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  1. Hey Nathan, let me know if you need another tester. I use quite a number of browsers and devices ;)
  2. Nevermind, points were back after a few hours. It probably was a server issue.
  3. I'm having an issue with the new version (or maybe I'm missing something). That is, if you look at the users' profile, previously assigned points are now gone. Yet, logs for previously assigned points are still there...
  4. Hello. Do you plan to add a limit for single posts (instead of topics) as well?
  5. Juts for your information @TAMAN, I'm having the same issue (tested it on Opera).
  6. Hi again, It appears that posts in a topic are still visible to the banned member if he visits the activity feed in the author's profile. Could you solve this?
  7. Same problem here. Maybe it still needs confirmation by IPS? It's been a while since the devfuse update.
  8. Yeah I would need this too.
    Good addition. Unfortunately additional social icons are not showing up properly in site mails footer (i.e. bulk mails):
  9. Any update on this? I'm running 4.5 and I can't update the file to the new version. Should I purchase it again?
  10. Hi @DawPi, sorry to bother you again. Whenever a viewing ban is in applied to a topic, would it be possible to auto-hide its contents from guests as well? At the current state I'm always forced to hide the whole forum from visitors, otherwise banned users could easily bypass the viewing-block (all they'd have to do is to log out and come back as guests).
  11. This is awesome. Thank you soo much!
  12. Nice to hear that! I've purchased it in the meanwhile.
  13. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing this and I was wondering if you have any plan to make different types of ban available based on each topic, instead of making it a global setting. What I mean is I'd rather have different types of ban activated throughout different topics at the same time: TOPIC A: users in the ban list are banned from posting TOPIC B: users in the ban list are banner from viewing
  14. Any update on this? I'm aware of the space limit in user panel, but if an horizontal scroller is allowed, then I guess one could show as many gifts as desired. Also I'm ok with the amount of shown items being an ACP setting, but I think an option where admin could let user choose wether they want gifts displayed in their posts or not would be appreciated. Finally, I'd personally like an option for admins to choose where to display gift based on their categories. So you could have one category shown in the posts and another in the user panel (under the message counter for example). Take this last one as a mere formal suggestion. As much as I need it I fully understand it might not turn out to be a popular feature and that it'd probably take a lot of work for you to go through.
  15. Hello, I've recently purchased this (and gladly so, it turned out to be an excellent addition!) I was wondering if you could consider adding a basic point system, so that global admins can manually assign/delete points to any clubs based on their achievements within the community. If I am to be completely honest, I'm in desperate need for such a feature, but I also believe it to be equally useful for any community that runs clubs as a tool to manage squad-organized competition. If you're actually going to implement this, please consider including: - a club ranking page/widget - an option to add reason when assigning/deleting points
  16. Shiyo


    Sigh, I was almost feeling enthusiastic about this 😔 I'm kinda struggling at finding cost-effective alternative solutions on the internet, even if I ignore the whole user integration aspect. But I see your point and I do understand that it would probably be a niche feature.
  17. Shiyo


    Hello, any chance you'll ever extend this with a "personality quiz" mode? In such a mode there would be no correct/wrong answers. Each question's answer would instead add a certain amount of points towards (or/and subtract points from) a specific result. When the quiz is completed, the result that receives the most points is shown and assigned to the user. Example: https://ilovemedia.es/quickquiz/examples/personality/#/home Edit: I'm sorry, I just noticed you already answered a similar request here: Just consider this as another vote for that feature then.
  18. While I'm also voting for this, I'd really appreciate an option that allows users to join a random team but not to choose it. In this scenario any user that applies to to join a squad would be assigned to a random team from a selected list, ensuring that teams are more or less balanced in term of members per team. This would be a nice addition for competition-based communities where teams tends to be entirely fictional and need to be balanced in numbers. Also I'd love to see an integration with your Basic Points plugin (imagine a 'Top points per team' widget). I haven't bought the plugin yet, but I plan to do so in the the near future.
  19. Works perfectly now, thanks!
  20. Hello, the code seems to be working fine. The only issue for me is how the titles won't align anymore with each respective poster: Also, have you considered implementing an option for turning the whole widget into a slider (something similar to the "Our picks" widget)? I believe it would make it more responsive since it would hide the posters that cannot fit into smaller displays.
  21. When I click on "Redeem My Points" this happens: Which is fine since I don't need the feature, but I'd rather make the tab disappear at this point.
  22. Yes, that worked for me. Thanks I was wrong. The tab is still there
  23. Hi, I'd like to remove the redeem tab on the users' profiles. We're not using the feature, so I've disabled it through the basic points settings, but somehow it's still there.
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