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  1. When I click on "Redeem My Points" this happens: Which is fine since I don't need the feature, but I'd rather make the tab disappear at this point.
  2. Yes, that worked for me. Thanks I was wrong. The tab is still there
  3. Hi, I'd like to remove the redeem tab on the users' profiles. We're not using the feature, so I've disabled it through the basic points settings, but somehow it's still there.
  4. Sorry to bother you again Adriano, can we have the icon moved down here? Otherwise it also shows up to non-logged-in users, which might be confusing for them.
  5. Ok, thanks. I figured out a workaround for this. I'll leave it here just in case anyone else is interested in this. I'm using group promotion to add members in specific secondary groups as soon as they register. Then I use the same tool to auto-move them into another primary group that's not affected by the group promotion system. This will allow members of the above mentioned group to override GP and leave the secondary groups whenever they need to via account settings (this app).
  6. Hello, does that mean that we cannot demote members based on inactivity?
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that allows user to choose if they want to join a list of user groups upon registration, right? Since new users may not understand what the groups are intended for, I'd like to force them to join specific secondary groups upon registration, and then grant them the choice to eventually leave the said groups..
  8. Sorry, I wan't addressing any bug as I acknowldege that your app works exactly as it's meant to. I was asking if there's any work around for that or if you're planning to add the option to set default secondary groups on registrations (assuming it's even possible of course).
  9. Hey there, Using the inbuilt group promotion system I was able to auto-set a few secondary groups on every active member on my board. In other words, members that join the community are added by default to a list of secondary groups. I'd like to keep using your app in order to let the above members leave the groups at wish, but it somehow conflicts with IPS's group promotion and won't let they leave (users get added back to the secondary group as soon as they try to leave them).
  10. Hello, Can't find the option that regulates how points are given based on reactions. Sorry, just found it on each reaction's setting panel. Thanks for the great addon, works just awesome!
  11. Apologies, I just found out this wasn't related to your app at all. My bad entirely. Everything works fine now, thanks again for the update.
  12. Yes. Speaking of good choice of words, I can't really say "short while" anymore since this time it's been working for at least 3 hours. What I can say for sure now (I just verified), is that the topic stops displaying the dice every time I use the support tool (and therefore clear the cache). Not sure if that's the only cause tho'. To solve this I'm forced to uninstall the plugin and then reupload it (uploading the same version as a "new one" doesn't help).
  13. Sorry I should have clarified this in the first post: the way it behaves on my board the plugin doesn't crash immediately after the install. It actually works for a while (let's say for an average 20 min) and then suddenly stops to function properly. The crash itself doesn't cause the options or buttons to vanish. Only the dices embedded in the posts disappear.
  14. Hello, This is very useful on my board but the plugin somehow ceases to function on IPS 4.3 and above (I'm running 4.3.1). Could we have this updated?
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