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  1. Great. It's working well. Thanks for your help. Two feature requests: firstly, having the "news ticker" label on the left hand side is a great touch on a desktop. On a mobile phone display it's too much. It takes up too much space. Any chance of being able to select a different one – much smaller, maybe as an icon – or even switch off for mobile displays. I suppose the most flexible would be to have three different labels which one could configure for a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile phone. Secondly, when it reaches the end of the ticker (meaning the whole series of messages) there is then a long space before the message series starts again. Any chance that it could be set so that it is a continuous carousel? Or at least the length of the gap could be set in the configuration. Thanks
  2. By the way, in your HTML code you have named the colours and I found that this didn't work for us. I had to replace the names with the #colour codes and then that worked. However the separators won't display colour whatever I do
  3. Okay. I had been copying your code into the test site ticker which was still the old version – and as you have seen, that didn't work correctly. I've now copied the code into the custom ticker on the live site – and it works perfectly. Obviously I should have done that first of all. Couple of little things – the old ticker used to have a nice little red dot separating each message. It was a nice touch. Anyway that I can get that back? Also, are you able to give me the tagline to move it up to the top? If I can get that sorted, I'll leave you in peace! But thanks very much indeed for all your help.
  4. Thanks. I copied the code into the testsite and the ticker messages are on top of each other rather than in a row. Also very small text. Colours display well.
  5. Yes, that's the test site with the old version and it's working perfectly. It's the live site which was upgraded and that's the one which is now displaying without colour – and also I'd like to move the position to the very top as well as having the borders above and below. The live site is at www.nationalconsumerservice.co.uk Just to be clear – I want the live site to display colours in exactly the way that they display correctly on the test site. I've put in exactly the same HTML code in both and for some reason rather the colour doesn't display on the live site since the upgrade.
  6. This is how it is displaying on the live site with the plug-in upgrade No colour – and below the logo et cetera toolbar. This is how it is displaying on the test site ticker text displayed in various colours. Right at the top of the page.
  7. Sorry I don't fully understand. Exactly the code which I am including below is display correctly with colours on the test site but not on the live site with the upgrade there is only one ticker at the moment which is the one that you can see on the test site right at the top and on the live site, below the logo bar.
  8. As far as me having to be patient – don't worry, I think you are responding very quickly. Thank you. It's a great plug-in. I'm looking forward to putting one at the bottom of the page as well. I'd really like to get the colour display sorted out. I can't think of any further features at the moment – but I'm sure I will within seconds of you having finished and uploaded your next version!.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I understood that I had to put a template tag in – but I'm afraid that I didn't know what to put. I be very grateful if you could help me there. I'd like to reproduce exactly what we have here on our test site https://www.cagtest.co.uk/ including the top and bottom little margins on it. There, the ticker really is perfect. I was interested in your upgrade because I wanted to try and have multiple tickers although I haven't tried this yet. ===================== in terms of the colours, I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. I'm talking about the text colours and once again if you have a look at the test site, you will find that the ticker messages are in a variety of colours. Exactly the same code has been used for the upgrade in our live site but the colours aren't displaying. +++++++++++++++++++ thanks for the advice on the bottom ticker. I'll try in the next few days. Also, I'm looking forward to your next upgrade which will restore margins/spaces et cetera.
  10. Actually I now see at the old version on a test site that there are a lot more positions offered and also styles. All of this flexibility seems to have gone on the new one. The spacers are no longer available in fact they made it very much more attractive and stand out more
  11. Thank you @Nathan Explosion. I contacted Invision support and they have sorted it out and I have downloaded the upgrade. Now a couple of questions for @TAMAN I'm afraid. Firstly, the previous version was positioned right at the top of the page. Now it is below the logo et cetera bar. I suppose there is some code to place it one of the top but I have no idea what it might be. Could you help please? Second curious thing is that it hasn't implemented the colours. There are HTML colours for each message in the ticker that they are all displaying in grey at the moment. Got any ideas why that might be? Thanks Also, I understand that you can do multiple tickers now. Great news. Am I able to put one at the bottom of the page with different messages?
  12. The IPS is completely up-to-date. Here is our website so you can see the ticker working. www.nationalconsumerservice.co.uk
  13. @TAMAN Hi, I've just received notification of the update of this brilliant plug-in. I tried to update it from the admin CP and I'm very surprised because it tells me that it is a custom installation and that I need to renew the licence. I don't know why it is marked as "custom". We've been using a long time and it's brilliant but I bought it through the Invision marketplace. Please can you help me. Thanks
  14. Just to confirm to everybody who might be interested in this application – it looks as if the installation issue we had on our forum was a glitch and in fact 10 minutes later the problem had cleared itself and everything works very well. We are very pleased with this Menu Plus application and the response time of the developer.
  15. Okay – panic over. I did what happened but after about 10 minutes, the site returned to normal. I'm afraid I didn't take a screenshot of what had gone wrong but in fact the entire Invision layout completely disappeared and we just had links and a huge top logo. The update seems to be working now that please be aware that you may get other people who are commenting on the same thing. Although seems to be working now, there clearly seems to be some very frightening installation glitch
  16. Huge problem with latest version of Menu Plus Here is our live forum after the update https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/ Here is the test forum which is not updated I have even now switched off Menu Plus on the live site and the problem is still there. I have no idea what to do. Please help
  17. We've had to restrict the use of JPEG files on our forum and have limited file uploads to PDFs .doc etc. However it would be very handy if the site team could upload JPEG files when necessary. I don't see that there is any way to allow this. Anybody any ideas? Is it something I've missed? Thanks
  18. I can't remember whether it keeps a log of people's logon attempts. It doesn't then some kind of blog would be great.
  19. Sounds great. Thank you. On the business of making it available to moderators – is it possible not to do that – or else to make it available only to specific moderators? Thanks
  20. Hi, here is a feature request. For personal sticky notes – how about having a "read" receipt? That will be very handy for administrators who are trying to contact individuals but without going back to the admin CP, it's not possible to see whether or not the sticky has been read. A little read receipt would be very helpful
  21. Hi, this plug-in was working fine and then a few months ago we suddenly noticed that it was doing very generalised Google searches – not against our own account. I got very busy and disabled it and we haven't been using it for several months. I've just tried using it again with your update but it's still the same thing. Frankly I don't understand anything about it and I may well set it up incorrectly although as I said, it was working perfectly when it was first installed. If you visit the website and choose the search on Google option, you will see that it searches all sources not simply our website. Could you advise please https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/
  22. Hi, I've just tried to upgrade from 1.3.1 and I'm told that there was something wrong. Have I missed the renewal date or something? If so, have I got to begin again paying the basic fee or can I get back onto the renewal programme? Thanks
  23. Você é - O CARA!!! (I hope that translates correctly and it's not something terribly rude)
  24. Feito na parte inferior? sim por favor
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