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  1. Thanks for mentioning the htaccess - while it will continue not to work on a local install , removing the htaccess protection we had allowed us to install via the admin marketplace.
  2. We're really not liking the way that the theme installations are working in 4.5, given that it seems to neglect the ability to work on a theme in a development environment. It is essential for us to ensure that our themes (and CMS) are running properly after each update. Before doing anything on our live, we get everything sorted on our development install and then move it to our live. However, the changes in 4.5 and the way one adds a theme has made this a bit of a nightmare. One cannot use the admin panel's marketplace on a test install - so it becomes difficult to then do any kind of testing and customization when there is an update. After chatting with the IPS support, we were told to reach out to the theme developers and ask for a theme installation file to be sent through. This isn't a great methodology when one then needs to contact the theme developers each update in the hopes that they check their DMs and send it through in a timely manner. We have custom code that regularly needs to be tweaked in accordance with updates, so we're not looking forward to go through this each time there is a new update. There surely has to be a smoother way of ensuring that installing themes on a development environment isn't such a challenge. Surely most websites are working on a development environment when testing out new updates?! ** While this problem persists for those developing on a local environment. An online dev environment will work.
  3. We've got a couple of local listings on our website (dropzones and indoor tunnels for skydiving). We'd like to setup a similar way of serving content to airbnb, where we can geotarget content. "We noticed you are visiting from X, here's the dropzones close to your location" Wondering if anyone else has managed to achieve something similar with IBP, and the steps to going about it. There seems to be very little information available online as to achieving location based content serving, with most topics just covering geolocation marketing/ads. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The URLs are all forwarded correctly, the errors just revolve around the lastmod date that is put into the sitemap XML files. Each URL has a lastmod date attached to it, and Google sees majority of ours as 1970-1-1, which then in turn gives the following error: "An invalid date was found. Please fix the date or formatting before resubmitting." There are thousands of these errors, as a lot of our content hasn't been modified since the migration. We essentially just need a way to feed in a valid date into the modified date field across our tables.
  5. Running through Google's search console, we noticed that majority of our indexed content returns an error. The problem being that our site was migrated from another CMS and it appears all pages which haven't been modified since that initial migration has a NULL database value for the modified date field. The result is that when the sitemap is built, it inserts an invalid lastmod date into the sitemap for that URL (1-1-1970) What would be the best way to go about resolving this? Would running a replace on the null values (with a recent date) be the best way?
  6. We're in the same boat, we're really struggling with the Invision Power structured data that is currently set up, after the Google updates last year. This is a priority for us and we are in talks with Marc about our issue as well. The biggest problems is: There is no way to define which type of page content you are using. The pages application is diverse and intended for so many uses, yet the structured data only pulls through everything as an 'article' and the review schema isn't compatible with it. The best way to resolve this in my opinion would be to allow the adjustment of pages database templates to reflect the content they contain. In our case we have product reviews, local business directories (and user reviews on them), articles, news etc. But everything gets pulled through as type 'article'. If we were able to select a database type based on the schema type it would be extremely useful. We could set our gear templates to 'product' type and our skydiving centers to 'localbusiness'. Having all pages set to "article" essentially means that no one can make use of the highly valuable ratings structured data, as only the following page types support review data now: Book Course Event How-to Local business Movie Product Recipe Software App
  7. We noticed a massive drop in our rich snippet search results recently. It's something that's causing us quite a bit of a headache. As you've stated, Google have adjusted how their schema markup works, so it seems that the markup that IPB uses (at least on our version) doesn't seem to work as it should. We have thousands of business pages where reviews play a critical role, and these average reviews have always been displayed on the Google search, however over recent weeks they don't seem to show anymore, and much like the OP - we've got errors coming from the rich snippets evaluation. Is there a way we can resolve the rich snippets issue? I haven't been able to determine exactly how the software amends the page source to reflect markup schema.
  8. There's a few hundred thousand posts, and only a select handful of those are NSFW, it's a "general" section where some users have created some NSFW content. So much like @Joy Rex has mentioned, we'd like search engine to still crawl those other 150 000 posts, without needing to loose all those pages based off a handful of NSFW posts.
  9. We're interested in this as well. We've got forum sections that contain NSFW content, but we don't want google to be able to crawl it. So we're looking for something exactly like this that hides adult content from guests and requires logged in users to uncover the content, such as the image above.
  10. Also in this boat. We have used shadowbanning in the past on our previous platform on a large scale forum and while not perfect, it certainly slowed down the frequency of these user's new registrations. Right now we have a few trolls who have registered dozens of accounts on dynamic IP addresses. Each time they get banned they just create a new account. The only way to really slow them down would be shadow banning. These trolls love the process of forcing the admins to do another ban.
  11. We're using Elastic Search and this is what we were given by a user who came across this example... He was looking for a thread titled "Tandem accident - Gatineau Quebec" - ( https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/26633-tandem-accident---gatineau-quebec/ ) When one searches for term "tandem accident gatineau" (without quotation) into the search, the results for the thread above do not appear. He then took a phrase from within the body of the same post, and tried to search for it "No cause for the reserve problem was found although it is hypothesized by military riggers" - then again returned no results for that thread. Is this a problem with the search, or with the indexing of forum posts? Because it returns some results from other posts related broadly to the search term, but that post doesn't appear in results. There's a few examples of this happening on our site...
  12. Funny you should post this - I just came here to echo the same sentiments. Our site users have stated the same, we have to deal with constant negative feedback about how awful the site search is. They aren't able to find what they are looking for - they end up going to Google in order to find the pages on the site. Not sure how this hasn't been fixed yet, the search has been sub-par for years and just never seems to get resolved. There is no way for us to justify to our users why Google does a better job at providing relevant results than our own on-site search. This is especially the case when users are searching for strings inside of text bodies on forum posts for example. The search results just make little sense in the way they are processed and served. It's getting really difficult to justify our decision in CMS choice when asked why it's so difficult to find anything on our 4 Million post forums.
  13. Definitely annoying - InvisionHQ indeed seems to have stopped supporting this plugin. Bug reports are not getting responded to (couple months now), all DMs are being ignored etc. Rather painful for those of us who have large classifieds systems running which brings in a large portion of site revenue.
  14. Anyone else having problems with ads getting locked when they are renewed? When the ads expire, they are then locked - but when a user is renewing that expired ad, the lock should be removed, but in our case it's not. I've sent several DMs with little correspondence back aside from "Will update you soon" over a month ago.
  15. Does anyone know if there's a way to make it so that categories can be the thing being checked as read/unread? For example, I'd like to have our classifieds homepage tell users when there are new items in each category. For instance: Bicycles (NEW) Wheels Rims (NEW) But the only way I can see to achieve this is off the core 'Unread' system, which isn't great for this as it requires a user to then mark all items as read. That's not the intent, the intent would be that if a category has any items since the user's last visit to that category, that it shows new items. Then as soon as that user visits the category (doesn't have to open anything), the NEW status would disappear from that category. TLDR; Looking to make it so that a category with new items in it is automatically marked as 'read' when it is opened, and not when each individual item inside of it is marked as read.
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