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    Developer Tools

    These files are required to use developer mode in IPS Community Suite.



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    Invision Community Requirements Checker

    This script will check if you are ready to use Invision Community 4.x on your own server.
    Simply upload the script either to the directory where your current IP.Board 3.x. installation is (if you want to test if you're ready to upgrade) or anywhere else on your server (if you want to test if you can perform a fresh install) and run it in your web browser.



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    Ads.txt is an initiative by the advertising industry to help curb counterfeit ad inventory by allowing content owners the ability to specify who is allowed to sell their advertisements. You can read more about it at the official page on IAB Tech Lab.
    You can use this plugin to control the contents of your ads.txt file, even when using our Community In The Cloud services where you would otherwise be unable to upload the appropriate txt file needed. Note that on some hosting environments you may need to first create the ads.txt file using FTP and chmod it to allow the file to be written (e.g. 0777). This is not necessary with our Community In The Cloud offerings.




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