only accessible to certain groups? I could see that it is possible to configure categories in this way, but I don't see how to configure the entire links directory. Do you have to upload the thumbnail? Or is able simply to automatically retrieve a thumbnail image from the URL target? Also it seems that the thumbnail is not directly clickable. You have to click a link to the side of the thumbnail. Is this correct? I understand that you can configure it so that it checks each link once a week to make sure that the link is still working – is that correct? If so then that is a very awesome feature. I expect that I'll have some other questions when I have understood a little more. Thanks for helping me and for the support
  9. I'd love to see this links directory in action. The thumbnails on the marketplace are rather unclear. If anybody would care to post a link to their forum so that I can have a look at it working, I'd be very grateful. Two or three examples would be great
  10. Very relieved to see this update. We've installed it on our test site and it seems to work perfectly and has cured the problem which I posted above. Thank you. This is a really essential application – it saves endless repetitive posting and I would certainly recommend it to any site which gives advice or has lots of newbies who come in asking the same question all the time. Essential – (I said that already)
  11. it was exactly the same with me and then about 24 hours later it suddenly sprang into life – for no discernible reason. Now it works perfectly Admincp Front end
  12. @CodingJungle - any feedback on this please? Even if you can't come up with a fix immediately - simply a word about a possible update would be reassuring
  13. Hi, I've just noticed this and it looks like a great application and I'm thinking of subscribing to it. The last couple of comments concerning sending an email to somebody after a time of inactivity seems to me like a really useful feature. Maybe the most useful of all possible features. I understand that this could take a lot of processing power if it has to go through your entire database of users. We have nearly 400,000. However, I notice that you say that it needs to be triggered by a positive event rather than a negative event. Might it cut down the processing time if the positive event is somebody who was last active, say, between four and three weeks and that then begins a timer which at the expiry of four weeks then triggers the reminder email? So that the application is not going through the entire member database all the time Obviously the trigger event could be set by the forum administrator so that it begins at any number of weeks – depending on the amount of traffic coming through. There may even be something which would let the administrator know how many members a particular timer would involve any particular time. So that if I set the trigger at four weeks , anyone who visits today, would have a timer counting down and monitoring to see whether there was four weeks of inactivity. If there was four weeks of inactivity then the email would be sent out. Once that email was sent out, it wouldn't send any more unless that person came back and then there visit would be recorded as an event. Is this nonsense? I'm not a coder that I love the idea of this application and certainly sending out a message to people who haven't visited for a while would be brilliant
  14. I see this was apparently updated on Wednesday but it is still not marked as being compatible with 4.6. We still have the issue which I have flagged above are now 4.6.3 test site
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