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Hello, I have a few comments based on my recent experience with the Gallery.


1. Image Tools vs. Manage Image

- I find these very similar and difficult to memorize which one is which one, I often need to Feature an image andd while being intuitively driven to Image Tools - the function is under Manage Image (which is quite hidden in my oppinion), perhaps these two could be somehome rationalized

Could contain: Person, Human, Handrail, Banister, Staircase

2. Is this button/field required?

Could contain: Person, Human, Handrail, Banister, Interior Design, Indoors, Text

3. Image Resolution

I am trying to figure out how the image resolution works, I am uploading images 1600px wide, and have gallery setting max img size 1600px wide as well, yet the resulting images are not as crisp as when uploaded on to Facebook. Since my page is built around the Gallery it is crucial for me to have the images as high quaility as possible. What is the workflow to follow to receive the highest quality possibly (e.g. the uploaded original)



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