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    We had a very large forum which often receives uploads of quite personal documents from people who are looking for advice. We would normally prefer that they redact the documents but sometimes they forget some details or often they simply don't know how. We are then obliged to remove the documents and either ask them to repost them or else we redact them for them. Previously we've had to hide the entire post because we couldn't hide the document on its own. This plug-in is extremely useful because it means that we can hide the document and yet leave the post visible. What is also extremely useful here is that you don't have to open up the post to edit it and to do anything to the attachment. You simply click – one click and it's gone. Another click and it's back. Very nice and easy and very timesaving for a busy forum with a busy site team. What would be very nice would be an opportunity for a notification to be generated automatically to the person who posted the document to explain why it has been hidden. Maybe that will happen in a future version.
  1. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/
  2. Thanks for this. I should obviously have looked more carefully. However it would be very nice to see a proper directory listing which I'm sure could be arranged in a sortable table – alphabetical, by country, by subject matter, by size – et cetera. I suppose it would take very little work by Invision to assemble a table like this from the data they already hold. If people wanted to opt out of it then they could – or the Invision team could ask people if they wanted to opt into it – whatever seem to be the most appropriate.
  3. I haven't noticed on this website anywhere that there is a directory of Invision communities. If I've missed it then please point me to it. If it doesn't exist then it seems to me that it would be very interesting for lots of people to be able to have a look at the wide range of interests which are reflected amongst Invision platforms and also the variety of styles and approaches that are used by Invision communities around the world.
    This is a five-star app but three stars for the moment only because so far as I can see, it's not possible to designate particular groups to whom the app might apply. Busy admin and moderators who are receiving lots of new content notifications find it very time-consuming and unnecessary to have to follow the link and visit the topic in order to see what has been written. For this reason we've had to switch the app off – which is a real shame because I'm quite convinced that it would be extremely useful in encouraging people to visit the site rather than simply rely on the notification email. However, the interests of the staff on our site figure extremely high on the list of priorities. Other than that – the app installs extremely easily. It does exactly what it says it's going to do. You can configure the number of content which is visible on the email. It's really a very good idea. At $10 it's very good value. If we can simply designate affected groups then it will be a five-star app I'm sure.
    Dead topic Dead easy Dead good
    Why on earth are there no reviews for this excellent and very cheap plug-in. It's great. Installs easily. Works automatically. Adds a greater sense of identity to group membership. It's cheap Bravo
  4. It looks as if it was a good move for me to be an early adopter then – 😃
  5. That sounds great. Thanks very much. I think the price increases worth it as well – although have I got to pay the whole lot again or can I simply pay five bucks for the upgrade? Let us know when the new version is ready
    This is a very useful plug-in – very easy to install and very easy to set up. Very decent of the author to provide it free of charge despite its simplicity. A couple of queries – firstly although it is possible to set the colours of the social media icons, as far as I can see it's only possible to set a single colour rather than separate colours for each social icon in the case that I have pasted below, the three icons I'm using are all Twitter colours. I'd like to be able to set a colourful Twitter, a colourful Facebook and a colour for you tube this doesn't seem to be possible. Also there seems to be a glitch in that the links for the you tube icon and the Facebook icon both go to the same Facebook page even though in the admin CP I have configured the correct links. I don't know why this is. Actually I found the gltich In the original code the highlighted text says "facebook" Change it to "youtube" and it works correctly. Just the colours of the icons to sort out now
  6. Yes, I understand very well that you may have to comply with certain requirements. A big shame. If you would consider the other suggestions then I would certainly appreciate it and I can imagine that others would also. I can't imagine IPS would object to being able to flag IP addresses as undesirable at an early stage. This will be extremely useful – and as I said, if it can be done in the mod CP that would be great.
  7. Thanks. I've bought this application and I can see that it is going to have great potential. I really hope that you are going to be able to develop it. I have no idea why IPS should impose constraints upon it. I posted a review, but here it is again in order to continue this discussion in this thread
    I suppose we had better get one thing straight - the Post-Before-Registering function has been touted by Invision as a way of improving engagement of new members to your community. In practice, although this is a nice idea and it probably does happen, but Invision have really missed the point.the real value of the PBR function is to honeytrap spammers and to ban their IP addresses and email addresses before they go public. Unfortunately, this honeytrap function has not been usable until Adriano wrote this application which gives you access to PBR posts and related IP and email data. Bravo! I originally gave this app only 4 stars the full five stars because it needed a lot more features although it was a very good start. I understand that the lack of some features may be because of constraints which have been imposed by IPS. If so that's a great shame. However, Adriano has very quickly produced a new version with a lot more functionality. Five stars This app installs extremely easily and then in the "community" section on the admin CP there is an opportunity to see a log of posts which have been made under the "post before registration" system. This is what you get: It can now also be accessed through the ModCP which allows the entire site team to help out dealing with overnight posters. This is a great improvement from Adriano at the very least this gives you an idea of how many genuine people you have got trying to access your board by using the system. In the case I've listed above there are an overwhelming number of spammers – and as far as I'm concerned this is great because it means that by and large they never make it onto the public forum. It is now possible to access the IP address of the poster, to see where it resolves to and also to ban it. It is also possible to ban the email address. This is exactly what was needed and this allows the true usefulness of the PBR to be exploited. It would be useful if there was a bulk delete so that anything that is not genuine can be got rid of straightaway rather than have to wait the 30 days. Additionally, it would be a great idea to be able to identify genuine posters and have some way of messaging them to ask them if they need any help. I understand that this is not permitted because of IPS/Invision protocols. It is entirely possible that some genuine posters have attempted to post using the system and then for some reason rather have given up and then come into the forum again may be on a different email address and eventually post it. It will be nice to identify those people. It would be very nice to have another notification icon alongside the bell and the envelope at the top right hand corner which might flag up to admin that there is another attempt to post before registration. In that case one might be able to react immediately with an instant message to that person may be by means of a sticky note asking them if they want any help. This might encourage engagement even more – which I understand is precisely what "post before registration" sets out to do. I'm certainly looking forward to the further development of this app. I'm amazed that in the 12 days since we upgraded to 4.4.2 and activated the "post before registration" function, we have had at least 80 spammers which have attempted to post by this route. I think that the Invision team should re-evaluate the PBR facility and adjust their focus from new member engagement to improving its functionality as a honey trap feature. If they were to do that, then who knows what further useful innovation and development might occur as a result.
  8. We've now had two or three instances of people who say that they have posted a topic and then couldn't find it. I think that this is linked to "post before registering" but unfortunately as I'm not aware that there are any logs or information which are available to admin in respect of this, it's difficult to track down and to understand what is happening. I'm sure that it is probably because of user error – but on the other hand, we have to acknowledge that there are many people who are under confident and under competent with online communities and so we have to make sure that the system is as forgiving as possible. Otherwise it will only undermine those kinds of people even more and possibly have the effect of sending them away which is precisely the opposite of what is intended to be achieved. So here's once again a call for a logging feature & clear evidence as to who is coming onto the forum and using this system and who is either failing or succeeding.
    I wish it was possible to allocate different star ratings to different aspects of the application/plug-in. I've given it three stars here – but that's because of the installation problems and also a glitch and also a missing feature. In terms of usefulness – it's definitely five stars. It's a great application once I had it installed and all the teething problems were sorted out. Bear in mind that it's only been fully installed this morning so we've only had a few hours of experience with it. Also, it's clear that the installation problems that I'm going to refer to don't seem to have been experienced by anyone else giving these reviews. We have a very large forum. We recently converted from vBulletin and we are all trying to get used to the new environment. We had a previous version of stickynotes installed and I have to say that installing that was problematic and it took several goes to get it working – including having to clear the cache and disable the small number of plug-ins that we had at that time. Bear in mind that at that time our forum was almost a virgin Invision installation but unfortunately the one modification which caused problems was this stickynotes. This time we decided to upgrade stickynotes and by now the forum has quite a number of plug-ins and applications – although the theme is absolutely standard except with some colour changes. The installation didn't go smoothly. The process had to be repeated several times and eventually it nearly brought the forum down and we were obliged to revert to default, disable plug-ins, clear the cash et cetera. Eventually the application installed – I have no idea why it suddenly happened – but we then found that a large number of our settings had been changed – sometimes to defaults – and sometimes it simply just changed. It's taken a couple of hours to win things back to the way that we wanted. However, the stickynotes application is in place and so far it seems to be working very well indeed. It's extremely useful because it means you can message people instantly and place a very prominent message in a prominent place on their screens and there's no doubt that anybody is even mildly attentive is going to see it. There's also an opportunity for those people to reply to you. One great thing is that you can into the permissions so that only the site team can send the stickynotes but anyone can receive them and any recipient can reply back to the site team. There are two ways of sending stickynotes. One is global – and that means that you effectively send a message out to anybody in a particular group. That can be all of your users if you want – and we have almost 400,000. Alternatively, you can send out personal messages addressed to a single user. Very nice touch is that at the bottom of each post is a link to send a sticky note and the message form pops up and will automatically find its way to the author of that post. This is really convenient and it's a great way to send instant messages. One surprising thing seems to be that if you want to send personal messages, you can only send it to a single addressee. It's a bit of a shame that it's limited in this way – and I'm not too sure why this is although maybe there is some very practical coding reason for this. However, if you are sending private messages you can send them to as many individual recipients as you want and I'm surprised that the stickynotes system doesn't allow you to do that – or at least I don't think it does – because this would save having to prepare several duplicate messages if you want to send to more than one person. You can take that as a feature request. If there's something I've misunderstood – then I apologise now – please let me know how you can send personal stickynotes to several people. Secondly, this seems to be a bit of a glitch in my view. When I tried to send a sticky note containing a URL, URL didn't wrap and in fact went beyond the stickynotes. Of course the message did its job – but it didn't look very elegant. Once again, it may be a coding problem that prevents this being addressed – but it would be nice if the URL would wrap and that the entire message appeared within the confines of the to connect. As I've already said, I'm not aware that other people have had a similar installation problem – but if you do, then maybe it should be reported here. Once it gets working, it's brilliant. Once it is installed and settled it's definitely a five-star application However, the problem with the non-wrapping URLs continues and it's a bit of a bother I'd be very interested to see if anybody else could try including a long URL on a sticky note and seeing whether or not it wraps. It spoils an otherwise very nice looking application
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