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  1. Hello, I am facing problem with not being able to save active maps in the map manager, I can move them from the right column to the left column, but the new arrangement is not being saved. I am using 4.4.1 and the latest map app. Thank you.
  2. I am getting this error message when clicking on ads.. [[Template classifieds/front/view/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  3. I think it is 'lastmod' means last modified date(time), on my icon it show correct time, on others' icons last modified.
  4. Yes please, Feed widget on the main forum page, horizontal mode.
  5. Hello, I would appreciate if) the Quiz Feed follows the same formatting as other applications (Classifieds, Links, Gallery etc.), currently the icons are very small and not well presented..
  6. It seems that the categories of adverts within the Classifieds application keep always on top of the right column, forcing other hooks to be below. For example the system Announcement hooks then falls at the bottom of the page, which is not practical, can this be fixed?
  7. I have noticed the Adverts Feed hook doesn't follow the same formatting as the Feed hook within the Classifieds application. When used on the main community page, the thumbnails are smaller (than in the application, and than thumbnails of other applications' feed) and the titles are not being trimmed. Is it something that could be fixed?
  8. I had the same problem, installed the 1.2.8 version (believing it is the new version) now after upgrading to 1.3.0 I am getting 500 Error. Any idea how to resolve it?
  9. It is working for me: http://www.cechoslovaci.com/membermap/ ?
  10. Excellent and my few notes: 1. I would appreciate if Settings I could chose if I need additional step to chose my FB page the content should be promoted to. 2. I would enjoy promoting to LinkedIn profile 3. It seems that the size of images being shared on FB is not the largest (but rather medium or small) I would prefer if the maximum size is chosen 4. I would appreciate if Clubs, Blogs, Dowlais and even applications themselves could be promotable too (maximise the spectrum of promote learning content) 5. During promoting to FB, the content link in the editing window can be easily deleted and then the whole post on FB is not linking back, thinking NG how this could be prevented to happen. 6. Would be nice to have a hook for the side panel enabling display of 1 item with option for manual or automated slides how of all promotes.
  11. svit

    New: Clubs

    Mixed feelings.. I am glad to see this implementation of Clubs as part of the Suite, since it may grow well into the suite as a whole, at the same time the functionality 'copies' the existing Collabs modul, which I have purchased long time ago and have been using since, I am not sure whether you have been discussing your plan to implement the Clubs with the module author, but from the reactions doesn't seem like so, the amount of the time the author of the script has invested must have been enormous. Similarly, one day we can get to know that Classifieds module has been provided by the team etc. I guess this is life..
  12. It seems that themes currently enable us to have only 1 site logo uploaded. With multilingual sites I would appreciate if we could be uploading multiple logos - depending on the users' language. Unless I have missed something, this doesn't seem to be currently possible..
  13. Thank you, that is very useful, still it would be nice to have multiselect option available for deleting multiple users like spammers.
  14. Is there any way to mass select unwanted members for their deletion? I am facing excessive registration of spammers and I would like to have them deleted from my members list. Ideally, I would select them by ticking boxes (or the whole column) and delete them in two clicks. I am unsure how to achieve it at the moment.
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