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  1. Hi, it might be an interesting feature to be able to have the main forum block with latest topics and latest posts et cetera – then when you descend into a category/subcategory a block shows the latest topics and latest posts in that subcategory. I don't think this is possible at the moment
  2. Hi, this "track members" facility is so incredibly useful, I don't know how we managed without it before and why it isn't a standard part of the Invision platform. I know I've raised this before and you said that you could be in a future version – but here is a real plea for the following features. Able to sort on each column – I refer to this earlier and here's a screenshot: – Alerts configurable according to number of searches within N minutes or visits to user profiles or follows within N minutes. also, I haven't mentioned this before it would make things a little easier if there was a "change settings" column and a "stop tracking" column instead of having to click to select a drop-down menu and then make the selection. Although the drop-down menu may not seem like much work, we tend to find that most of our spammers come in overnight and so in the morning it's always a bit of a job to find the new registrations and then to check them. If we were able to sort on latest registrations "joined" and they just go ahead and click to change settings where we were suspicious, this would make things much easier. Having to click a drop-down menu first all is a bit lumpy – but of course the most important thing is to be able to sort the list on particular columns. I see that in your drop-down menu one can select "view log entries" but actually by clicking directly on the number of log entries against a username, one can get there directly so it's really not necessary to have it on the drop-down menu at all. An alternative to having a separate column for "change settings" would simply to make the "tracked until" date clickable which would go directly to the change settings pop up. In other words this would work in exactly the same way as the clickable blog entries figure. "Content count" could click directly to the content. In fact I think the only new column which would be needed would be "stop tracking" and then the drop-down menu could be gotten rid off altogether. I suppose this will take time and obviously I don't understand the complications of it – but please please please – to be able to sort on each column would be a fantastic start – please please please!
  3. Thanks. I must have read it but not have taken in the meaning. I thought the yellow highlight was simply there to make it look pretty!! (And thanks for the amazingly fast response)
  4. I'm afraid there may be an issue. I'm not quite sure what it is. However, if I spot somebody that needs tracking – or if I want to extend the existing tracking of a new member, then I click the "indefinitely" checkbox and then save it. When I open it up again, the checkbox is not ticked. I'm trying to work out whether it is just a cosmetic problem or in fact if the tracking is not working.
  5. Keyword tooltips Hi, could you help. We rely on your keyword tooltips app very heavily. We probably have at least a couple hundred or more configured going all over the place or with convoluted explanations. We've been running version – I think – 3.2.2 since about June and I just decided to upload and try out your latest version 3.2.5 on our test site. All of the existing keywords have stopped working. Luckily I kept an old version of your application and reinstall that and everything came back and started working again. So it seems that for some reason rather there may be some incompatibility between your new version and the keywords which are configured with the old version. It's just too much work to have to go and reconfigure all of the old keywords again but I'd really like to use some of the new features and keep up to date. Can you advise please. Thanks
  6. Here's another feature request – We are learning from this extremely useful member tracking app that when spammers come onto the forum, they start off by making a huge number of visits/searches in a relatively short time. It would be incredibly useful to get an alert about this. So if there was a possibility to send an alert by email in the event that there had been X number of log entries within X number of minutes in respect of a new member, this might help us grab spammers before they started to make posts. It might even be possible to use the same setting to choose to put people automatically on moderation as well as sending an alert
  7. Last time you said something like that it was ready within about an hour!
  8. Okay – here's another feature request. Is it possible to get the column headings clickable so that the tracking details can present either in alphabetical order, or date order – blah blah depending on which column you click At the moment it is only alphabetical – but it's generally speaking very useful to see who the latest people are or which group you are dealing with. Thanks
  9. No I don't mind the extra click. as long as I have it correct that you have to stop it first and then restart it with the new time limit
  10. Thanks, – I have found out how to do it, but my version doesn't work like that. 1.24 updated today. You have to go to the user profile – change settings – stop tracking – then you have to start it again – track member – and then you can set the amount of time or indefinitely. You can't simply go to the settings window and change the amount of tracking time – although you can change all the other parameters on the fly.
  11. Hi, could you remind me how to alter the tracking settings for an individual. We have new users who have attracted our interest because they may be spammers and so I want to change their particular settings so that they are tracked for a longer period. I know the setting is there but I can't find any more. Thanks
    Extremely useful application. If you are being bothered by spammers or trolls then you will be very pleased to have this application installed. It automatically tracks all new members for about three days but you can then set it to track other people permanently or for other defined periods if you want. Here's a thread which I have just posted in which this tracking application was extremely helpful in understanding the problem of a Ukraine spammer
  12. I'd like to flag this up as a fairly important feature request please. If you look at the thread below you will see what the problem is and I don't know if anybody has had this problem – but it seems to me that being able to restrict new members to follow other members unless they have had a certain number of posts would be very helpful. This facility already exists for messages.
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