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  1. @Fosters for some reason the application page is not loading any content, it just shows the title bar and the page is empty. Is there a reason this happens, like a noob mistake on my end or is it something more serious? Something like another admin disabling showing on the index page perhaps?
  2. It would be great if we could get a revamp for the email templates as they are a bit lackluster in some places (like conversation replies) and it would be fantastic! Thanks!
  3. Could it be implemented that in the monkeyPatch method, code could be cached to disk/redis/wherever so the code to be executed is not always processed per request but could be saved? This could be a healthy compromise to deal with the eval method. Thanks!
  4. All the applications and plugins will always end up meeting the method monkeyPatch in the init.php file, and when looking at improvements to performance this may be the biggest area and also the hardest. I'm not sure if the PHP opcache will optimize code executed by eval. As with many languages, eval is known to be `evil` but also not very fast and I'm wondering what sort of approach to optimize this method would be. Would we have to wait for a more significant version release to rectify this issue or are there any plans to modify it coming in IPB 4.x? I'm no expert but that monkeyPatch has been a doozy when wanting to do more significant changes with apps/plugins and when trying to best optimize them as well. Thanks!
  5. Any work on changes to the plugin/application system of loading the entire PHP file in, doing a str_replace and EVALing the entire thing as doesn't using EVAL prevent opcache-specific optimizations from functioning? (haven't looked into it so not sure if true)
  6. Ya'll got any of those updates for this application?
  7. Can you send me that version as well I am experiencing the same issue.
  8. I'll try to replicate and have an update out by this weekend!
  9. Could an extension for items be created so I can make my own item types easily? @TheJackal84
  10. At the very least, a way within applications to have your JS/CSS files combined together without a hacky solution, since having 10 addons with a bunch of styles/scripts gets big quick.
  11. What about a JS combiner or something like AMD for all the files that stack up on a website.
  12. Version 1.1.5


    This applications lets you upload an icon or use a fontawesome icon on the menu/navigation. It is fully built into the menu manager so no learning curve required. Features include: Icons appear on primary navigation bar, as well as the mobile bar. Allows for various icon types including images, FontAwesome icons, or raw HTML/CSS to not have to mess around with your templates. Live viewing of your icon directly in the menu manager. I'll release updates and whatnot, let me know what you think!


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