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4.5: Private staff notes

Managing a community as a team makes internal communication an essential part of its successful management.

There are times where you want to leave notes for other staff on specific topics that you're watching. Perhaps a member is close to breaking the rules, or it might be that you want to keep the topic focused and on point so wish to split off-topic posts into a different area.

Whatever the reason, Invision Community 4.5 adds the ability to leave private staff notes on topics.


For some time, Invision Community has had the ability for staff to leave public notes. Now, in 4.5, staff can choose between public and private notes.

staff message form.jpg

This change was made based on customer feedback, so thank you! We do read and listen to all the feedback you leave.

Who is looking forward to Invision Community 4.5? Let us know below!

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