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  1. If you search for "Status Update" in the ACP you should find it. Also there is the following guide:
  2. Just an fyi… this feature is slated to be removed in IPB 5 whenever it comes out. As a result, you should consider if you want to offer something that will later be removed or force you to use some sort of third party modification to continue offering.
  3. That screenshot does not show all of the memory being used. MySQL is only actively using 10 percent in fact. The Apache and MySQL usage combined memory usage at that moment was less than 5 percent.
  4. If it’s with the advanced support team, typically I would not expect a response until Monday as they are not on weekends.
  5. Even though apps are disabled, there are times they still load stuff. Try fully uninstalling it and then clearing the system cache.
  6. You can give it a shot through Zapier!
  7. But why do it though? These are supposed to be recommendations to help you improve your user experience. I don’t see how doing that does anything like this. The tool clearly has a bug. If it’s not actually helping improve the UX, the fix is a placebo.
  8. This is not a default IPB feature. It would require some sort of third party modification to do it.
  9. You most likely have your board's Reply-To address set to an email address that sends an auto-reply. So if IPB sends an email which bounces, the bounce comes back to your inbox which gets the auto-reply, which then triggers a separate bounce.
  10. The default value for SES is 14 a second… if you extrapolate that, it is 840 per minute. But if someone’s sending needs are higher, it’s possible to request a higher limit from AWS.
  11. You most likely have multiple login methods… for example do you also have a converter installed? Check those other methods if you could.
  12. As the feed view is an IPB5 feature, it won’t be available until IPB5 is available As the feed view is an IPB5 feature, it won’t be available until IPB5 is available.
  13. Just to toss it out there… you can work with AWS to request higher sending limits. The default values are not the only ones possible. 🙂
  14. One other thing to point out… IPS has numerous large global brands who have to deal with not just GDPR but other requirements in other jurisdictions. Those brands have been able to meet their audit requirements and satisfied compliance auditors who have specific training and does this as their full time job and work with teams of lawyers who have spent thousands of hours understanding those laws. I would be willing to give them a bit of credence versus commentary from random online posts (of which many cases can even be clickbait) or a civilian trying to interpret very complex legalese that does not understand which components are actually applied in each specific scenario.
  15. The only way to do that would be to have two different dns records … one going through CF and one not. Then manually editing your theme code to hard code the non-CF address. Even then I’m not sure it would work because the IP addresses would not match or could trigger a CSRF error. This will most likely be more of a use it and deal with it or turn it off entirely if uploads are that important (or pay for an enterprise plan).
  16. I believe this due to how CF handles file uploads. Turning off features won’t matter. For example, CF WAF would not inspect uploads outside of the headers. It does not inspect the body of the request. (Typically something like the first 15k of a file.) Their enterprise plans have better handling for uploads such as streaming the request to origin, but I don’t believe those features are available on their free/business plans.
  17. What are you meaning with interfering with uploads? Need more detail. For example CF does not allow uploads more than 100MB no matter what you turn off if you have free plan. If that’s not the issue, is WAF denying something? Typically the path would be whatever the POST action is going to.
  18. I might suggest looking at the following guides:
  19. Just be aware that Cloudflare can skew numbers as well. If it serves a page from cache, it never went back to IPB to get the page which would mean that IPB can't count it. So any base page directly by Cloudflare WILL be seen by Google (since end users would still be getting the Google JS) but IPB will NOT. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things... I say this simply to note that the two numbers will most likely NEVER really match. They're different things being measured really.
  20. IPS has ALWAYS said that 8.3 is not officially supported. It’s not tested against it. While it may work for you, it’s not guaranteed to. So now you’re coming back to them upset because something did not work because you decided not to listen to them anyway? I’m not sure how you can blame them for this. Just because it used to work does not mean it will always work when they clearly say that version is not supported or tested against. Before you complain about something, make sure your environment matches the system requirements. There is a reason those requirements exist… they don’t list them just to be difficult.
  21. I can replicate this as well. I installed the patch and still am prompted each time the update task runs to install it. There are no available updates/patches to install.
  22. Remember… IPB is seeing counting how many times the topic was opened by ANYTHING. Google does not count things that does not execute JavaScript (which is what the GA tag is) meaning it won’t count its own traffic or that of other search type bots.
  23. In your browser when running the installer… are you using the SAME EXACT address that shows up for your license in the client area? For example www vs no www and such matters.
  24. That's a lesson I learned a long time ago. 🙂 The "latest" is not always the best. In fact in the corporate world, most organizations run slightly older LTS releases of software instead of the hot off the press versions. The key question to ask is if there is something specific you need in the latest release (for example a known bug was fixed in the newest release that is causing problems for you). From a security perspective, since 8.2 for example is still supported, if there was a major security issue, they would release the next sub point release (8.2.XX). It would not require upgrading to 8.3.x until 8.2 is EOS.
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