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  1. Ok thanks. One last question, is there a way tot see what links are hidden? Or is there a notification? I cant find a filter about hidden / offline links.
  2. Great, so "Hide links" means that the page still exists but the visit link button is removed? Can this also be done manually on a linkobject? Sometimes the domain is sold so its redirected and linkdirectory "thinks" is online. Is this a format issue, or am i doing anything wrong? I use the default IPB theme but when you add text to the categories and the background is gray the letters has a white background. Also within the categorie. Is this normal?
  3. Hi Jackal, is it possible to add blocks from the application Links Directory. This landingpage looks great! Hope this works or can be added 🙂
  4. Sorry, for the misunderstanding. What i do now is change the URL to my own website so the link works. But the thumbnail is wrong. Maby there is a way to add "website is offline" option so the "visit link" is gone? Thats better for Google / Visitors that they don't enter a dead URL or something.
  5. Hi @Adriano Faria . Can i request a new feature? I want to keep the links even when the site stops, is offline or quits. Is there a way to change the URL to a dummy one so the reactions on a link will stay and guest from Google can still find information about the website? When i change the link now the thumbnail is changed. I want to keep the old thumbnail. Hope the is possible. Thanks.
  6. Hi, the refresh did not work. I understand. I switched to Screenshot machine back and now the SSL error is gone. Ill check it out and let you know. If i can use the screenshot machine its great.
  7. Thanks, i tried. Rebuild does not work. Also after a few hours. Screenshot machine is a good service that works. But i get SLL errors when this service is used on the Links pages Looks like an error. I save the images locally. Hope there is a fix. Thank you! (Maby the miniature API is also a fix) edit: You mean refresh thumbnail right? Not rebuild?
  8. Hi, great application but the images from: https://miniature.io/ does not work. I have a API key but cant enter it in te application. Screenshot machine has a working API but when i use this one there is an SSL error on the pages within the Link application. Can miniature be fixed? Example of miniature: https://www.duken.nl/forums/links/link/71-spikesplacelive/
  9. Hi, i need a licence key and send you a pm @TheJackal84 . Why is the license code needed? It looks to work without. Thanks
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