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  1. Makoto

    Hello We have been working with Makoto for couple of modifications and everything was great. He is a nice persone to work with, easy to comunicate with and he did a great job. I look forward to hire again Makoto for next job.
  2. Hi I`m taking in consideration upgrading my board from 3.4.x to 4 version but im still having some doubts and questions. I really appreciate any informations regarding this matter: 1. Is it possible to convert applications like Blogs,Ip.Content and Gallery from 3.4.x to IPB4 without losing the content and comments? 2.I am using heavely the reputations points both positive and negative, will those points remain same for every member after migration ? In fact does 4 version allow negative points ?? Thank you and waiting for answers.
  3. Hello, please contact me about a CCBill payment gateway

  4. Topic Moderators

    ​ I cannot use latest version of IPB because of the hook/app modifications
  5. Topic Moderators

    Well the app seems to work perfectly but suddenly is not working anymore perhaps after i have uplouded the latest security patches . I even have added many different members selecting ALL moderator options and not working. Also is no longer appear at the botton of the topic Topic Moderated by.. Using 2.2 v and IPB 3.4.3 Any help is much appreaciated!
  6. cannot find the job section

    same here CPulsar
  7. Hi cannot find the job section. it have been deleted permanently ??
  8. (DP33) Customize Posts

    thanks for answering dawpi PM sent
  9. (DP33) Customize Posts

    Just purchased the mod today and installed it on ipb 3.4.6 without any error. After ajusted the hook settings ,enable the hook,chosen admin group, checked secondary group , no disable skin the customize posts setting still does not appear in user CP. I did also Rebuild Master Skin Data and Recache Skin Sets but still the setting does not appear in user cp. Any solution for this inconvenient ??
  10. (NB34) Enhanced Reputation Notifications

    Hi newbie Just purchased your hook and im not able to install the hook. Im receiving a blank page when im trying to install it. I dont have Reputation reason application installed. It can be problems because of my innoDB tables which i have converted them all from myisam ??
  11. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Thanks for answering Tom. I have read the support information but guess i have found not working properly not regarding with any customization. Im talking about mark as read icon - when a member clicking on the icon it breaks the entire layout - like in the pic above: Theres any solution to fix this ? ps - using 3.4.3 ipb verios
  12. Subscriptions Manager

    Hi Any plan to add more gateways sijad ? Dont mind to charge !
  13. (SD) Company Directory

    Got it, thank you very much.
  14. (SD) Company Directory

    Hi Spanner Could you please tell me where is located the name Katalog firm from advanced search? Im looking to change this name and im not able to find it in language. Many thanks,