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  1. Hi Makoto, Thanks for the quick reply - what we're trying to do is to use tags on our news items in order to categorize them and display certain news items on certain sections and on the main news page. For example: We have a page with db(pages database) of news items: NEWSITEM1 - Tagged with TAG1,TAG2 NEWSITEM2 - Tagged with TAG3,TAG5 NEWSITEM3 - Tagged with TAG7 We also other pages on the site that suppose to display news that were tagged with certain tags For example NEWSSECTIONABOUTUSA - This page needs to display all news items that were tagged with TAG7 or TAG3 NEWSSECTIONABOUTASIA - This page needs to display all news items that were tagged with TAG1 hopes it explains what we're trying to achieve... That's doable with your app?
  2. Hi, pre-purchase question: is it possible to use the radical tags to add only items from a db that were tagged with specific tags? thanks
  3. Lol! I've never had 1 time that I remember that I could update/upgrade the forum without any issue... LOL who is doing the QA over there?? I am getting: Fatal error: Undefined constant 'IPS\TEST_DELTA_ZIP' in /home/public_html/forum/applications/core/modules/admin/system/upgrade.php on line 99 someone have any idea?
  4. I tried that, but it still gives me the same error. possible the theme i use doesn't support the new update?
  5. Hey guys, I've upgraded to the latest version of IPBoard! and when i am going into a user's profile it gives me this error below. hope you can help? Call to undefined method IPS\Content\Search\Result\Content::activityStreamHtml() in /home/ocreport/public_html/forum/system/Theme/Theme.php(692) : eval()'d code on line 2208
  6. Yes, theme was built based on the original (created by the forum) so shouldn't be any problem there. I might re-install it from the beginning then.. will it continue to run off the db that I already have? or will it wipe it?
  7. what do you mean reuploading the suite from client suite? you download the upgrade zip, unzip upload the files via ftp to the server and hit continue in the admin. So i have to setup the theme of the forum to the original one before doing any upgrade? I heard people saying something about it? i have no clue.
  8. Hey, I am trying to upgrade my forum to the latest Version:, I have uploaded all the files needed, on the forum I press 'Continue' and then I am getting an error: NO_STEP - applications/core/sources/Setup/Upgrade.php::line 210 elseif ( !method_exists( $this, "step{$step}" ) ) { throw new \BadMethodCallException( 'NO_STEP' ); } without the upgrade, the forum works just fine.
  9. Hey, For some reason, usage on my forum installation leads to core_cach table to get currupted! I have manually repaired the table through mysql tools, but does anyone know why this is happening?
  10. Hey, I would like for IPBoard to send a second email of my liking to the sign up (and verified) user! How can I achieve that? Hack the code? Is there a way to set up a logic to send an extra mail upon verification of the sign up? Thanks!
  11. Yup, got it! It was the spam service!!! invisionpower should definitely add a posible solutions on this error page!!!! thanks!!
  12. Hey, I've setup the twitter handler with everything needed (api keys, secret...etc), authentication works, and i am being redirected back to my forum where i have to insert an email account to use for registration. After inserting the email, I am getting this error message: "You are not permitted to register a user account with this site." Error code: 2S272/1 now what???
  13. Hey Pete T, I'm using 4.0.x. it seems like what fixed it is re-enabling the designer mode and clicking the advanced sync option in the drop down menu of the theme's options. but then re-editing the theme (designer mode) and saving the new colors will still bring the issue back. is there some kind of cache ??? why can't it load the theme after every refresh ? manual work will not work, "This theme file could not be saved"
  14. Hey Guys, I installed the forum, updated it with the latest upgrade (yes, the NO_SET error is still happening) and I made sure the /themes/ folder is writeable. Now, I create a new theme, give it a name -> save -> and change the colors (designer mode) -> save -> no changes in the website. (I changed to the theme in the bottom of the forum), going back to the skin editor it loads the skin but without the changes... whats going on? Then I went to the manual css/html editor, did some changes -> Save -> and I get this: This theme file could not be saved So what to do now? I can't edit my theme with designer mode or manual editor? I can see there is a new ID to the theme I created, but I don't see any folder for it in the /themes/ folder ...? what now?
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