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  1. No. There is no “other admin confirmation”. They are either an admin or they’re not. If you want to review actions they’ve taken, there is both moderator and admin logs available to show what actions have been performed by others.
  2. This is highly dependent on how exactly it was installed. You would want to delete any Wordpress files. If those files are in a specific folder, it would be a simple as deleting that folder. If you mixed it in with IPB files, you would have to sort out what is which and only delete the Wordpress files. If you don't know which is which, you can download a set of IPB files from your client area and look at what directories, files, etc are associated with IPB. If your Wordpress is installed in a separate database, you could simply delete that database. If it's shared with your IPB install, you would need to manually separate those as well. If you had any 3rd party integrations to tie your Wordpress to your IPB, you would want to remove those as well.
  3. Reach out to the account team. 🙂 https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us
  4. You need to remove the image from the bottom thumbnails in the attachment section at the bottom. If the image is still attached but not “placed” it will just show up at the end.
  5. It’s a non-issue. Safari did this years ago already. Google is a long time late to the party.
  6. You are looking at the wrong space. The error message tells you where is out of space: Disk full (/tmp/#sql-temptable-70e-3aef8-cea.MAI); waiting for someone to free some space... (errno: 28 "No space left on device") (1021) The /tmp/ partition is basically like a separate drive on a Linux server. It’s used for as you might expect from the name… TEMPORARY files. Restarting the server might temporarily clear some of those temp files but it does not necessarily solve why it’s filling up. This is a servet issue you would need to discuss with your hosting provider. Invision can’t help troubleshoot server/hosting issues.
  7. That is until the AI decides to change things!
  8. You might think about using the commerce feature. Create a product such as "VIP Customer". Give it a price (say $1000) and make it good for a year and set its renewal for a year. Each year, create a new coupon code to the company and let the employee "buy" the package again with that company's coupon code when their current annual subscription expires. So you might have COMPANY1-100% COMPANY2-100%, etc. Next year make it COMPANY1-DISCOUNT2, etc. You would want to use the product feature instead of the subscriptions in order to be able to provide a coupon code for it.
  9. No. It's not a ticket. This is not a situation where a developer is needed to debug and understand your specific enviornment. This is something you will want to keep an eye on future version release notes to see if/when the change is implemented.
  10. Some info might also be updated via tasks that may had not have had a chance to run between the time it occurred and when the update task ran as well.
  11. ACP > Customization > Localization > Languages Find the language you want to translate, and click the "Translate" button. You can search the phrases you want and replace them. For example, the "Forgot Password" blurb is "lost_password".
  12. If they are using an IP address you previously banned, then yes... they would receive that error anytime they happen to be on that address. You should be able to look up the member in the ACP and see the IP address they used and then compare it to what is in your banned IP list. If the IP address is there (including as part of a bigger subnet block), you would need to remove it.
  13. Ok… does your site work? Can you login and say for example post a topic?
  14. Why are you using smtp for Sendgrid? The API is much more reliable and IPB has a direct integration for it.
  15. If you're wanting to suggest stuff for consideration, make sure it gets posted in the feedback forum. Otherwise it will be lost forever to the sea of support requests. 🙂
  16. There is not a way that I’m aware of to automatically add a tag by default without some sort of modification. Instead you could have NO prefix at all by default and then assign a prefix once a staff member resolves it. You can work with a 3rd party resource author to automatically add a tag by default to all posts.
  17. If cron is not working correctly and you can’t get it working properly, you can either run it with your site traffic or use a third party to run it for you. Personally I would look at the cron log and see if it’s actually executing. You should be able to see a log of it executing every minute. If you can’t find that, I would ask them to help you find that log.
  18. I noticed something similar on my site when I used Sendgrid. Having details there seemed to override settings. The answer to that was to simply to remove its credentials!
  19. What happens if you remove Sendgrid’s credential details from IPB.
  20. It simply means your search index is being rebuilt. While it’s rebuilding, you may not find everything that matches a search term.
  21. Click on the php8 compatibility scanner. I believe that’s where any banner would end up taking you to.
  22. New versions of IPB do not run on PHP7.4. It's been end of life by the authors of PHP for almost a year and a half. You need to be on PHP 8.1 and make sure that version has all of the required modules installed. (Check the compatibility checking script to confirm.) Once on PHP8.1, you would want to do a manual upgrade because the auto upgrader WILL fail. (Upload a set of files from the IPB client area and then run domain.com/admin/upgrade)
  23. Did you try the suggested fix of running domain.com/admin/upgrade? Also, since it was a 500 error... that would mean there was some sort of server error. It might be worth looking at your PHP error logs to see what is happening.
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