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Unhappy With Theme Installation Limitations


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We're really not liking the way that the theme installations are working in 4.5, given that it seems to neglect the ability to work on a theme in a development environment. 

It is essential for us to ensure that our themes (and CMS) are running properly after each update. Before doing anything on our live, we get everything sorted on our development install and then move it to our live. However, the changes in 4.5 and the way one adds a theme has made this a bit of a nightmare. One cannot use the admin panel's marketplace on a test install - so it becomes difficult to then do any kind of testing and customization when there is an update.

After chatting with the IPS support, we were told to reach out to the theme developers and ask for a theme installation file to be sent through. This isn't a great methodology when one then needs to contact the theme developers each update in the hopes that they check their DMs and send it through in a timely manner. 

We have custom code that regularly needs to be tweaked in accordance with updates, so we're not looking forward to go through this each time there is a new update.

There surely has to be a smoother way of ensuring that installing themes on a development environment isn't such a challenge. Surely most websites are working on a development environment when testing out new updates?!

** While this problem persists for those developing on a local environment. An online dev environment will work.

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8 minutes ago, V0RT3X666 said:

Of course you can. As confirmed here in the forum by a staff member, a test installation does not need to be protected with .htaccess, the maintenance mode is sufficient.

Thanks for mentioning the htaccess - while it will continue not to work on a local install , removing the htaccess protection we had allowed us to install via the admin marketplace.

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