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  1. RObiN-HoOD

    Links Directory

    While trying to upgrade to latest I got: Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 1S111/1 Class IPS\links\setup\upg_500032\Upgrade could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace.
  2. RObiN-HoOD

    Dark theme by IPS

    Hi, I suggest IPS create a dark theme also shipping it as standard (not enabled by default). These days everything is turning dark, especially by mobile users. thanks
  3. RObiN-HoOD

    Content (in-line) comments like Medium

    Any chance for a future feature?
  4. In Medium blog posts someone can select and highlight text or comment and the remark mentioned on the right of an article. Can this be somehow done in IPS suite, even if only in Pages?
  5. RObiN-HoOD

    Abandoned Attachments

    I know I have extra files that I don't even remember now from where they are... The best solution I guess is to create a script (either run from ACP or shell) that will output suggested files not-in-use in IPB and then admin do whatever sees fit.
  6. RObiN-HoOD

    Recount and Rebuild? Why not?

    This is the case if content with file attachments is deleted normally. For whatever other reason if there are files (attachments etc) not related to current content as I have with files leftovers from the upgrade from 3.x to 4.x me /uploads folder ended up almost double-sized (I think something went wrong with the upgrade back then). That is a big problem as the folder is 12G and the duplicates are almost 4G from 3.x since then. So there is an issue with this. There is a need for a tool that will locate unused files (not registered in current IPB db as content attachments) in /uploads folders and either delete them or at least move them to a temp location for further investigation, cleaning up /uploads from redundant files.
  7. RObiN-HoOD

    Recount and Rebuild? Why not?

    I have the same issue. Any solution for this?
  8. RObiN-HoOD

    Member Map

    chown the files as apache.
  9. RObiN-HoOD

    Track Members

    I re-updated the latest version and it didn't do it to me again. Can't say anything else. Maybe my mistake.
  10. RObiN-HoOD

    Track Members

    Updated and checking. Will report later. Also, every time I update the app I need to re-run the tool for all groups to track. Is that normal? If I don't, when I click the Track Members tab on the frontpage of the site it doesn't show any member being tracked.
  11. RObiN-HoOD

    Track Members

    Ok thanks. I did a STOP ALL TRACKING and ru-run tool for all groups I wanted. I queried to check for each group if there are any NOT tracked members and all returned 0. That's good. Now I'll have just to wait to see if for some reason tracked members are somehow untracked, because I think I saw something like that. Tracked people after some time to become untracked. I'll check later or tomorrow.
  12. RObiN-HoOD

    Track Members

    I don't see anything related with Tracking app in the SYSTEM LOG.
  13. RObiN-HoOD

    Track Members

    Logging is working fine as long as the member is tracked. No prob there.