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  1. Weird, i want to download the software again but i can't? I bought it a month or 8 ago.... even want to renew the license but i can't to this anymore? Do i need to buy it again to redownload the application? Thanks :)
  2. Is there a known release date? Or is it somewhere in Q1 2020? Thanks
  3. Sorry but it does not tell anything about downloading the software to test added forums at the moment. There are forums using it for test at the moment. Can i try these?
  4. Is there a way to download the app already and try the test forums that are added?
  5. And always be happy with working good updates 🙂
  6. I have it active on a few sites like tweakers.net . It's so fine to get a ping when someone replys or names you. You can change what notifications are send to the device. I love it. I don't like the "we are going mobile all the way", but this looks like the way to go. More and more visitors comes from mobile devices. So please ipb, make a notification profile for supported devices like Android.
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  8. Thanks, but I only want to enable it on the clubs. Not on all the forums.
  9. Kick, any idea? Like a month, quarter or year for the clubs addon release?
  10. ... Damn. Did not know that. I cant use it on forums, only on clubs. When do you think the update will be released?
  11. Hi @batarjal I can't enable the application in a club. Is that correct? I can only find forum? Enable in forums Is there a club option? I need it enabled in clubs. Thanks.
  12. Yes and no, it's there as option. It was not intended but I don't see the issue is making it available. 🙂
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