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  1. My comment was a follow up on our post from 11 Oct when we have raised the issue, we would really appreciate if a fix could get released soon, thanks.
  2. Hi any progress with the fix?, I think for the time being it would be enough to ensure manual inputs of the location has priority over geolocating input. Its been a couple of days since our members see completely different countries than they are in, which doesn't make the app usable at the moment.
  3. Hello, there seems to be a bug in the latest version of the plugin: when activating the 'Column Border Separation' the separator is projected to forum posts as well. Resulting in line as shown below: IPS heldpesk identified the issue here:
  4. We find the Community Map application very important for our sites (expats living abroad) and we are exploring ways how to 'project/promote' it more on the main page so that it is more obvious to first-time visitors that the map is available. While we have created a 'block' via pages (just a simple png file as shown below), we think there is a great potential of having it interactive as a 'hook', so that we could position it on top of the forums etc. Would it be possible/practical? I think introducing hooks for the app users would open doors to further use of this great application.
  5. As someone else mentioned, we too don't get countries saved as per members' choices, instead, other countries are getting assigned, which makes the app unusable for us, unfortunately. If you could have a look at it would be appreciated.
  6. Below is the response I received from the helpdesk, could you please raise the issue with the dev team if possible, so that we gain access to the plugin please? ""
  7. Hi it is a great news seeing the plugin been upgraded inlc, all the new features, thank you for that! In our ACP Marketplace however there is no option to upgrade from previous version. We have the previous version installed, configured and paired with the marketplace, yet marketplace doesn't recognize the new version as a new version and it states, that the plugin is already installed. Any advice here?
  8. Is it possible to run Classifieds without a Commerce? On all our 3 installations we don't need any transaction facility since we just need to display adverts and let the members communicate via PMs. In other words we need only only probably 50% of functions Classifieds are offering at the moment and yet we are required to pay Commerce in order to have Classified running. In case it is required, would it be feasible to consider any light version of the application, which would not be dependent on Classifieds?
  9. Hi, the plugin is working on all our five 4.5.3 sites without any issue, no issue with upgrades at all.
  10. Was there an intention to import the translated language pack from Member Map as well? It seems in my case the Community Map needs to be translated from scratch. Just wanted to ask if I haven't overlooked anything.
  11. It appears the Community Map has been made public in the Marketplace! I managed to purchase it and upgrade the old Member Map app already and everything went smoothly! Thanks to Martin for supporting us and having the application 4.5 ready! To all admins, please note the note regarding upgrade in the file description.
  12. I had 'the previous' version installed, since I am keeping all ups up-to-date, unfortunately, the site is down, due to the incomplete upgrade of the latest IPS patch which cannot be completed due to the hick-up of the Auto Welcome app, could you please advise on any patch which would help us with this issue?
  13. during the auto welcome upgrade i got this error message: and later when trying to apply IPS fix ('something is not working properly') I got this:
  14. This happened to me on 2 of my 5 installations too, I would also appreciate any advise of how this could be fixed..
  15. Would it be possible to release a 4.5 'beta' patch so that we restore functionality of the Member Map for those of us who have 4.5 installed? I understand ensuring application compliance with the new IPS marketplace guidelines may take some time. This model was very helpful when followed by some other developers.
  16. Can I ask for opinion regarding the best workflow to be adopted when trying to import large number of KMLs into the Member Map. Say I would like to import of country's embassies/consulates into the map, there can be 100 of them. What I started doing is to locate them individually in Google Earth first and saving them each to My Spaces within a dedicated folder. Do I have to export them again individually into my PC as KML/KMZ and then again individually import them to Member Map via ACP? This seems to be a lengthy process, is there any easier way?
  17. I find it would be very interesting to have a live webinars provided IPS on dedicated topics (say 4.5 themes, 4.5 Pages etc.) including a space for Q/As. I would really benefit form being taken through various hidden corners of the IPS apps. The resulting videos could be made available here for offline watching and for technical support reference. Great for team bonding too :) What do you think?
  18. I too would like to know how to set that online guests' number is a number of actual human visitors (rather than both human visitors and search engines), I wonder what value it has for me as an admin to know that there are 265 search engines currently active on my sites.
  19. [UPDATE: Found this option as 'Manual Thumbnail Upload' in the Edit Link 🙊] I would find useful if links could have thumbnails auto generated as well as optionally manually uploadable. From time to time I am not happy with the auto generated thumbnails and I don't seem to have any way how to upload my own image (without changing the settings in ACP each time). Have I missed anything?
  20. Hi, would this work for you? ACP -> Members -> Groups -> Permissions (The lock icon) -> Classifieds -> Add Advert (Yes/No)
  21. Since IPS are already in 4.5B10, some of us have it installed on our live sites (I know it generally was not recommended, but in real world that's what admins were doing after series of Betas released in order to implement or test the new functionality on their sites) Some application authors have already updated their apps and had them approved in the official 4.5 marketplace. I myself have several of the newly approved apps installed on my live sites. I am mentioning this as I think it is really safe to update the apps being a developer and that the admins/clients would greatly benefit from
  22. I have upgraded to 4.5B10 and while the application works on the front end, I have noticed few glitches in the ACP - inability to add font awesome new icons from the offered list + a few other ones. Would it be possible to share any plans regarding upgrade of the application? Many thanks in advance. PS. I am receiving similar error message to this one:
  23. Thank you for the update, this could be a good solution. From a recent support ticket response I have received I understand the matching of applications (and respective updates notifications) is not currently fully functional and should be fixed in the next upcoming release, I am looking forward to having this working.
  24. Hi unsure if it is intention or a bug, but the 'Admin Note' (which I find otherwise very useful) doesn't remember the height I set by dragging the window. I am often pasting several notes or shorter paragraphs of text in the window and each time the window shrinks back to some default height keeping some text hidden, which is not adding to the best experience. For me it would be much useful of the window height was remembered by ACP so that each time I find the notes the way I left them last time...
  25. Hi my feedback is regarding the ACP marketplace: As an admin the key message I would like to be receiving from the ACP Marketplace is to see update on applications I have purchased. (or potentially which I am following) I would appreciate if on the main Marketplace view the purchased apps would be listed with indication which offer updates. (If this function is meant to be currently offered via ACP/Applications, then it would be fine for me, but currently the updates don't seem to be flagged for me there, despite the fact new versions of Apps are announced in the Marketplace) At the
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