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  1. Thank you - this occurred across multiple devices and had the issue on both mobile and desktop. And each time I attempted to log in, I would note those two errors being logged as new errors in the log. As though it was looking for something to parse the sign-in process but didn't find it. That said, I have tried again with an incognito browser tab and that seems to allow logins now. I've asked our community to let me know of any bugs that may appear. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. We've tried clearing the cache several times with no success. Can you advise which errors these are - as I believe this is the basis for the browser error. This is directly from the IPB error logs: This is what our hosts say they don't understand because they don't know the IPB codes and what this is detailing. I'm looking to understand what IPB is saying with these errors.
  3. As mentioned, that was the first line of communication, but according to them the rollback and restore were a success - and they say I need to speak to you guys, cause according to them it's a software issue. Could you advise what it occurring for you to deem it as a hosting issue? So I can address it with them...
  4. I had previously mentioned in the support forums this week that I was attempting to update our CMS, where I encountered issues, including a database table being dropped. This resulted in us having to roll back the update process. Our hosts (Opalstack) rolled back the server files and the database to just before the update, and while it brought the site back - it is experiencing a few issues I'm hoping you can help us resolve. We already spoke with Opalstack, but they aren't familiar with the IPB codes. The primary issue is an inability to log in. When any user attempts to log in to the front end, it gives an error: I suspect it's related to these errors I'm seeing in the error logs. Could someone please assist? This was done on a live site, so our site is currently inaccessible.
  5. The table is missing from the database, but I have no easy way to restore the table other than asking our host to roll back everything and lose another day of work in pursuing what is supposed to be a simple CMS update. If I restore our database (which is also extremely large), I'll inadvertently remove all the database changes that were just done when upgrading to the latest release. It feels like each time we perform an upgrade it's like pulling teeth, to the point where we've neglected the process solely because we know what it ends up being like. Before I ask our host to roll it back and abandon the idea of upgrading again, is there no other way to resolve this? Or a way to have a less painful upgrade process. It feels almost easier and more affordable to migrate an entire site to another CMS that it is to update the CMS itself ://
  6. From the error log: [22-Jun-2023 13:06:07 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught IPS\Db\Exception: Table 'dropzone.core_sys_cp_sessions' doesn't exist in /home/dropzone/apps/dropzone/system/Db/Db.php:638 Stack trace: #0 /home/dropzone/apps/dropzone/system/Db/Db.php(972): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery() #1 /home/dropzone/apps/dropzone/system/Session/Admin.php(112): IPS\_Db->replace() #2 [internal function]: IPS\Session\_Admin->write() #3 [internal function]: session_write_close() #4 {main} thrown in /home/dropzone/apps/dropzone/system/Db/Db.php on line 638
  7. Following a previous post regarding upgrade issues - I managed to get my upgrader to complete and activated a new supported theme for the new version. However, I had a notice for a large number of database problems in the admin panel, so I began to implement the SQL queries to fix it, but now I am unable to access the admin area at all. I get an EX1146 error and it then logs me out again shortly afterwards... PS For Admins: We don't currently have a test environment and changes active on the 'live' URL on record.
  8. Fixed: I was able to resolve this by closing the upgrader tab, and going back to the /admin/upgrade/ URL I'm trying to update our CMS to a new version. After initially getting 500 Errors, I was able to rename some third party folders to get to the upgrader GUI. When going through the upgrade process, I end up at a point where I need to make manual SQL queries to the database. I've done this process through SSH and all queries completed, however, when I click the "I have run the queries manually and confirm they were run successfully" button - it starts loading the upgrader process bar and then returns me to the manual actions page. I can't get past this point.
  9. I'm hoping someone can assist me in providing the best approach to upgrading the CMS when one is using heavily customized Template/Theme files. Historically, we've had many problems upgrading Invision Power, as our website relies on lots of custom work in the templates and theme files (including the global theme, where we need to break out of the built-in padding to implement certain design features). Our issue comes in when we need to update the CMS. We've noticed in the past that large changes to IPB (from recollection, the header was changed in a previous version, and because our custom global template (and other templates) hold different code to the updated version, there was a lot of bug fixing required. Can someone provide me with the best approach to dealing with this? Because of the challenges, we have avoided updating the CMS for over a year, and we're starting to see users' accounts exploited. In short, we're worried that if we update the CMS, the templates and themes are all going to break and spit out the traditional 503 errors that occur in these situations. Resulting in lengthy and time-consuming changes to the code. Don't hesitate to ask any questions that may help.
  10. Thanks for mentioning the htaccess - while it will continue not to work on a local install , removing the htaccess protection we had allowed us to install via the admin marketplace.
  11. We're really not liking the way that the theme installations are working in 4.5, given that it seems to neglect the ability to work on a theme in a development environment. It is essential for us to ensure that our themes (and CMS) are running properly after each update. Before doing anything on our live, we get everything sorted on our development install and then move it to our live. However, the changes in 4.5 and the way one adds a theme has made this a bit of a nightmare. One cannot use the admin panel's marketplace on a test install - so it becomes difficult to then do any kind of testing and customization when there is an update. After chatting with the IPS support, we were told to reach out to the theme developers and ask for a theme installation file to be sent through. This isn't a great methodology when one then needs to contact the theme developers each update in the hopes that they check their DMs and send it through in a timely manner. We have custom code that regularly needs to be tweaked in accordance with updates, so we're not looking forward to go through this each time there is a new update. There surely has to be a smoother way of ensuring that installing themes on a development environment isn't such a challenge. Surely most websites are working on a development environment when testing out new updates?! ** While this problem persists for those developing on a local environment. An online dev environment will work.
  12. We're in the same boat, we're really struggling with the Invision Power structured data that is currently set up, after the Google updates last year. This is a priority for us and we are in talks with Marc about our issue as well. The biggest problems is: There is no way to define which type of page content you are using. The pages application is diverse and intended for so many uses, yet the structured data only pulls through everything as an 'article' and the review schema isn't compatible with it. The best way to resolve this in my opinion would be to allow the adjustment of pages database templates to reflect the content they contain. In our case we have product reviews, local business directories (and user reviews on them), articles, news etc. But everything gets pulled through as type 'article'. If we were able to select a database type based on the schema type it would be extremely useful. We could set our gear templates to 'product' type and our skydiving centers to 'localbusiness'. Having all pages set to "article" essentially means that no one can make use of the highly valuable ratings structured data, as only the following page types support review data now: Book Course Event How-to Local business Movie Product Recipe Software App
  13. Definitely annoying - InvisionHQ indeed seems to have stopped supporting this plugin. Bug reports are not getting responded to (couple months now), all DMs are being ignored etc. Rather painful for those of us who have large classifieds systems running which brings in a large portion of site revenue.
  14. Anyone else having problems with ads getting locked when they are renewed? When the ads expire, they are then locked - but when a user is renewing that expired ad, the lock should be removed, but in our case it's not. I've sent several DMs with little correspondence back aside from "Will update you soon" over a month ago.
  15. Hi, We're currently running 4 packages on the classifieds system. With 3 being paid term listing and one for a free listing. We do allow renewals on these and currently from what I can see the the renewal takes on the settings of the existing package. So will be featured and pinned etc as the the package was. Is it possible to create a package where after the featured time has run out it gives the user the option to renew but to select the kind of renewal. For instance a paid and featured listing renews and then you can choose to either feature again, buy paying again or just renew as a free listing, so effectively changing the paid listing to a free listing on renewal, if that makes sense. If not any chance you would be willing to add some more options for renewals? Thanks
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