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  1. BankFodder's post in Bulk delete the approval queue was marked as the answer   
    Well I have finally managed to vacate the approval queue of all 17,000+ posts.

    Nothing sophisticated – nothing elegant – I simply downloaded a little macro and set it to work for nearly a full day clicking and deleting clicking and deleting clicking and deleting and eventually we have managed to get rid of all of those posts from our vBulletin days going back to 2006.

    I have to say that using such a brutish method of dealing with this problem is quite extraordinary.

    Once again I need to make the point that the lack of consistency in interfaces depending on what screen of data you are looking at is quite extraordinary and I would thought that it would be helpful for Invision themselves and also their clients to be able to have a standard interface. It seems to me to be axiomatic that when one is looking at any collection of data that there should at least be a sorting function, a bulk action function which includes bulk delete or selective delete with the ability to enter various criteria for deletion including posts by a particular user, by a particular date, containing particular keywords – et cetera.

    The variety of interfaces suggests to me that this part of the Invision platform was designed by committee – and not one committee, but several committees who by and large don't talk to each other very much.

    And now to turn to this post by @Morrigan
    I notice that in June you actually started a topic in the forum which you think is appropriate for putting feedback and suggestions and which apparently Invision pay attention to when considering future developments – and you broadly suggested what I am referring to above in this thread.

    However, it seems that your comments have had no effect at all.

    It seems that the feedback and suggestions forum is not all that it's cracked up to be. But thanks for your suggestion anyway

    In the meantime, I recommend that if people have this kind of problem, that they fall back on a little macro – we got ours from sourceForge. Very rudimentary – but it works very well
  2. BankFodder's post in Global ignore facility was marked as the answer   
    oh dear.
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