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  1. Hi, here is a feature request. For personal sticky notes – how about having a "read" receipt? That will be very handy for administrators who are trying to contact individuals but without going back to the admin CP, it's not possible to see whether or not the sticky has been read. A little read receipt would be very helpful
  2. Hi, this plug-in was working fine and then a few months ago we suddenly noticed that it was doing very generalised Google searches – not against our own account. I got very busy and disabled it and we haven't been using it for several months. I've just tried using it again with your update but it's still the same thing. Frankly I don't understand anything about it and I may well set it up incorrectly although as I said, it was working perfectly when it was first installed. If you visit the website and choose the search on Google option, you will see that it searches all sources not simply our website. Could you advise please https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/
  3. Hi, I've just tried to upgrade from 1.3.1 and I'm told that there was something wrong. Have I missed the renewal date or something? If so, have I got to begin again paying the basic fee or can I get back onto the renewal programme? Thanks
  4. Você é - O CARA!!! (I hope that translates correctly and it's not something terribly rude)
  5. Feito na parte inferior? sim por favor
  6. Sorry – I don't speak Portuguese? What does this mean!!
  7. Yes – I know but somehow or other the previous version of sticky notes had the sticky note button at the bottom which made it very handy.
  8. The sticky note button is not appearing on the bottom of each post. It is in the drop-down menu on the top right hand side of each post.
  9. Brilliant news to have Adriano take over the the support for this application. The application is really useful and now that it is getting well supported, people should have no hesitation. And now here is a feature request! (Sorry AF!!) For personal notes, how about a notification sound and also a little pop-up at the bottom of the screen to tell people that they've got a sticky note? It would be nice to have a notification sound which is different to the standard one used on the Board.
  10. update, I've managed to do the second level menus and I'm too embarrassed to say what I got wrong – but I'll certainly put my hands up and said that it was my fault and something I didn't understand. So it's great. Very pleased with this app. If will be possible to add our own icons and also the word wrap – it might even be perfect! Sorry about the earlier confusion.
  11. Thanks. Yes I thought you were talking about narrowing it not widening it. I'd rather wait until you have sorted out the text wrapping – if that is possible because I don't want super wide menus coming down the site. Thanks all the same
  12. Tried this – and it narrows the menu of course but the word wrap problem is exactly the same I can guarantee you that I manage to find the glitches in almost every application or plug-in I buy! A developers nightmare, I'm afraid
    Very smart looking application. Goodness knows why this functionality has not been included as standard on the Invision platform – but maybe it's a good idea that the job has been undertaken by this developer as he is much more nimble in his support than Invision might be.
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